Feeling Like a Bobber

Ever feel like the world is conspiring against you? or you are barely keeping your head afloat? In our busy society this is a common theme with many. Struggling to make ends meet and often resorting to addictive behaviors to feed a higher need. What are your addictions? Where do you channel these addictions? For some it is alcohol, some tobacco, some sex, some church. Wherever the addictions are channeled, there is an easier solution…let go and let God. Trust that all will be good…remain here and it shall be so. Enjoy this poem the many lessons a bobber can teach…


Attached to a string,

tied at both ends.

Cast out into the sea,




Only to be pulled under.


Help I can’t breathe,

Whew! Gasping for a quick one.

Tug, Tug,


Here I go again,

Under the deep blue.


Tugging, pulling,

I am losing my grip.


snagged once again.

Down I go,

Once more.


There is hope,

a tugging from the other end.

A force,

Stronger than the other.

Yes, I am being rescued!

I am free!



Left stranded

and alone.

…or free to be me.


Do you feel there is no hope or do find that there is always hope? While the bobber could have felt alone at the end, he realized that he is never alone, but instead he is Free to do whatever he wants. Surrendering, the bobber realized that he was truly free.

Stepping into the Canvas free as a bird. Today I choose to be me, accepting myself for all my imperfections. In my acceptance of imperfections, I become perfectly imperfect. May all the struggles that lay behind me and those who await me in the future, be turned to opportunities.