To Be Great

You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.~Les Brown

We continually seek that great experience or that great purpose in life, failing to see the miracle of a single breath. While looking for that great event we miss the great opportunity to living as we were meant to be…happy, as happy could be…

to be great


Remembering My Future

Forgetting my past, remembering my future.~Ani Po

Far too long we spend our days worrying about what could have been or what we have done in the past, failing to see the outlook of our future. Whilst holding on to the past, we fail to take the necessary steps to secure our future. Our future consists of either past misfortunes or what we came here to do…

Remembering my Future


A Glorious Day

Stepping into the Canvas It Is a glorious day!~Ani Po

Our Canvas is depicted by thoughts that go into it. Therefore if we see it as disturbing or blissful…it is up to us to decide. No matter the reality around us, we have the ability to create our own reality…changing the Canvas of Life, not just for the self…but for others…

A glorious Day

Forgetting What I have Learned

Forgetting what I have learned, I remember what I have always known…All is Good.~Ani Po

Peeling back yet another layer of flesh, I expose to more intrinsic beliefs of man. What I thought to be right turned out to be wrong, what I thought to be moving forward was only setting me further back. Letting go of what was taught to believe, I began listening to the voice within. In doing so the birds began sharing their voice, adding to the natural way of things. In listening to the birds, they told me to speak to the rocks.

Stepping into the Canvas absorbing All there Is. Forgetting what I know, I accept what I already know to be true. No longer seeing the world as a divided soul, but a complete being as beautiful as beautiful can be. If there is suffering in the world…I have the ability to change it…returning to All is Good.

all is good2

Into Your Heart

Get out of your Head and into your heart. Think Less, Feel More.~Osho

For years I struggled with theories and philosophies, barely able to wrap my arms around my own reality. Not until I let go of my mind, and what it believed, did I fully understand that all is possible and all is good. Getting out of my head, I entered my heart…allowing limitless possibilities…


To Receive Forgiveness

To receive forgiveness from another, we must first learn to forgive.~Ani Po

If all we do is carry a chip on our shoulders, then we invite others to do the same to us. Forgive the others and they shall learn to forgive you. It is a give and take relationship…try it and see what happens…

to receive forgiveness