Happy Life

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is within yourself, in your way of thinking.~Marcus Aurelius

It is that simple…just be happy. I know, I know…there are those who make excuses for not being happy. Let go of outcomes, drop the pride, release the ego…then and only then will happiness present itself. Nothing else to be done…just accepted into the heart…

happy life

Be One

Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.~Marcus Aurelius

Too often we look to others judging their actions, failing to see our own. Through our judgment of things we fail to be an example of how to be. While there is no right or wrong, we still have a choice to look within our own hearts to witness that which is missing. Focusing on others we miss the opportunity of remaining in our place of happiness.

Looking within, adjusting our sails, we come to a place of painting a canvas as we see fit. In doing so the canvas written upon our hearts is a reflection of the world around us.

Stepping into the Canvas accepting everything as it is, worrying not about the other peoples steps but our own. In the Canvas of life we can choose to follow or worry about other persons steps or we can carefully and purposefully make our own.

be one

Our Thoughts Make It

Our Life is what our thoughts make it.~Marcus Aurelius

This quote is very timely, as our reality is changing every day. With outside influences and internal guidance, the reality we live in continues to change daily. What reality do we live in? Whichever our heart desires.

From old paradigm to new, we continue to ebb and flow, learn and grow. Old ways gone, accepting new…we allow the natural creation to take form in our lives. The Canvas of Life is continually changing with influences of its surroundings, maintaining homeostasis…so why are we any different? We are not, but merely believe that our reality is that which has been fed to us.

It is time to feed upon something else, something more spiritually nutritious. It is time to dream our reality into existence. How does this happen? We believe it and know it to be true. No matter what the outside world claims, our internal world creates something more fulfilling, delightful…more everything.

Stepping into the Canvas as a new reality, creating life as we see fit. Our lives are a reflection of our reality and via our own contemplation our reality is that which we see. Through our own inner discovery we align with an infinite source of reality…making our reality as we see it to be. As it goes…so shall it be.

OUr thoughts make it


Follows The Right Path

Every living organism is fulfilled when it follows the right path for its own nature.~Marcus Aurelius

We all yearn to know, but fail to make necessary changes within our lives. Taking a little time and making a bit of effort, we assuredly will find what our longing is. When taking the necessary time, it is a eureka moment and we just know what it is we shall do next. Taking the time, that first step passed our fears of the unknown, we arrive in a place of knowing…

Follows the Right Path

Changing Perspectives: Going From Can’t To Can

If all we know is all we know, that is all we will ever know…unless of course we open the possibilities to change. Imagine living in a small town thinking that this is the only way to live, only to visit or move to another city, experiencing a whole different world.

This happens not only in how we live, but in all aspects of life. With people born into a certain religious belief and theirs is the only way to live, gaining access to paradise. Truthfully there’s more than one way.

Is it the religion or the belief that gains access to paradise? This is to be determined by the self, not by any other person. We are told how to live, how to think and how to be, until one day we say ‘no more.’ It is on this day that we take life by the horns, living authentically as the self. No longer subscribing to this or that, but subscribing to ourselves…Living a Syncrosensational  Life.

It is at this moment in time our construct cracks open, open wide. Our boundaries expand and our perspectives change. From can’t to can, we begin to create a life we were meant to live. From can’t to can, is not easy. I say this because all pilgrims before me stand in their confines of previous beliefs, having all been afraid to take the first steps.

It is the first step that is the most frightening, but most liberating. We’ve been told that to think differently than what the 99% believes, is blasphemy. To think that we can create the life that we dream of, considered absurd by many. This I say to you … This is true and we can create a life of happiness!

Until we take that first step out of the ordinary…we shall never know extraordinary. Imagine it’s not really a religion, but the belief that gains access to paradise. Whether Christian, Muslim, or Jew we all come from the same tree of life. The time has come to unite as one. Not on a global sense, but on an individual level.

As we learn oneness on an individual basis, it stretches globally as one. There are no things impossible in this world. Going from first person singular, two third person singular… I becomes we. It is not the self that can do all things, but the self in all things that can do these things. It is the ‘I’ as in ‘we’ that we can do all things. We are a part of the collective whole, and we can create the life intended for us. Why not start now?

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.~Marcus Aurelius

There are many excuses that keep us from taking these first steps: “I don’t have time, I don’t know where to begin, I just can’t.” All of these are roadblocks of self-sabotage to the self. Make some time, know that you can…through taking the first step. It is that simple.

If it is time that you need, then ask a friend or a loved one to help. Take one day out of the week, have someone watch the kids and block some sacred ‘me’ time, allowing yourself to take that first step. Whether it’s time to think, time to act, or just time to be…whatever the case, it is necessary to take that ‘me’ time. Schedule some time during the week: maybe its 20 minutes a day; maybe it’s a one hour block during the week…whatever the case schedule some time now.

If the fact remains we are stuck not knowing where to go, then it is time to paint a new vision board per se. Whether it is writing it down or painting a new Canvas, the process of visually and concretely writing into stone, allow us to re-wire our thinking, changing our road-map to life. What is it that you want? What will make you happy? These are pilgrims questions as to what our lives need most to create happiness. Find the answers, write them down…and soon you shall join other warriors Stepping assertively into the Canvas.

If the belief that one ‘cannot do it,’ then it is time to take a leap of faith. Without faith, we may never find hope. Without hope, we may never find our bliss. I once read a book on management skills and it said, “fake it until you make it.” It does not suggest that we live a false life, but encourages us to find what we want and begin the motions of living the process until it becomes a daily, unconscious, thought. Call on friends, call on source…if you are stuck…call someone. We can do ‘all things’ through Him. Him is reference to God, Allah, Source, Universal Life Force or The Way…it just IS. With our willingness to take the first step, we take a leap of faith…traveling the Warrior’s Path.

When we focus on what we want in life, we are sure to receive it. Unfortunately for some, they still focus on what they least desire…the universe knows no difference. Where the attention goes, the energy flows. Remain focused on what you don’t want and the universe will give you more of what you do not want. Changing your thoughts to that of what you do want, the universe delivers every time.

Stepping into the Canvas as a New Day. Whatever the past have painted or whatever the future may hold, make today the best day ever. On this day…may your thoughts be on that which you most desire. Remaining focused on your dreams, the universe conspires in your favor, re-aligning the collective whole so that it may be so. With intent setting your course, aligning with a universal life force…making it so…taking us from Can’t to Can.