Stepping into the Canvas with Inner Peace

Not possible.

Yes it is.

Maybe for you but not for me.

Why Not?

Too much to tell.

Try me.

Life is falling apart around me.


What do you mean and?!

Exactly that. The world will fall at our feet crumbling or majestically. However we see the world around us shall regulate our inner world.

So I am to ignore the suffering in the world?

Not necessarily. Just don’t let the suffering consume you.

How do I do that?

Simply focus on the good in your life, giving thanks as often as you can, and lend a hand when you can.

That’s it?

Yep. Pretty simple equation. Life is not meant to cause suffering but allow us to find peace and happiness.

When did you learn this?

It took me thirty eight years to come to this realization, but it has been an ongoing learning process. Chipping away the excess of reality…allowing my playful side to return.

Did someone teach this to you?

Yes. My five year old son.

Stepping into the Canvas with Inner Peace. As the world turns and constantly changes with an illusion of time, we are reminded to dig deeper within…so that we may enjoy more of without…Ani Po

The Illusion

In the days of loneliness, the world seems to be at its darkest.

No glimmer of hope, thoughts of fear consume us, and resentment mounts.

Realization — illusion of the false self.

The true self is never alone and gives freely, while acknowledging ideas of flesh but maintaining a course with spirit.

Is it wrong to be Loved as much as ye have Loved?

Those of the flesh would say no, but the Warrior within sends a dagger of Love

–diverting selfish thoughts and converting them into selflessness.

As we step out into this vast open road…know that we are never alone, but merely disconnected from Spirit.

Disconnect from flesh and rekindle the flame of truth. Go now, in the name of Love and

…Step into the Canvas.