The Illusion of Self


There comes a time in everyone’s life, when a self-evaluation takes place. We recall our earlier years within the morning of our life, not necessarily accepting where we have traveled or what we have done. As we look back, we choose to move forward in a different direction. A direction that leads us to our purpose. What is that purpose? Only we have that answer.

The truth is we have lived our whole life on auto-pilot, never really paying attention to the details of life…only taking them for granted. It is time to reclaim our lives, it is time to make the change. Making the change, we see for the very first time.

Accepting Your Path

We all come to a point in our lives…a point of self-reflection…where we have gone and what we’ve contributed in life. It is the transition everyone must go through, taking us from the morning of our lives…to the afternoon of our lives. Carl Jung often referred to this as the shift into the afternoon of our lives. Those who transition find happiness and live happily ever after, but those who do not…go on miserably.

The mid-life crisis is labeled  for such an event.  A time when we must change the way we see things in life, letting go of our past experiences and what we have already learned. In letting go we lighten the load, as we embark on a new beginning of our lives. Again…those who make the shift, find happiness. Those who do not let go of the past will continue a “living death.” A living death is where we take up space, breathing in air, while slowly decaying away.

As long as we are green we are growing. Yellow, we are a dying fellow. Brown…we are down.

~Cal (at 5 years of age)

Shifting into the afternoon of our lives we instinctively look to fulfill a purpose, a purpose that many struggle to find. Sages, gurus, yogis and other enlightened beings often say we must “go within” to find our purpose. The formula for finding our purpose is so simple that many will shun the idea. Is there a yearning to do something wonderful within this lifetime? Is there an idea to explore since childhood? Chances are this is the answer we are looking for.

The dilemma comes with societal conditioning. We have been conditioned to think we need to make more money, needing to have a “real job,” or have a respected place in society. We can do this, running the risk of sacrificing our happiness or we can focus our intent on our happiness, running the risk of sacrificing our monetary returns. Chances are that the latter will not occur, for when we are driven by our passion of what we love to do…money will become natural. Do we focus on the money or the happiness? It is possible to have both, but remain focused on the happiness or quality of life.  Chances are…if you love what you do, you will profit by your success.

If, while making the shift, happiness is not present, then it is time for a change. Change towards happiness is always a good idea…make it now. Making the leap from the inactive side of infinity to the active side of infinity, our world becomes clearer, easier, and blissful. Synchronicity becomes more prevalent in our daily activities and ‘aha’ moments the same. Taking this leap may require a bit of labor and maybe even a bit of faith. Do you know of someone who has made a significant change in life, while going against the grain to what everyone else suggested they do? These are the Warriors who decide once and for all, it is time to be happy. Everything on the line, they take the leap.

Once a man has made a commitment to a way of life, he puts the greatest strength in the world behind him. It’s something we call Heart power. Once a man has made the commitment, nothing will stop him short of success. ~Vince Lombardi

We return now to a lesson from Ani Po…

Pondering the thought of standing firmly in Her beliefs, Ani Po reflects on the changes that she has made in Her life. From pilgrim to Warrior, with a single thought…Her life changes for ever. Realizing that She has stepped onto the path of Warrior, She knows She can never go back to the way it was.

With further reflection, She recalls a friend who is currently transitioning to the afterlife.

Now in hospice care the family says, ”He has suddenly become ill.” Ani Po knows differently and has known that he has been dying for some time. While we are all dying, this gentleman gave up on living about ten years ago and followed a path of darkness. Ani Po, for years, tried to get him to see Light but no success.

Ani Po: ”Why are you always so negative? Can’t you find positive in any given situation?”

Friend: ”No. I see things as they are and it isn’t always pretty.”

Ani Po: ”If you cannot find good in any given situation, then you are already dead.  Sadly, we think that things are horrible and that is the only reality we’ve ever known. Have you ever read The Death of Ivan Illych?”

”No Ani Po.”

”I would highly recommend it.”

What if my whole life was wrong? ~Ivan Illych

While Ani Po is saddened by Her friends health options, She respects Her friends decision to die, knowing that maybe this is how her friend chose to live his life…alone till the bitter end. The truth is that our world is a mirror image of how we see ourselves. If we are inspired and feel alive, then we go on living as such. If we feel the world has fallen around us, then we slowly decay until we reach death. We all have a choice to believe in negativity or positivity. One promises growth, the other death. While death is eminent, we do not have to leave this place in misery.

Stepping into the Canvas with indomitable spirit.  The only person who can conquer you is yourself. When someone brings negativity towards you, turn up the positivity. Step with confidence today knowing that your afternoon has arrived and it is about to get a lot Brighter. You are a Warrior and you are no longer afraid…

Finding Light Within The Darkness

We cannot understand up without defining down; right and left; in and out. Similarly it is the Darkness that often shows us the Light. Within our own Darkness Shines a Light of Hope. This is not duality but a whole…as one cannot exist without the other. Stepping into the Canvas, there is always potential for Light within the Darkness…

Whatever ones given situation presents, a possibility to see only the lighter side of things is at hand.  Even death, as saddening as it may be, there is always good to be found whilst not always easy to find. See the silver-lining in every cloud and paradise shall be yours. Caution: people will also accuse you of being crazy or even delusional. Simply ask them how their life is…and then ask them how that is going. It is time to try something new.

The majority of people live under one giant bell-curve, following the rest of the people while spinning their wheels on how to get out of the bell-curve. The goods news…we are not in this curve…we are on the outskirts of this bell-curve and possibly even shifting the curve! Dare to shift the bell-curve towards the Lighter Side of Infinity…allowing others to get just one more glimpse of Hope for all Humanity…leaving victim mentality behind forever.

There is a scientific study which proves the victim mentality. If we fill a bucket full of crabs, they will settle to the bottom. Once they are trapped within their confines of the bucket, one crab will attempt to get out. The saddening effect is when the other crabs are in acceptance of their misery and pull the crab, who attempts to escape, back into the bucket of misery. Similarly as humans, there are those who think differently and attempt to get out of the bucket of misery…only to be pulled back in. Stay strong…for they no longer have a grip on our actions.

Stepping into the Canvas in Darkness. Allow yourself to travel in darkness, closing your eyes to that around you. Entering the sacred space within, we see a flickering Light waiting to shine. This is the Light of Hope that will Light the way in darkened times. Be still, embrace the darkness only for moment…Now grasp the Light, allowing it to brighten the days ahead…Love, Light and Life.

This Is The Day Your Life Will Surely Change

Ever wonder what your purpose is? Ever wonder what You are supposed to do with your life? Have you taken the time to pamper yourself? Have your taken the time to just be still? All of these questions shall be answered…if only we took time to be present. Being present, sight becomes clearer. Being present, speech becomes softer. Being present, lends an attentive ear…

Stepping into the Canvas the wind called my name…“Ani Po”

wind calls my name

This is the day

Your life will surely change.

What you do with every breath, Every step,

Will determine tomorrow. It may not come,

But continue forward.

Your hands are His.

Your feet walk as His.

Your mind shall think like His.

Your Heart transplanted with His. With eyes of hope,

Thoughts in faith.

Your steps shall be with grace; Actions will be of peace.

Yesterday has passed

Leading to today.

Give thanks for every moment before…And to come.

This is the day your life will surely change.

When we change our direction towards that of happiness and positivity, we begin to hear things that we never heard before…what is that noise? Those are birds. And, if we listen closely…we may even hear them call our names.

Stepping into the Canvas with an Attentive Ear, listening for the beauty to sing. When we take time to enjoy the Canvas, it returns the message…declaring…I AM Here. Be here, Be Now…listen to the Canvas speak your name. Be Here, Be Now…whisper a soft return…thank you…I Love you. In stillness we are calmed, in calmness we are freed.




In the ancient days, when the first quiver of speech came to my lips, I ascended the holy mountain and spoke unto God, saying, ‘Master, I am thy slave. Thy hidden will is my law and I shall obey thee for ever more.’

But God made no answer, and like a mighty tempest passed away.

And after a thousand years I ascended the holy mountain and again spoke unto God, saying, ‘Creator, I am thy creation. Out of clay hast thou fashioned me and to thee I owe mine all.’

And God made no answer, but like a thousand swift wings passed away.

And after a thousand years I climbed the holy mountain and spoke unto God again, saying, ‘Father, I am thy son. In pity and love thou hast given me birth, and through love and worship I shall inherit thy kingdom.’

And God made no answer, and like the mist that veils the distant hills he passed away.

And after a thousand years I climbed the sacred mountain and again spoke unto God, saying, ‘My God, my aim and my fulfilment; I am thy yesterday and thou art my tomorrow. I am thy root in the earth and thou art my flower in the sky, and together we grow before the face of the sun.’

Then God leaned over me, and in my ears whispered words of sweetness, and even as the sea that enfoldeth a brook that runneth down to her, he enfolded me.

And when I descended to the valleys and the plains, God was there also.

Out Of The Darkened Night

Out of the darkened night;

Spirit calls me into the Light.

Deep within the Words;

I begin to flow.


Within the lessons dare I go?

They present themselves only to me.

Choose to;

Or choose not.


Allowing myself the past;


Future…and what is to come.


Trusting, believing;

It is so.

Stepping, knowing;

Reality is true.


My darkened past…released.

My future…revealed.

Still only remaining…the Now.


Do what with needs to be;

With my day.

Go where the call takes me;

Still a mystery.


Wherever this may be;

Or whatever I am to do.

Know this…my Heart leads the way.


Stepping into the Canvas with your Heart as your guide. Whatever the darkened past or lessons of life, we all have access to a powerful source of Light and is housed within. Follow this light and you will not be led astray…


Some Of Our Darkest Hours Bring Brightest Days


In our darkest moments, we find our brightest Days…

Hawk guiding;

Spirit at her side.

To right death;

The Left New Life.

Crossing a bridge;

Into life eternal.

To the left sits new life;

The right symbolic of death.


Crossing the bridge,

Upon her arrival…spirit calls…right on time!

Sitting, pondering once again;

Johnny Cash I walk the line.

Bridging the gap between both worlds;

One foot in each reality.

Left foot Spirit, right foot physicality.

It is wide open here,

It is a thin line.

Stepping into the Canvas walking a thin line. In a world of sadness, we find gladness. It is possible to be in this world but not of it, similarly in that world but not of it. Detachment from all there is, we open ourselves to true potentiality of what could be. Being present in all there is, we find ourselves a part of the greater whole. Be in this world, but in the next…enjoy the physical and the non-physical. Wishing you a day filled with Love…Ani Po

Happy Mother’s Day

This is a day of worldly gratitude. Gratitude for mother’s of all walks of life. Without them, we would not be here. They give selflessly day in and day out, often forgetting to pamper themselves. This is your day to take a break, a break from all that you do. Take a day to recharge…for we know not what tomorrow brings.

Happy Mother’s day

Mommy…thank you for all that you do.

You pick me up when I cry out;

‘Kiss it’ to make it better;

Wipe me when I cannot;

Give of your sleeve for me to wipe my nose;

Answer to the bell that I ring;

And for secretly making Daddy smile when you have nothing left to give.


You are an amazing mommy;

Wish I knew where you kept your cape.

I saw a cartoon of this;

So I know it to be true.

You are a super hero;

And I call you my own.


Thank you mommy for all you do;

Thank you mommy’s around the world.

Today I am the luckiest boy in the world;

Would not be here if not for you.


Stepping into the Canvas with gratitude in our hearts. Gratitude for all the mommy’s of this world and Mother Earth, whom gave birth to us all. If not for the selfless daily acts of mommy’s, the world would stop spinning and there would be no Canvas to frolic in. Thank you for all you do, thank you for completing our day…Happy Mother’s Day!


To Make Or Break A Person’s Day

We have the ability to change the outcome of one’s day with just a simple gesture or word. Have you ever witnessed this? Have you ever had someone come up to you and say thank you for what you did, since then my life has been so different?! While many are looking for some great purpose, there are those who do so little, but have such impact on their community.

All it takes is a word or a hand in friendship to change a person’s day. This change could be for the better or the worse depending on the gesture. Why not make it a kind one? Would you mind if someone did you a kind favor or offered a kind gesture? Absolutely not!

Give it a try today…in fact…I dare you to do at least one good deed! Attempt a daily mitzvah and see how you feel afterwards…chances are you will feel great. When we are giving we simultaneously will receive. In giving we are receiving.

Just One Word

Just one uncaring word can spark a fight.

Just one cruel word can shatter a life.

Just one harsh word can sow misunderstanding.

Just one disrespectful word can douse the fervor of love.

Just one kind word can smooth a rocky path.

Just one joyful word can cheer a gloomy day.

Just the right word can lighten an uneasy heart.

Just one affectionate word can show the beauty of the world.

(a centuries old Korean poem, author unknown)

Whilst the importance is there to give freely of our time and energy, it is equally important to pay attention to the returns. It is not selfish to want to feel good by doing a good deed. It is selfish when you expect something in return. Give freely and receive abundantly! When applying this knowledge to our days, we are not only giving a gift to the other person, but we are giving to ourselves through the catalyst of another. Just the same as we give freely to another, we must also give freely to ourselves.

Take a moment today to admire the divine craftsmanship that the divine has created through you. Extend a compliment or a kind gesture to yourself: a massage, a special dinner, new outfit. Whatever it is do something nice for yourself.

Stepping into the Canvas with a helping hand. When extended it can be used to harm someone or embrace another. Why not lend a hand today…see how many you can do. The more we extend a hand to another, the more peace shall extend into the world. The more peace extended into the world, the more bliss shall be felt. Have a glorious day…and enjoy every opportunity for extending a hand!

In Silence We Hear A Mighty Roar

This past weekend, taking necessary “me time,” I am reminded of the stillness in silence and willingness to soar. After much quiet time and observing turkeys, I witness an eagle overhead, reminding me of…

One cannot soar with the Eagles,

if they are hanging with a bunch of turkeys.

~Duane Kinnart

Sitting quietly,


Stepping, reaching,


The mighty Spirit,

Flies overhead.

Following, embracing,


Shedding flesh,

Spirit soars.

Out of darkness,


Stepping into the Canvas going with the flow. It is through darkness we find light, adversities…blessings, sadness…Bliss. Be patient when things bring us down, for everything passes..while often presenting a favorable outcome. Often times, in the face of despair we shine brighter than ever-before.