All Inclusive

Black, White

Male, female

Gay, Straight

Employed, Unemployed

Rich, Poor

Democrat, Republican

Capitalist, Communist

Christian, Muslim

Catholic, Lutheran

Union, Non-Union

Happy, Sad

Friend, Foe

Relative, non-relative

Skinny, Fat

Educated, non-educated

Does any of this really matter?


Not seeing differences in any of these;

Only the delusional thought of being different.

We are all the same;

believing we are different when we are not.

Whether we have met before or never before,

Friend or family,

We are all the same.


If we meet out there in the trenches of the battle field,

Or break bread together.

If we go our separate ways,

Or come together.

From stranger to Friend,

Friend to Family.


While seen as strangers,

Actually friend…

Prefer Brother or Sister.

Does any of this really matter?

Where is the focus of things?

On fission of the people

Or fusion of the same?

Whatever we fill our hands with,

We shall be unable to carry anything else.

Whatever we fill our hearts with,

There is room for nothing else.

What will you hold dear to you?

Love all-exclusive?

Or Love All-Inclusive?