One with You

I am one with you,

you are one with me.

I smile and you smile back.

I grimace and you grimace back.

I look to the heavens,

and they shine down on me.

I look to God above,

and She looks upon me.


Eyes shut,  I see no longer;

a new world begins.

I hear voices all around me,

mostly self thoughts.

Why have I not seen so clearly before?


I failed to see the darkness…



Brother Be

Across the ocean;
My Brother Be.
Have not met;
But glory be.

Stranger to Brother;
Brother to me.
Sister to many;
Many to we.

Through Love,
We are united.
In light,
We see truth.
In life,
The same journey.

Across the sea;
My Brother Be.
Have not met;
Glory be.