A Taste for Positivity

Every living thing has a beginning and an end….some longer than others. We all follow a cycle that inevitably ends…for ourselves and those around us. Instead of living as today was the last, doing what we always dreamed of, we subscribe to a false belief that  invariably cripples our true essence of being. For the mere fact we attach to everything: material things, people, relationships.

Although we come into this world with nothing and leave with nothing, we horde everything and accumulate as much monetary value in our lives. Told to work our fingers to the bone and live the lives we dream of, falsely, we think it is with more stuff. While not our fault we still have an opportunity to change.

While attaching to things in fear of losing them, this belief extends out toward family members and relationships. Afraid of losing them we are crippled, once again, remaining in fear. We instinctively gather, hoarding as much as we can. With the false sense of being at the top of a food chain, we think we are responsible for governing the world, collecting everything we can as if there was no tomorrow. No guarantees for a tomorrow, we are too busy gathering ‘stuff!’ If we are too busy gathering, then how will we enjoy the things or company we have now?

So are we at the top of the food chain? Do not believe in food chains. See all things as equals with their own distinct job to do. Whether homeless or working, a rat living in the sewer, or a little mushroom that grows from the decay of another living organism, we all have a purpose.With our own  purpose, we have an equal investment in this thing called life.

I want to know God’s thoughts. The rest are just details.

~Albert Einstein

Instead of seeing ourselves as superior to anyone or anything, we see our selves as divinely apart of the greater whole. Equality for all persons becomes a normalcy whilst sharing space in harmony, all the while co-creating a new reality with new thoughts of positivity.

With thoughts of equality and positivity, we change the world as we know it. Giving replaces taking, Love replaces hate, darkness becomes Light and we see ourselves as all things. “We think, therefore we are” elevates universally and we see ourselves as one.

Give thanks for today, for it may be the last. Give thanks for this beautiful day, the daily lessons, humility, and service to others. The service we offer may differ from person to person, but guaranteed it is all service. The food we eat, the words we speak, the ear we lend, it is all apart of the greater whole. Be mindful of the daily actions and consumption. What we consume, we become a part of.

Do we continue consuming negativity or would we rather chew on a nice piece of positivity. Personally, I think positivity tastes better but whatever your choice I hope it comes out ok.

Stepping into the Canvas with a taste for positivity. While positivity makes everything taste better, negativity still lingers. Take a bite of positivity…it may just change the way you see things and the world around you….

Positive Living

While it is true Positive cannot exist without negative, we do not have to remain in negative. Too often we fall victim to the trap of negativity around us and remain in self-pity. Suffering will always exist, but does not mean we have to dwell in negativity. It is as easy as changing our thoughts from negative to positive – similar to that of a light switch. Throw the switch now.

Too often We hear positive messages and immediately think, “yeah if you only knew my situation.” While it is true we do not know what another is experiencing, we can have compassion for them. At the same time they do not know what we are going through. A relative posted on Facebook, “If we threw all of our troubles into a pile and asked to pick a problem from the bucket we surely would pick our own, once viewing the others problems.”

Our perception dictates how we see the world around us. We can choose to see negativity or positivity that surrounds us daily. An example of this is our daily weather report. One network toots rain and gloom for the next few days, while the other boasts sunny and beautiful. Clearly it is one perception versus the other. I often will ask patients for the weather report, engaging in small talk, and depending on the network they watch or even their own perception of how the days will unfold will tell me how their perception of the day will be.

Further, their thoughts can influence my thoughts if I allow them too. If I choose to allow this, I too fall victim to negativity. Choose to listen only to the Positive weather report for that perception or reality we want to live. This is not living in a false belief system, for either way we look at things is correct….I merely choose positive side of things or as Carlos Castaneda discusses “The Active Side of Infinity.”

Where do you want to align?