To Be Diligent

To be idle is a short road to death and to be diligent is a way of life; foolish people are idle, wise people are diligent.~Buddha

Careful with thought, aware of our next not to disrupt the existing peacefulness within the Canvas of Life.We are to remain mindful of our every being…as not to be disturbed by the natural chaos of that which blinds us.

sleeping buddha

The Length of my Hand

I return seated once again in the dark, in that dark place within my being. But I find nothing, darkness…alone.
In the distance there is a small light I cannot reach. Silent…only my thoughts remain. Reaching for the light…I still cannot grasp it.
Unattainable by the length of my hand, I return to my heart. Through my heart I see the light…I am the light. Opening the eyes of flesh…it is gone.
Retreating to my heart to see all I need to see…the darkness vanishes, the light returns. The world around me is illuminated, awaiting my thoughts to be infused…

return to my heart


Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation; it means understanding that something is what it is and that there’s got to be a way through it.~Michael J. Fox

No matter what the Canvas paints before you, there is always a brush with your name on it…waiting for the scenery to be repainted. If the day looks dull and grim, repaint it to how it suits you. Our imagination is the fist step of what could be, dissolving what “should” be. a way through it




Sometimes it is necessary to disconnect, only to reconnect.~Ani Po

Have you ever witnessed a time when electronics or favorite Social Media just doesn’t working properly. No matter how hard you try to connect with your friends, it fails to connect you. Is it the electronics acting up? Or is something greater happening we are just not understanding? It is my experience that it means we are to turn them off for some quiet time. Time to be still and enjoy fruits the Canvas has to offer. Yep, I am having one of those moments. The stubborn human in me keeps trying, but then a spiritual call tells me to unplug…


Lose Everything

Have you ever thought of what it would be like if you’ve lost everything? Attaching to things, materials, ideas, we never really know what we hold onto. Objects or thoughts of what life is suppose to be like? Does anyone really know?
What we really hold onto is something we just can’t grasp. The construct of the mind cannot grasp that which is not seen, so we seek shelter in fitness centers for our workouts, churches for prayer, schools for education, but yet none of it is found within the construct of those walls. Then where is it? Where is that “it” we are to find?

What we seek, dwells within the heart of man. Instead of going inward, we tend to look outward. Eventually we come to a place without walls…no boundaries. A place not confined by the human mind, but opened by the vast spirit of the self. Spiritual beings within the confines of flesh, trapped within the confines of the human mind…we remain as human. Dissolving the flesh we are left with Spirit.
This morning when I arrived at the gym, for my daily workout, I realized my notebook with 10 years of workouts was gone. My first response, as most of us do, was fear. Letting go of this fear, I grasped hope. Hope that someone turned it in. Thirdly I looked to faith that all will be well. Arriving at the third lesson, I am reminded of returning to the beginning. What this means is we can either remain in misery of fear, return to what we know or an even greater journey of learning from our past. For me it was time to start a new cycle…a cycle without cycles…simply allowing the universe to flow through me.
Just as my morning workout taught me, I am reminded of all things in life. As we hold on to what was, we never really understand what could be. Letting go, we receive something greater… Something that cannot be held within the hand but in the heart.

We all know what it is we are to do, but forget how to take the steps. When we stop listening to what others say we should or should not be doing, we simply allow our truth to come forward. We start living authentically as we came here to do…no self-judgment, no regrets.
Thankfully, my notebook was turned in by a good Samaritan at the front desk.

As I received my notebook with 10 years of work within it, I am relieved. Relieved not only for what this kind person has done, but for the lesson that presented me.
As I pondered the lesson, I chose to share with someone. That someone reiterated “maybe it’s time to go back to the beginning.” As I smiled in confirmation, I reflect on my journey back to the beginning. Losing what I know, a new lesson unfolds before me today. I would not be here without first letting go.

As if the notebook had become my own flesh, I am left empty inside with thoughts of incompleteness and fear. Letting go of the notebook and my own flesh, I am free once again to soar with the Spirit of the Eagle. Flying higher than ever before…anticipating my next flight.

Stepping into the Canvas Losing Everything. With empty hands and no thoughts of what life “should” be, I am free to explore what could be…

Remain as Human

Playing Games

What good is playing the game without ever experiencing it?

Too often I experience people spending most of their time playing games rather dealing with them. With troubles, and everybody has them, is it better to ignore them or deal with them head-on? We can cover things up, mask them, or just plain ignore them… but we will never find our happiness by covering it up. What are we spending our time on?
Do we ask questions of how we can achieve happiness? Do you dream of what could be, but never act upon it?
It is time to take a step towards this happiness. Stop playing games and start playing life.~Ani Po

playing games

Observing the Self

In the observation of things, I take note of the actions and thoughts of myself. Observing the self, becoming the observer observing the observer.
Noting the thoughts associated with my actions, feeling what others may think. In this feeling of their thoughts I’ve become one with their thoughts. In becoming one with their thoughts I’ve become a part of their reality. Becoming a part of their reality, I choose to heal my reality. In healing my reality…there’s shall follow.
We all have the ability to heal at the cellular level. Healing at this level we are healed at all levels. From the smallest cell to the greatest of cosmos, we are healed. Whether in thought or physicality, we heal at all levels. In healing the self the world around us shall be healed.

What are you thinking of healing today? Is it a thought, a physical ailment or a thought of the associated physicality of all things? Look closely in the nature of things and see what very little needs to be healed. Seeing the imperfect Canvas around as being perfect, we ourselves become imperfectly perfect, accepting all levels of that self.

imperfectly perfect