Rewriting Life Chapters

As we cycle through the chapters of our lives, we either pay attention to the pages or we skim along. Not one person can write our chapters for us…for it is our own responsibility to write them. Going through the motions or putting things to motion, it’s up to us.

What happens if we come to the next chapter and the pages are blank? Occasionally this does happen: a cycle ends, leaving us in wonder of what to do. It is suggested we sit in contemplation, giving thanks to where we have traveled and how far we have come. In giving thanks to our travels, we are launched forward into more chapters of gratitude.

The morning met me with blank pages. I went to the gym at 5 AM, with the intent of working out. My workouts are usually ready and written out before I step foot in the gym, but was surprised when nothing was written on the pages…I had no plan. It was at this moment, of blank pages, I realized the cycle has been repeated many times before.  After completing an intense twelve week lifting regime, I started a twelve week cardio-routine only to quit at week three. How do I know this?…because the pages were empty. This is not the first time. As I stated earlier…I have repeated this cycle before.

As I turn the page in my workout journal, the pages were blank. My first response was “oh no what am I going to do?” Laughing now, I realize that I’ve repeated this cycle before. You see, I did a twelve-week intense weightlifting cycle followed by a cardio-cycle. The problem is two to three weeks into the cardio-cycle I dropped off and lost interest in the cycle. This time is different…I press on. Tonight, I will re-write this chapter of my life…I will write the next nine weeks of cardio.

How do I go about pressing on? Rather simply, I write the next chapter. As we write down our intentions on the pages of our lives, we are committing to carrying out the writings. By writing out the next few weeks of the cardio-cycle, I will see them through.

Just as in writing our personal  chapters for one aspect of life, we can apply this to every aspect. Whether it is mind, body, or soul, we can apply these steps in our daily lives. When the pages are blank, the skies the limit…write the pages as if limitless possibilities exist.

For me, I enter a cycle of physicality. A cycle where I focus on my physical fitness. Not for any one reason except that wholeness includes: physically fit; mentally fit; and spiritually fit…the greatest of these is spirituality. In strengthening the first two, spirituality will sure to follow. However, strengthening ones faith will attract the other two.

This is a daily practice. Every day make a point of exercising the physical body, the mental body, and the spiritual body. Exercising the three we are whole.

The physical body is exercised through…you guessed it…physical activity. Whatever your favorite activity is, please add it to your days. Whether it’s walking, running, swimming or conditioning with weights, it is a self-obligation to strengthen the physical body. In order to strengthen the temple, which houses the spiritual and mind-body, we must exercise the body. What if we are limited by physical bodies? Do what is most appropriate to our ability…while dropping limiting beliefs.

Exercising the mind-body is a little different. Some may use crossword puzzles, word games, reading, or just stretching the imagination. Whatever the case take twenty minutes out of the day to exercise that mind-body. Read a book, do puzzles…stretch the mind further than before. In doing so we exercise the brain, keeping the physical muscle healthy into later years.

The spiritual body is different. This we exercise throughout the day, as it encompasses all. With our intent, we are led through the mind and physical bodies. If our spiritual connection lacks exercise, then our daily mind and physical activities will prove difficult. If we are connected to that of source, then all things will just go with the flow. It is essential to be present in our days and mindful of our activities. Many will say this is wasted energy, assuredly it is not. Connect with source as often as possible and everything else will follow.

We can choose to sit passively upon our empty pages, or we can securely write the next chapters. Just as in empty pages of my workout journal, there are often empty pages within our lives. We can choose to throw our hands up in helplessness or we can press forward in confidence. Even if the direction is unclear, the effort is not for naught…press on.

Remaining passive, often stagnating our position; whilst assertiveness ignites the flame of desire.

Whatever the chapters may hold: if it is positive, negative or blank…they are meant to be re-written. We have the ability to re-write at any given moment…our own chapters of life as we see fit. If there is something holding us back, change the vision. It is through our own thoughts our beliefs are changed. If things are not the way we would like them to be…then it is time to change our thoughts to that of which we desire. Aligning with source aids in this process…igniting the internal flame of desire. Ignite the flame now.

Stepping into the Canvas with eraser and pencil in hand. If the future looks bleak or the past has a stronghold on today, erase these thoughts of despair and re-write them with confidence and hopefulness. As we erase thoughts of negativity, re-write them with positivity. Time to re-write the next chapter of life…now.

2012 – A Message of Hope