Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.~Mahatma Gandhi

Harmony comes from a place within. Looking within, we discover without. Focusing on that of what we want in the world, cultivates an environment of creating a life we wish to see. See it, believe it and know it to true…snap…It Is So.


Friend of All Living Things

The good man is the friend of all living things.~Mahatma Gandhi

In the mundane routine of our days, we are often taken away from what matters most…kindness. Be kind to all living things…it is that simple. As our hectic schedules take us away from this lesson, quickly return into the Heart of Compassion, spreading more kindness…as soon and often as possible…

mahatma Gandhi Quote

Getting Busy

I’ve never really understood “If want to get something done, give it to somebody who’s already busy.”Until now…

This week my beloved has taken the kids on a mini-vacation before school starts, leaving me home alone to do whatever is needed. I plan on all the things I shouldn’t do, as opposed to getting my “honey-do” list completed. Where does time go? With extra time, we often think we have extra time to get our work done. Until we realize we have procrastinated long enough. I find it amusing that when I have all the time in the world nothing ever gets done. The opposite is true…as I have very little time, I can move the grandest of mountains. Why is that?

The answer is quite simple…”As a Man Thinketh, so is he.” Simple wisdom passed down by Abraham. We have known this technology of the human psyche for thousands of years, but fail to use it to our advantage. Our Neuorplasticity offers brain memory of a different sort…our thoughts become things…thereby making our thoughts of procrastination compounded by more thoughts and actions of procrastination. The steadier the flow of work, the more the returns; the more complacent we are, more thoughts of complacency; as we move, the work moves…that simple.

Just keep swimming.~Dori

To answer the age old question of “how do I get that done?” …You want to get something done: get up, check off the punch list and relax when the work is done. Action speaks louder than words…in this case it literally does. If you talk about doing something, it is just talk; if you take action, now the ball is rolling.

Wherever thought goes, that’s where energy flows. If there is work to be done, apply this knowledge of understanding. With understanding…we know to get busy. If there’s not, then time to rest. Work when there is work, rest when it is time to rest.

Get er done!~Cable Guy

This technology can be applied to any facet of life: if we want to be happy…align ourselves with thoughts of happiness; want peace in our life…be peace; financial success, align our thoughts with success. As we think it, it is so…

Be the change you want to see in the world.~Mahatma Gandhi

Stepping into the Canvas while getting busy. It is through my actions that my accomplishments are defined. As thoughts become reality, procrastination becomes that of the past. Complaints cease to exist, becoming more grateful for the daily activities chosen. Being the change I want in the world, I AM changed.