Deeper into the Canvas

Was recently at a ceremony where they invited me to go deeper within. Not knowing what I would find, but certain something still remained in my subconscious…triggers still for me to confront…or shall I say accept.

Acceptance brings a sense of forgiveness or allowing of sorts for thoughts to come and go, while confrontation brings more anger…increasing triggers within us…remaining stuck in the confines of our own psyche.

Thinking I was “good” and there wasn’t anything left for me to uncover…pop…something surfaces, bringing laughter to my being. I laugh now, for I know that all the triggers buried within were created by the self. For me to let them go, I needed to allow them to surface…letting them pass.

In letting them pass, I am healing the wounds left behind. Healed, I am able to accept a new possibility of thought…that of peace within, Joy without and Love all around me. Bliss is a reality and longevity of such depends on my willingness to let go of all that brings me down.

I let go.

Knowing that I am not perfect, those around me are not, I am free to be me and they are free to be he or she. In knowing of this, I am free to accept all for who they are…interacting as needed, allowing whenever possible.

We are reading this today for a reason. There is something missing maybe or there is something we seek…what is it? We have come to a place of accepting the self, whilst still reflecting back on the have-beens in our lives…shaking our heads, wondering “How did I get here?”

In awe at self and the journey to present day, we are left wondering “what next?” The bigger question that I hear is “If you could go back to the way you were, would you return?” I am pretty sure we all can answer this question with ease, but pain still remains…

Time for a big dose of laughter. Time to laugh at oneself. The moment we realize we have been living a dream and we have the ability to change this perception of such…we laugh in hysteria…wondering “why haven’t I acted upon my thoughts before?”

Simple…it wasn’t time.

It is now. If you are reading this…it is time. Time to reclaim your life, thoughts and ambition to meaning. We are here to experience, create and prosper…so why wait? Fear no longer has power over you…you are freed. Go now…

Stepping into the Canvas laughing at oneself. With laughter as our greatest of joys and acceptance for self, we know we are not perfect nor any others…but we remain accepting of all. Diving deeper within we surface to a brighter without. That which we uncover within the self, we re-discover in those around us. Wishing you a Syncrosensational day…Ani Po

laughing at oneself


Take Two Of These And Call Me In The Morning

Stepping into the Canvas today with time to laugh. Would we rather finish our day on a low note or rather on a high?  Just for today be guarded against any negativity and emit only that of positivity. Even amidst the mundane or the responsibilities of our day…find time to laugh…it is good for the soul. Often the best medicine cannot be found in a brown bottle, but in one’s laughter.

Learning to Laugh

In world of deadlines, expectations, and increased responsibilities, we find it more difficult to find humor in our daily lives. This is the story for many, not for all, daily routines with added stress. This past week the teacher became the student.

Often times the universe will throw signs our way, in hopes of us taking the time to lighten up. Learning this first hand, I realize I too can fall victim to added stress of daily living. With added stress at work, my responsibilities increasing, and the needs of my children being first priority, the universe sends an opportunity to identify  things weighing me down.

“Why so serious?”~The Joker

Not until something so innocent happened, my reflections caused an internal restructuring to take place. My personal inventory became clear when a close friend reminded me for three days straight, “life is a playground and we are to play whenever possible.” I will admit that at first I ignored the signs, as most humans do, until  a recent post brought the attention to my actions.

With a recent post to another friend, who needed prayers sent for immediate healing in his life, the humor fund itself back into my life. Instead of posting “sending healing thoughts your way,” my auto fill replaced ‘thoughts’ with ‘tights.’ Nothing like sending some “healing tights your way.” The humor became evident with other responses, “I’ll take control top,” “everyone needs a good pair of tights, please send me a pair,” or my favorite “I am going to a class reunion this weekend and need a good pair of suck me ups immediately.” I hope that all found humor in it and humor found its way into their busy days, relaxing them but for a moment.

“Sometimes the best medicine is learning to laugh at oneself.”

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with work? Life? Do you ever feel hopeless and not sure of what to do? What I found worked was sending an accidental message that can take on a whole other meaning, bringing humor to your day and theirs. Dare to be spontaneous!

It is crucial in our busy days to find time to laugh. Life is truly too short to do anything other and in my everyday work I am reminded of this. Being a Radiation Therapist, I witness many opportunities of growth in this department. Everyday someone is dying, but it doesn’t have to be us. We can choose to live or we can choose to fall victim to our daily lives.

“Fall nine times, get up ten.”~ Japanese Proverb

Stepping into the Canvas today, find time to laugh. With father time keeping track of our numbered days we may not see tomorrow.  Would we rather finish our last day on a low note or would we rather finish it on a high? Try a little laughter today…it is just what the Doctor ordered…