Awaken Thy Canvas

Drifting yet along

Allowing course set its own

Where bows heading

Still uncertain

Observing tiny ripples

Flexing off port

Starboard side

Sunup to East

Darkness rests

Daytime setting

Dusk at hand

Our painted skies

Observed in light

Dissipated darkness of the night

Thought tranquility

Laughter bursts

We are the same as daytime

Through the night

Drifting along

Blanketed under the illuminated skies

Darkness of the same

Laughter bursts

Yet again

For in darkened skies

Always flickering hope

Gaze upon the heavens

We are the sun

and the moon

All there Is.

~Ani Po

Whispered Wishes

Sitting in sacred space

Writing a new chapter

Thoughts collectively

Or purposeful intention

With every stroke of pen

Click tapping every key

Whirlwind of thought

Swirling all around

Energy flows

Attention goes


Grab it

Take it by hand

Illuminating reality

Written upon Canvas

Tweak the words

Authored by spirit

Choice outside of understanding

Deeper clarity as it is

Call to the winds

Turning another page

Whispered wishes

To those perched outside our window

Fly away

Carrying our hearts desires

Dance with me

Sing with you

Tornadic reality

Blessed peace

We are three.

~Ani Po

Image by Josephine Wall