To See Beauty

To see the canvas of life in its truest form is to see beauty in all its disfigured forms.

Many will question its possibility but look deep enough to see the perfections within the imperfections. We are all imperfectly perfect, flawed in many ways. Reflecting and projecting or seeing and believing.

Witness the shadows of self, others and traumas of ancient, passed down from generation to generation. How did we get here? Where did all our triggers of anger and fear begin? Dig a little deeper and witness ancestral passed or culminating truths, unfolding and unraveling as inaccuracies or ‘untruths.’

Reinventing truth or present reality, the Canvas of Life tells a new story. A story of beginning and end unfolding daily and flowing as it always has.

Our attachment to end goals or what is real or fantasy, trips us every time. What if we just observed and allowed our truth to present itself through every step as we kiss Mother Earth in peace and love?

See pain and suffering, witness miracles of the day, see from higher perspective and observe wholeness of Great Mystery.

Voice of Truth

In the middle of it all,

Pain and gladness remain.


Consuming our days.

Giving thought,

Scale tips here or there.

We let go,

Only planting more seeds of what remains in our constructs.

Walking with,

Finding peace amidst the suffering.

Stepping out,

Knowing we are shadow of doubt and light of hope.

Frozen in time,

Stuck or more illusion of so.


All there is.

We move on,

Acknowledging yin and the yang.

Carry on,

Love flows from the soul.

Surrounded by blindness,

Continuing to step in joy and gladness.

The pain still remains,

We are whole.


The voice of truth is shared.

Stepping into the Canvas with truth. As we step, we think, we share, we do…cyclical or magical this is what we do.