Reflections of a Pilgrim

Looking back on the way it once was, the Warrior wonders how long he had been asleep. The only reality he knew was wandering aimlessly through the wilderness with no direction in sight. Stepping without knowing where his feet were, hurting those around him and taking whatever he can get without hesitation. Recalling how he thought he was ‘on fire’ and at the top of his game, the warrior recalls all of the psychosomatic pain responses created by his false life. His life, in many terms was normal. According to 99% of the population he was truly normal. What is normal? Normal is whatever reality an individual lives. While one person may live recluse and another more extroverted, they only know what their reality says they know.

Once accepting his path of Warrior, the false self-made reality began disappearing. The pain caused by mental responses to never having enough, holding on to the past and creating even more physical pain manifested via psychosomatic response, gradually would fall off-course. Whence accepting the path of Warrior, all pain was removed and the eternal strength began to take form. His mighty sword called upon less and offerings of his hand became norm.  His peaceful ‘True-Nature’ began to shine, allowing Love and kindness to prevail over all things. His regrets fell to the wayside, trespassers – forgiven, his shortcomings – his greatest ally!

Seeing clearer than ever before, the Warrior wonders what he might do next. Witnessing his gifts before him, he manifests instantaneously with a mere thought of what is to come. As Abraham learned, “As a man thinketh, so is he,” so to the Warrior learned first hand. His thoughts became things with a mere blink of an eye. With this knowledge he might easily take over the world, but instead he chooses to return it back to harmony…

Stepping into the Canvas the Warrior accepts the steps behind and forth; forgives those whom he hurt and whom have hurt him; gives thanks for the many lessons before and after this day of awakening.