A Thousand Faces

Sorting through a thousand faces that I see;

Not sure whether it is you or me.

Behind the masks and disguise;

Hidden from thine truth recognized.

Deep within the mirror, deep within the soul;

Diving further into a greater whole.

Into the darkness or into the light;

Makes no difference no longer fright.

No matter the places that we go, where we may look;

Remains the same, perception of this book.

Like an open cover, reading the contents set forth;

Turning pages of life with directions to the north.

Our thoughts may trip us, block us, keep us in fear;

Soon to find ourselves from nowhere to now here.

I lend a hand to another, the hand reaches back for mine;

What is done to another is done on time.

Letting go of my own;

Accepting a higher perspective.

No longer afraid;

No longer objective.

It just is;

It is so.

Stepping into the Canvas with a bit of rhythm in our step. No matter the pace, no matter the direction…we are free to roam where our hearts take us so. Just for today step out of a comfort zone, step out into the unknown…be fearless, be inspired…to go where you have never before…Ani Po

rhythm in our step