Thought Between Thoughts

Thought between thought.
In a place of darkness and void there is a spark, a thought taking shape and form. This thought becomes my own, giving birth to a thousand galaxies in a single breath.
Observing thought between thoughts new realities are born…continuously and simultaneously. Witnessing and allowing.
Traveling to those in need. Giving hope to darkened reality. Giving breath to void, allowing others to breathe a new reality.
Stepping into the Canvas with no thoughts…just observation. Merely an observation of things creates new thought process and allows infinite possibilities to play out. May the thought between thoughts be filled with joy and love, mystery and awe…Ani Po

Stepping into a Change of Self

Very often a change of self is needed more than a change of scene.~A.C.Benson

Too often looking outwardly, interpreting what we see. Judging good versus bad, pretty versus ugly, joyous and angry. Merely our own interpretation. Finding ourselves in an uncomfortable situation or in a difficult jam, frozen in our own fear or further judgment.

Being present in any given situation possibly amidst chaos or despair, but no longer affected by sadness.  Being present in any given situation we are free to interpret whilst remaining in peace if we so choose.

Maybe there is a co-worker who annoys the tar out of you, or they just don’t get it?! What if…it is they who get it and you whom fail to see truth? Skewed by anger, we only see others as needing to change.

Maybe we spend too much time trying to correct others for varying beliefs, by our standards, and not enough time enjoying what the Canvas of Life has to offer. Seeing differences, celebrating beauty…we shift our thoughts from self to global consciousness. In all the varying colors painted upon the Canvas, we rejoice at the many thoughts and ideas that assemble into one.

Instead of looking how to change things, ask how can we change? Instead of changing scenery, how can we change ourselves?

Stepping into the Canvas with a new perspective…a change of self. We are not to change any one person in the world but merely ourselves. While there is nothing to be done, if there is…it is with self-realization.


With Deepest Gratitude

It is with deepest gratitude we share in a dance with inspiration.

In the now or what might be.

Sharing a word, a song, a dance.

For those who have come and those on their way.

Those who share and like, Love and engage.

Stepping in the present, stepping without dimension.

What may be…it shall be so.

For in the now our steps lead us into the tomorrows.

It is with deepest gratitude we share in a dance with inspiration.~Ani Po

with deepest gratitude


Expanding our Circle of Love

On our way to syncrosensational we acknowledge the many differences within our days. Differences of person to person interactions, situations which test our patience, and our belief that happiness isn’t possible. The reality is that happiness is always possible.
If it is a previous belief or a chemical imbalance there is still a way out of boundary mentality, stuck in an existing reality…expanding to a borderless reality
If earlier belief has a stronghold on one’s reality it may be due to physical or mental strain, difficult people in our lives or pressures of the days to work as hard as we can to make ends meet. Either way, it is within our ability to let go of this belief of being stuck in any given situation. We need only let go of the negative belief and seek a more positive pathway towards happiness. While happiness is not a destination it is a belief that is attainable no matter what.
What about chemical imbalances? or psychological beliefs such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? I am not an expert on this but I have met many whom have done extensive work with others who have experienced both chemical imbalances or PTSD, inhibiting the person from seeing a positive outcome in their daily lives. Given an opportunity the imbalance can be restored.
Our self-worth is challenged by many factors of life. Until we learn to let go, we may never see the light of day…remaining in the dark night of the soul.
How do we change our situation? How do we see things in a brighter way? With baby steps and much self-worth, we extend our love to the self, closest family and friends…until it contagiously expands in our own reality. With a single step of self-love, we find happiness with self. Accepting self for the divine being it is.
Once our self-worth is raised it expands to others within our immediate circle. Expanding to this circle, it then grow into the outer circles of our reality. Step by step, circle by circle our thoughts of happiness grows. As our happiness grows we add to the vibration of the universe…spreading light in darkened situations.
Loving unconditionally the self, we accept self no matter what others think or feel about us. Loving self conditionally, we begin sharing unconditional love with others. As within so without. We expand until all we see or breathe is love.
First steps are most difficult but carry the greatest rewards. Each step thereafter gets easier and easier as the fear and pain dissipate. Continuing forward to a place of happiness. Better bring a key to unlock that door ahead!
Where is this key to happiness? We can seek high and low, only to find the key has been present all the while. The key to happiness resides in all and accessible by all.
Stepping into the Canvas expanding our circle of Love. From self to those closest to us. From closest family and friends to community and out into the world. Ever expanding our own happiness we are sharing the possibilities with others so they may choose to be happy or remain in their own reality.

Love and Gratitude

From the very first post to daily messages of thanks received, I am forever grateful for those who have come and those who are on their way. I am grateful to those who pass this along to a friend or any person who needs a different outlook. It was and always will be my hopes that these words upon the Canvas lift someone in need, someone challenged by the monotony of the days and just seeking inner balance.

Whether a daily reader or one who has reached out a hand in need, I send my love and gratitude. Thank you from the bottom of my heart as we learn and grow together. We are here together to share, experience and allow one another to have our own experiences within this Canvas of Life.

Though we may tire and grow weak, we lift each other up in our most difficult of times. Though a floating fish head may blur our perspective, we see divinity in the story of Victor Frankl and those of similar accounts. It is in our perception that taints or beautifies our vision for the future, our outlook on present day or joyous and painful memories of the past. It is our perception that quantifies our reality from this day forward.

Let us go together…to this place of joy. Let us go now…where others are afraid to travel. Let us go now…fearlessly through our own valley of death…only to be reborn.

I will go with you…Ani Po

love and gratitude