Taking the First Steps

The Warrior living in a new reality, was not always in the extraordinary. He once lived the ordinary and called Pilgrim. His life was as everyone else and he ate what everyone told him to eat. His church was a product of what everybody believed to be the ‘one true’ church and his government was the natural enemy. As a Pilgrim he essentially lived in a sorrow filled reality, believing in what everyone around him instructed. This was unsettling to him and he needed to find a new reality.

Where does the Pilgrim turn to, when the mainstream tells you how to live, who to associate with and what words to speak.? How does the Pilgrim cut the strings to his reality as a marionette? It is with the first step which proves to be the most difficult. An old Chinese proverb states:

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Knowing this, the Pilgrim must take a chance on what is burning within. There is a natural burning of desire within each and every one of us, but we fail to embrace our highest desires of being free to do what we want and live the life that we were meant. Without that first step, the Pilgrim would have remained in the Reality of a Pilgrim and never come to know that reality of a Warrior. It is time to take that first step…

…Step Into the Canvas.

Reflections of a Pilgrim

Looking back on the way it once was, the Warrior wonders how long he had been asleep. The only reality he knew was wandering aimlessly through the wilderness with no direction in sight. Stepping without knowing where his feet were, hurting those around him and taking whatever he can get without hesitation. Recalling how he thought he was ‘on fire’ and at the top of his game, the warrior recalls all of the psychosomatic pain responses created by his false life. His life, in many terms was normal. According to 99% of the population he was truly normal. What is normal? Normal is whatever reality an individual lives. While one person may live recluse and another more extroverted, they only know what their reality says they know.

Once accepting his path of Warrior, the false self-made reality began disappearing. The pain caused by mental responses to never having enough, holding on to the past and creating even more physical pain manifested via psychosomatic response, gradually would fall off-course. Whence accepting the path of Warrior, all pain was removed and the eternal strength began to take form. His mighty sword called upon less and offerings of his hand became norm.  His peaceful ‘True-Nature’ began to shine, allowing Love and kindness to prevail over all things. His regrets fell to the wayside, trespassers – forgiven, his shortcomings – his greatest ally!

Seeing clearer than ever before, the Warrior wonders what he might do next. Witnessing his gifts before him, he manifests instantaneously with a mere thought of what is to come. As Abraham learned, “As a man thinketh, so is he,” so to the Warrior learned first hand. His thoughts became things with a mere blink of an eye. With this knowledge he might easily take over the world, but instead he chooses to return it back to harmony…

Stepping into the Canvas the Warrior accepts the steps behind and forth; forgives those whom he hurt and whom have hurt him; gives thanks for the many lessons before and after this day of awakening.


The Crow

Last night a messenger approached the Warrior, asking him to put down his sword. This messenger, while in the shape of a crow, whispered into his ear, “You will have to go into the darkness once more. For ye have not yet seen the Light.” Whilst darkness has plagued him of past, forgiveness has grown. The scars worn as marks of his enemies have all but one healed. This scar travels deep, deeper than any other. This scar travels deep within the soul. Whilst his tongue muted by the sword of another, he prepares to speak for the first time.

Afraid of the words that might come out, he looks within to find proper words. The pain burns from his head down his limbs, causing numbness and weakness. With a magic word the pain releases its spell, allowing him to step into the realm of co-creator. The simple words that are most difficult for many, he speaks…”I forgive you.” With the release of his pain through the mighty breath of the winds, his strength returns to whole once more.

While this battle is far from over, he is able to move further down the journey of life whilst Stepping into the Canvas as not just the Pilgrim, the Warrior, but now the Co-creator, he learns from this lesson that the truth while painful, will always set us free…


From Pilgrim to Warrior

In every human there are two sides. The Native Americans refer to this as two wolves. Once a little boy approached an elder  and asked about the two wolves. The elder explained, “inside everyone of us there are two wolves. One White and one black.” The little boy asks, “Which one wins?” The elder, “which ever one you feed.” Many consider the black and white wolf good versus evil, but in reality there is no good and there is no evil. Our reality is dictated by our own thoughts which have either learned, or engrained into our DNA. Often writing in duality, I do not necessarily believe in duality. In each and everyone of us there are two sides: The Pilgrim, which resembles the EGO; the Warrior resembling Spirit.Which ever path chosen, there’s…consequences…

The dictionary defines Pilgrim as the wanderer and seeker, while the Warrior is defined as one who educated in warfare. I like to see the Pilgrim  as the seeker of truth, but has not yet found it while the Warrior has found truth and is willing to pay the ultimate price to keep it. In this case Truth = Love and the Warrior spends his remaining days spreading Love and not war. They are often called Warriors of Peace.

When dealing with everyday events the Pilgrim wants to change but refuses necessary steps towards change, while the Warrior immediately evolves towards change for the perceived greater good. One simply wanders and one takes action. Have you ever noticed how many health clubs we have? People pay other people to help them stay fit, as opposed to changing their lifestyles, accommodating a healthier lifestyle and eliminating  necessity for gym memberships. The pilgrim remains in darkness while eating processed foods, while the Warrior mingles in the Light eating only raw/ natural foods. This concept of better living is usually sold on infomercials and we have to have it, but  fail to take the necessary steps to healthier living. When we take the path towards Warrior, we eliminate all that does not serve our bodies for the highest good.

Both sides have purpose: for without the Pilgrim we would not learn to wander and without the Warrior, we would not stand firmly in our beliefs. We must not shun one or the other, but we must embrace both sides of our existence for both have a purpose. Being on the path of Warrior does not mean you have lost your Pilgrim ways. It means you have chosen to no longer live in darkness. There is an actual third level to our existence and it is the Oneness. This is where creation collaborates with source. Whatever the path lay before you, are you a Pilgrim or are you a Warrior? or do you find yourself co-creating destiny with your maker?Will you remain in darkness unwilling to change your ways? or will you make necessary shifts towards being a warrior? Choose wisely…

The Illusion

In the days of loneliness, the world seems to be at its darkest.

No glimmer of hope, thoughts of fear consume us, and resentment mounts.

Realization — illusion of the false self.

The true self is never alone and gives freely, while acknowledging ideas of flesh but maintaining a course with spirit.

Is it wrong to be Loved as much as ye have Loved?

Those of the flesh would say no, but the Warrior within sends a dagger of Love

–diverting selfish thoughts and converting them into selflessness.

As we step out into this vast open road…know that we are never alone, but merely disconnected from Spirit.

Disconnect from flesh and rekindle the flame of truth. Go now, in the name of Love and

…Step into the Canvas.

Listen With Your Heart

From Buddha to Plato,

Lao Tzu to Jesus.

There have been wise teachers,

Who spoke the truth.

A truth that cannot be heard;

That which is felt.

It is a feeling of within,

That begins to stir.


This stirring is Peace,

Waiting to be born.

The day has come,

Our birth is upon us.

This is no ordinary birth,

But the second coming.


The Holy Spirit is all around us,

And within every one of us.

Taught to keep our thoughts to ourselves,

But they are not ours.

Our creation speaks and His spirit runs through.


Listen to our thoughts, is all we need to do.

Feed our souls and everything else will follow.

For our thoughts are not our thoughts,

Instead our Heavenly Father.

Follow our hearts, not the opposition,

And we shall hear creation speak.

His thoughts are our thoughts,

And our thoughts are his thoughts.

I am you and you are me,

We are he and she are we.


Ask, and it shall be given unto you.

Seek, and you shall find.

Knock and it shall be opened unto you.

But seek first His blessings,

And all things shall be added.

Speak not to anyone,

Instead show them The Way.


For the blind will see,

Deaf will hear,

And the mute will Sing…I am Free!

Making Room

Heart beating rapidly,

Yielding to its desire.

Restlessness, stirring…like never before.

Peace, Love, Happiness Filling my heart.


The old has gone away,

Making room for the new.


Grasping, embracing, and nurturing this new desire.

Soul singing, heart pounding and loving all the same.

Giving everything that I have; expecting nothing in return.

I thank you for the time we spent together; whilst  not forget.