Element of Harmony

The element of harmony is super important.~Pharrell Williams

The key to a peaceful and harmonious life, is being peaceful and harmonious when possible. As the varying moments of the day, difficult encounters bring us angst or fear, we are to remain calm and in our happy place.

Element of Harmony


Reality is Born

Becoming ones own thoughts, reality is born.~Ani Po

Self-actualized do not follow the rest of the crowd, but lead them into a new reality. Dare to do something different, boldly go where nobody is willing to go and Life will never be the same. Our reality is not confined to the daily routines, but to the imagination. Do you have a dream? Do you see a different reality? Then what holds you back…

Reality is Born


Painting a Feeling in the Air

So when I’m playing, I’m sort of painting a feeling in the air.~Pharrell Williams

If the air is our Canvas and our thoughts are the paint, then that which we think shall be the colors of choice. Chose wisely, for the Canvas of life is meant to be enjoyed…choose without intent and it shall be tainted by thoughts of the greater whole. Dig deep…what Colors will you choose…

painting in the air

Thoughts that Come From Your Soul

The air is your Canvas and the paints are thoughts that come from your soul.~Ani Po

Each new day is an opportunity to spread across the Canvas of life, each new day is an opportunity to paint it as we see fit. If someone else splatter contrasting colors upon the Canvas, we simply wipe it clean…keeping our Own Canvas pure of any impurities…

thoughts that come from your soul