An Eightfold Path Towards Syncrosensational

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With each new day we have a choice to live as authentically as we can, ignoring the beliefs of old or accept the conditioned consciousness, remaining forever lost. Stepping into the new, creating the life we were meant to…accepting beliefs of a new era.

The first step towards happiness often proves most difficult, for we cannot let go of our old beliefs. Let go now…witness the shift towards happiness. Once the first step is taken the taste of freedom shall be your, never returning to what once was. The next step towards happiness is easier, the next even easier…and so on.

With a new outlook on life, everything will taste sweeter, smell better and we will feel freer than ever before. Listen to the voice within, for it is saying, “Now is the Time.” Take the step towards happiness with one day declaring “Ani Po.”

(*Ani Po is Hebrew for “I Am Here”)

Stepping into the Canvas is about taking the first steps into the Canvas of Life.  It is said that God is the Creator and nature is His Canvas.  In a world of technologies, distractions and light-speed evolution, we are left to remain in darkness or ‘Shine On’ forevermore.  Truth is laid before us, falsely, by our collective whole. It is a new day and those beliefs no longer serve us…

This is an invitation to step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary: Free to Love unconditionally; creating the life we were meant to enjoy; coming together as one. With every step towards our ending goal of happiness, we find ourselves having more sensational moments that can only be explained through synchronicity…or Syncrosensational.

The willingness to change will be the first step and is the driving force behind our journey. Our intent is what sets things in motion, with checks and balances along the way, we stay on course. Depending on our thoughts and actions, will determine if we meet our end goal or miss our mark. Giving a little wiggle room to make mistakes, making necessary adjustments, we find our way back to the intentions set forth. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes…learn from them…aligning our actions as closely to our intended goal, will assure our success in attaining this goal.

When our dreams and reality collide, it is said that we have found The Way to happiness. We may trip or stumble and, as stated before, that is ok.  We must accept ourselves for being imperfectly perfect in all our encounters.  In doing so, we inadvertently find acceptance for the imperfections within other people. Without acceptance the continuous judgment of self and others continues.

If we are too busy judging others, we have no time for creating our destiny. Fill our day with what we want in life…capture this moment! ~Joseph


If and when we do stumble, remain in gratitude.  With gratitude in our hearts, we view challenging moments as stepping-stones towards syncrosensational moments we so clearly desire. Every day is a good time for sharing gratitude with a loved one, a friend or Creator of all existence. Whether the day is picture perfect or everything but, learn to see the silver-lining in every cloud…guaranteed it exists!

With gratitude in our hearts, we master our emotions…checking them at the door before entering the canvas of life.  This awareness is the single most important guidance system that we will continue to call upon along our journey. Thich Nhat Hahn often refers to this as being in the present moment. We are here, in a given moment, experiencing this emotion or that emotion. These emotions arise, but do not have to control us. Instead use them to our advantage only, if this is not possible…kindly ask emotions to take a back seat.

With awareness comes a desire of remaining in balance. ~Ani Po

There comes a time in our journey things just don’t feel right,  almost as if we were off-balance. Finding balance becomes our number one priority. Through various techniques which can be found throughout our traditions or even modern-day self-help texts, we find techniques for cleansing mind, body and spirit…returning back to balance. Returning to balance, we find ease in checking our emotions at the door of the Canvas. Note: if we are not in harmony within ourselves, how can we support harmony within our families? get in balance so that you can better serve the loved ones around you.

Practicing these steps, for the first time or daily practice, chances are they have created positive habits within the Canvas of Life. With positive shifts, we find ourselves at a place of unconditional Love. While the majority of society will declare unconditional Love is not possible, challenge them and say yes it is. Following this path, and other paths for that matter, with our whole heart and soul, and intention of finding peace within, we shall find unconditional Love. While the majority follows the path of majority, dare to cut a new path into the Canvas of Life…see what happens!

We have just followed a modern-day Eightfold path.  Twenty-five hundred years ago, Siddhartha Gautama dared to challenge authorities, showing others how to attain enlightenment. Nothing has changed from then to now and is open for exploration at any time…are you willing to take the necessary steps towards enlightenment? Why not?

Traveling the eightfold path we will find ourselves at our ending goal…pure happiness.  Our every encounter will be more enjoyable and our days will just seem to be syncrosensational…all the time. We shall be in awe by the mighty Canvas calling our name. Go now…live a life that was intended…live a syncrosensational life.

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Willingness and Intent

When I first identified the necessity for change it was like a large two by four smacked me in the head. I was working my knuckles to the bone, walking over people and making decisions that were definitely not of the creative source. Through awareness, I identified it was time for change. Upon my awareness I began taking personal retreats, reflecting and plotting my course. This next story is a personal ‘true story’ event, when God began speaking to me directly. Please click on the link…


Our actions and thoughts will dictate whether we stay on course or get derailed from our intended journey. The basic Law of Attraction states “our thoughts become things.” Be careful with the words we speak. If there is any doubt or contradictory words, the Law of Attraction will give us exactly what we speak.

i.e. if our original intent is to find increase our financial worth but our contradicting thoughts are we do not deserve this, then the Universe will give us exactly more to doubt our reality of having an increase in financial worth.

Also, our thoughts and actions need to be specific. We need to drill-down, like a laser guided missile hits its target, to the exact intentions we seek. If we are vague with goals, then the Universe may only give us partly what we want.

i.e. We ask for love in our lives, but are faced with challenging times or person bringing us much anger in our lives. If we are not specific, the Universe may present events to teach us Love. Be specific and spell our exactly what it is we want.


Through acceptance, we magnify the force behind our intentions. As we begin to accept all things and all people as they are, releasing the attached emotions, the Universe returns more to be accepting of.

Further, and most importantly, as we accept ourselves for the imperfectly perfect being that we are, we begin to live as authentically as we were intended. Through self-acceptance we freely love ourselves, emitting this love out into the world around us.


Whether perceived good or bad, any given situation is an opportunity to express our gratitude. Gratitude for the lesson, life and all there is. As we step out into the Canvas of Life, we are given a choice to either live in gratitude or forever live in misery. We have so much to be grateful for, why focus on anything but the gifts before us. Everything is a gift…everything!


No matter the size, big or small, guaranteed there are opportunities of growth in which present themselves on a daily basis. Everything has a message and signs may appear at the most obscure times. Be open to them, be open to the process of change.

My son and I were in a bookstore and he was unsure of what book he should get. He asked my opinion, but I told him to put them down for a minute and ask for guidance. The simple act of asking for guidance opens up more possibilities of Universe coming to our aid. As he walked back to the bookshelf, one of them fell to his feet. At that very moment…he knew the answer.


Whether it is simple purging of material things or a deeper sense of cleansing the soul, we all must learn to cleanse our thoughts, purifying the pathway set before us. Through a daily practice and the awareness of, we have the ability to cleanse our soul on a moment by moment basis or grandeur level.

Taking a retreat can be beneficial to the soul. Similarly a daily journal allows us to keep track of our actions and progress with our set intentions.

Clean House. Whether literal or metaphorically speaking, it is important to take the time to Clean House.~Joseph

Checking Emotions at the Door

Our emotions will trip us each and every time. Remove the emotion, applying awareness and making effortless decisions along the way. Simply be aware of our surroundings, our actions and how people interact in the Canvas of Life…it is meant to be effortless.


If we skipped the other seven steps and come to a place of Love, we will have enough in our lives to live harmoniously for all eternity. For those who find this immediately, congratulations! For those who only know what they know…it may be necessary to travel this path.

Releasing the past, looking to the future, we are left giving more of ourselves in the present moment. Giving freely, we receive more to give away. In gratitude it is amplified exponentially.

Stepping into the Canvas with Love.  In Love we intertwine our steps, potentially skipping the eightfold path. In Love all other things become details, details that have lessened meaning. In Love all things are important and carry equal value or lessons. Make the steps…but do so wholeheartedly. Step in Love and assuredly each step will be Syncrosensational.

finding zen

Our Canvas is Painted

Through Source our Canvas is Painted.~Ani Po

It is stated nature is God’s Canvas for all to enjoy, but how many witness the beauty of the day? Instead of seeing the pain and suffering, focus on the Joy and Happiness of the Canvas. Through Him all things are possible, why not create the Canvas as we see fit?

our canvas is painted

Lending A Hand To Those In Need

As the cycles of man continue, we continue to make similar mistakes as our fathers before. While some learn, others do not…continuing the cycles of greed. In the days of old, Jesus spoke of helping others and often told a story of a Good Samaritan. Whether in past times or present day, the story is the same…

The Good Samaritan was indeed a Samaritan, one hated by Jews of their time. In present day it would parallel to having an Atheist present…one who believes in very little, believing not in God or a Creator…similarly hated by most.

The Parable of the Good Samaritan: In the street lay a person who was beaten and left for dead, but nobody came to the aid of this man. A priest walked by and a Levite. It was the Samaritan, one most hated, who stopped to his aid. We see this in modern-day…

A street person was assaulted by a few ‘Christian’ boys, taking his last possessions and left for dead. It was below freezing, but yet they took a warm jacket off this man.The street person had just received this jacket earlier at a mission, ensuring his warmth through the cold nights when he was not able to camp at this mission.

The street person had just received a warm ‘triple down’ jacket from a local mission. Not realizing the label on the jacket made him a threat to theft, as the jacket was a well-known brand and many thefts were over these named jackets. Sadly, it is the street person who becomes the next victim of crime. With nothing to his name but a free jacket…it is stripped from him by some young boys just coming from church.

Left in the cold, with no protection…he is now close to hypothermia.

Begging for money, so that he can get something to eat…in a warm facility…he grows weaker.

First a Rabbi passes by, turning away from the street person…with thoughts of “get a job.” The homeless person extends his hand to the Rabbi, but the Rabbi passes by.

Second, a Muslim passes by in disgust by the vile filth of this man asking for money. Again the homeless man reaches for a hand, but similar results…too weak, his hand collapses at his side as passer-by continues on.

Thirdly, an Atheist passes by and immediately engages with the homeless man. Extending his hand, the homeless man is met by the Atheist. The Atheist welcomes him and invites him to join him for lunch.

During lunch, the Atheist and homeless man engaged in warm conversation and discussed the circumstances of the homeless man.

The homeless man was once a rich executive, who had it all: money, power, large house, multiple cars, beautiful family of four. One day he chose to follow thoughts of greed: mistress, tax evasion and drunkenness. His life collapsed: his wife left him, taking both kids; lost his job, spent three months in federal prison and nobody willing to help him get back on his feet.

Losing everything, this once executive, he lost all hope of returning to a ‘normal’ life. Giving up, he went to the streets to live in self-misery.

Hearing this story, the Atheist, reaches across the table and takes his hand. Brother, that was the past and today is a new day. I will help you, if you’d like, get back on your feet. Together we will find hope in this horrible story.

The homeless man agrees and goes to live with the Atheist, finding strength to once again find work and live as normal as could be. He repays the Atheist person, who he now calls friend, with a years full of salary. He then vows to give his life to God, assisting in teaching youth to be good stewards of life, loving people as they would like to be treated.

Reflecting on the horrible day of being stripped of his last possession and left to die in the cold, the Homeless man arises to its valuable lesson. Thanks to an Atheist, he was given hope and found God once again.

This story is not meant to point fingers at any person or group, but is meant to point out that there are imperfections in all sectors of religion…the active ingredient in all sectors is Love. We can fall victim to darkened ways, no matter what group we follow, or we can follow The Way…no matter the group we follow.

Be wary of those who claim they are the way…for they are not the way. Those who follow The Way do not speak of The Way…they just are. Those pointing fingers at another, accusing them of falsehoods…are merely spreading more falsehoods. Accusing another of not knowing the way, we are in essence squelching the Spirit within the person. We are not to squelch any spirit, but embrace it.

Nature is God’s Canvas. His children are the trees and rolling hills, meeting each other in divine perfection. ~Ani Po

We cannot judge people or another organization without first getting to know them. In the above story, it was the Atheist who took the time to get to know the homeless man. Upon discovering this man lost all hope in living and turn to the streets. Once given an opportunity of hope, the man began to thrive once again, but with a twist for the better. Instead of false self-gratification, he found true self-gratification through giving his riches to others.

Whether barren desert or thriving forest, both are met on the horizon. No judgment, just acceptance.~Ani Po

We can choose to paint a picture of judgment and hate or choose to paint in Love and acceptance.~Joseph

As for me…I will continue my path in Love, stepping into the Canvas…painting as I see fit…



Sex Sells

Again our Warrior Friend, Ani Po, returns from Vegas with yet another lesson of life. The lesson being, sadly, Sex Sells. In a world referred to as “Sin City,” we do not have to travel very far to see many temptations of man. Do you drink? Do you smoke? Do you gamble? Do you cheat or have you thought about cheating on your beloved spouse? Sadly, all the above apply and are welcomed in Vegas.


The temptations present themselves through various media: billboards, flyers, radio and television media. Walking down the street one grows accustomed to the flicking of cards in a peddlers hands with an occasional forceful handout that displays a picture of a person promising “Happy Endings.”


In a previous life, Ani Po finds herself in sin city once more…on the Island of Create. Nearly two thousand years ago on the Island of Create, Jesus would often travel to this ancient sin city with companions Peter and Paul. Recounting her adventures with Christ, Ani Po remembers traveling to Create to spread Light in a region that had voided out any signs of hope. Whether the Sin City of old or the modern Sin City, the lessons still present themselves. Lessons of self-actualization….needing not pleasure of this physical plain, but that of spiritual plains.


Look beyond the flesh and the pleasures they carry, embracing the spirit within. The spirit within shall restore pleasure of spiritual realms and its pleasures shall last an eternity.



Stepping into the Canvas of Light. Casting all shadows into the darkness it came, the Light shall forever lead the way. In our sins, we shall be sanctified. Judge not…those who sin, but embrace them for they have shown a different way. A path of the enlightened….a path leading home…a path of Eternal Happy Endings.

Meditations of a Warrior

How does one find happiness? Is it a place? or is it a state of being? In any event it is attainable by all. Whether we go searching for it or just accept it as it is…we merely choose to be or find happiness. We return now to our Warrior as she ponders these thoughts during her daily meditation…

Happiness is found in eight steps:

  1. Willingness
  2. Actions
  3. Acceptance
  4. Gratitude
  5. Awareness
  6. Cleansing
  7. Removal of emotions
  8. Unconditional Love

Channeled through the meditations of our Warrior, we take the first step towards happiness.

Note: the eight steps are not to be considered actual steps towards happiness, but more of a natural progression as one enters the path. It also worth noting that an person does not need to follow this path at all, but merely accept Love as their guide.

Willingness to change, is the driving force behind actions and the basis for developing a basic need for something deeply rooted internally, leading towards an active side of infinity. It is the willingness that allows us to throw away our conditioned beliefs, accepting a new belief system…based on Love.

It is during this willingness stage that we begin accepting guidance from a voice that resides in all of us…it is the one that we all fight with throughout our lives, ignoring its call. In this stage we listen to its call and seeking out whatever it wishes. Our instincts may call us to do an act of kindness, that we may otherwise miss. This inner guidance system may also align us with an appropriate book or other source of learning material.

With willingness, we take action. Action towards how we want our life to be. No longer subscribing to beliefs of old, subscribing to new beliefs that only serving our highest needs. Taking action towards this active side of infinity, we instinctively let go of thoughts and behaviors harboring negativity. Our thoughts become embedded in positivity and our thoughts become that of acceptance. This is also the stage where we begin analyzing our friends and immediate members of our inner circles…are they positive? are they whom I want to emanate? Do they serve my highest needs of feeling good? If not…time to clean house in that department as well.

Through acceptance we find peace and happiness wherever we go, with no judgment and no resentment. We accept a mindful approach to life, fixating on being present at every given moment. When we are completely present, we see the world through eyes of gratitude.

In gratitude, we find good in all things. Even the most heinous of people, we find to be loving in some form or another. It is finding the silver lining in every cloud. Begin each new day in gratitude and end it the same. Start the day submersed in gratitude for: the many life lessons, providing service to others, the feet that support us throughout the day, the sympathetic heart, and the ability to enjoy all there is about the Canvas of Life. Beginning the day on a positive note, only leads to a positive day. Think for a moment…where would I be is  “{blank}” didn’t happen to me? Whatever the scenario, fill in the blank, good or bad, everything has led to this very moment in our lives. This moment of self-realization and that everything has happened on purpose up until now, this is our moment of true awareness.

Awareness allows us to witness our words and actions without full understanding and allowing them to be. This is the moment that Thich Nhat Hanh would refer to as being mindful. Being mindful means being present in every given moment. When we are fully in the moment, we are mindful of our thoughts and actions with complete consideration for our seven generations. With awareness, each step is carefully plotted, each word carefully chosen and each moment is like the first time. When we are truly mindful, our days fill with awe-inspiring moments. Having awareness we begin purging more negativity from our lives. It is a lifelong journey and we could spend a lifetime purging our negative attachments. This is the cleansing stage.

To cleanse one must submerge themselves in Love. Whether it be through ritual or intimate setting of a quiet room, the person begins asking for more Love to poured into them, “Lord make me an instrument of your Peace. May Your Love be poured onto me until my cup over flows, allowing me to give it away and may it be replenished, keeping it forever over-flowing all the days of my life. ” When we reach this place of our journey, we shall be filled to the rim with His Love and we will be left to give it all away. In this stage we no longer get emotional over things that people say or do against us. We become invincible to their behavior and detach from negativity.

Checking our emotions at the door is the hardest thing to do, but once we master this task, our lives become so much easier. Don Miguel Ruiz discusses this concept in his Four Agreements. Removing the emotional response mechanism that humans commonly have, we allow are selves to interact in a non-judgmental, collaborative and mindful approach, allowing us to focus on end results with no expected outcomes. If we focus on merely allowing others to shine, we detach from expected outcomes and come to a place of Love. This unconditional Love is for all and is to be given away.

When we meditate on these eight steps we cannot forget the teachings of Christ, as he discussed the “Old Laws” being intertwined by a common thread. That thread is Love. As in the beginning, so shall it be intertwined throughout our lives. Love intertwines throughout these eight steps and if an individual were to only have Love from the beginning, these steps would unfold instantaneously.

Stepping into the Canvas with a mindful attitude. Stepping, leaving varying colors as we kiss Mother Earth with Love. Our trail of Love travels throughout the land, spreading more rainbows of colors and ending in a glorious pot of Love. It is our heartfelt intentions that will lead us to paradise. We do not have to wait until death to get a glimpse, but merely open our hearts.


Many spiritual traditions discuss oneness or becoming One with the Universe, but what does this actually mean? Oneness is a feeling a person gets when they see themselves as a Divine Creation part of the collective whole. They see themselves as everything or everyone around them, contemplating their every actions as cause and effect. Their actions carefully planned, as they may effect the next seven generations.

Judgment becomes a thing of the past with self-actualized people, as they see themselves as part of the collective body of  Universe.  When they admire a quality in person, they are admiring a part of themselves they like…or hope to emanate. In opposition, they show anger towards negative behavior mirroring negative parts of themselves. Referred to as the Shadow Affect, Debbie Ford has brought much awareness to this field of study. While the majority looks in the mirror and sees themselves,  the self-actualized looks in the mirror and sees everyone else.

Looking beyond the mirror, we look beyond flaws of the flesh. It is during the identifying process of our imperfections, that we gain perfection. The path of the enlightened is first seeing that we are not perfect. Next is seeing all imperfections as perfectly imperfect. When we see the collective whole as imperfectly perfect or vice versa, then we have found Oneness. Lao Tzu discussed The Way, Jesus discussed the Way, Buddha Discussed the Way, Zoroaster Discussed The Way, even Homer Simpson discussed The Way (ok, maybe not Homer Simpson but his distant cousin Homer, author of Iliad and the Odyssey). The result of The Way is…Oneness. We become One.

When we find oneness we essentially come to a place where “All Is Good.” No bitterness and only Unconditional Love. Co-creating the life we always dreamed of, we begin the descent down the river singing, “Row, Row, Row your boat. GENTLY down the stream. MERRILY (with much emphasis on merrily), MERRILY, MERRILY…Life is but a dream.”

Stepping into the Canvas singing this childhood song, paddling only when needed. Drifting effortlessly down the stream of Life, we no longer worry about when we will reach our destination or how we will get there. Instead we Let Go and We Let God. Faith is our navigator, hope is our first mate, and Love is the name on the back of our boat.

New World Order

Whatever the path or however we get there, we strive for eternal bliss. Many traditions speak of this as something attainable in the afterlife, while many masters speak of it being present in this lifetime.

Martin Luther king Jr. Spoke, “I have seen the glory and the coming of the Lord…I have seen the promise land!” The promise land is available in present time and attained with a new perception of reality. While old perception viewed the world as ‘Hell on Earth,’ our new perception changes it to “Heaven on Earth.” ‘As above, so below’ becomes a reality.

Buddha spoke of removing fear of suffering. His lesson was not to ignore it, but to see every possibility as a lesson for growth. Even in our darkest times, there is light. When we transcend fear we return to the way it was in the beginning and “All is Good.”

Jesus spoke a similar message. As he spoke of Love intertwining throughout all the laws laid before us. Through Love we our given the keys to “Heaven on Earth,” and free to access at anytime. He was The Way and the Light and showed us that we are a part of this Light. Be The Way.

Numerous teachings speak of “a living death.” When the shift takes place, into the afternoon of our lives (Carl Jung), we have an opportunity to begin again or ‘as it is written’… Born Again. While some will be born again into the afternoon of their lives, others will remain a rotting corpse…remaining in their own living death.

Being born into a New World is not what everyone says to be fearful of. It is not about absolute power or control…not in this world. When an person sees through fresh eyes of spirit, they only see all as good. All of the modern details of society disappear, government issues have no meaning, and poverty is a part of the plan. Being born again we no longer see as  an individual, but as a collective whole.

The New World order is not be feared as a global issue, instead as an personal issue. When every human being takes an active role in being their authentic self, then and only then will we see the New World. In the meantime, stay clear from scare campaigns speaking of global take over and return to what matters most…being you and being in Love. All of the prophesies ever written involve the individual: the darkened nights shall be upon us and we shall be born into a new light; the end of the world as we know it, only to be reborn into a taste of Heaven.

Those willing to let go and Let God, shall have paradise; those who cling to false reality of fear and anger shall remain in Hell for all eternity. The New World Order shall be governed by one body, controlled by one religious group, and embodied all within the self. You are the New World and shall govern it as you see fit.

Stepping into the Canvas letting go of all doubt and fear. While the world crumbles around us, remain in balance. In balance, the world is at Peace…at least in the individual world. Some say it’s delusional…I say thank you.