Everyday is Valentine’s Day

With cupid preparing his arrows, for Lover’s across the globe, we are reminded of another Hallmark moment in the making. Valentine’s will be celebrated by millions, on February 14th, but is sincerity felt or is it merely pressure by the media and the hallmark-like companies to sell more of their product?

Is this day of sharing Love with those closest to us, reserved for only one day? Should Valentine’s Day be everyday, dissolving the necessity to celebrate only on one day? Are cards merely a reassurance of the flesh…stroking one’s ego?

When we truly Love another, there is no need to buy gifts or cards to show our Love. When we arrive at a level of ‘True Love’, we instinctively give everything we have to the other person anyway.

Ani Po remembers the pressure she felt when it came to special events. As a Pilgrim, she felt it necessary to buy lavish gifts and cards to announce the special day, but knowing what she knows now…she need only give her Heart away. “When we give our heart, we give our everything…and everything shall go with it.”

Stepping into the Canvas as everyday is a holiday. Giving our everything, everyday, dissolving the necessity to reserve one day as a special day. Instead we reserve everyday as a special day…making everyday a Holiday. This coming Tuesday…share the gratitude for Love in your heart…but then learn to give it away everyday!

Love is Real. Beauty is Truth.

Love is real (John Lennon), Beauty is Truth (John Keats). Real is Love, Truth Beauty – that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know…


If you believe…you’ll make it happen!