The Master Within

Told how to think,

How to live.

Who to speak to,

Where to go.

We have forgotten how to be,

Ignoring the voice within.

It speaks, we ignore.

It shoves, we resist.

It provides, we take for granted.

Until one day, no longer ignoring the fire burning within.

A fire so hot…it sets worlds on fire.

A fire from within,

Setting life on ablaze.

We no longer ask what if,

But know with full certainty.

We no longer seek,

But accept that which is laid before us.

Trusting nobody, no thing…

Not even self.

The Master Within…Master of the Universe…Ani Po



Alternative News

This is a concept I do not understand, but apparently there is an abundance of alternate news happening in the world. What is alternative news? Alternate news is anything but the real news? What is real?

Apparently real news is required to having a major network such as CNN or Fox, while alternative news is anything other…such as Facebook, Twitter or Huffington post.

What if they are all alternative? What if all news coverage is altered? Just because something happens to one, does it mean it is truth to another? If I do not receive the news, am I living a fairy-tale or in fantasy-land? I do not know the answers to these questions, but can tell our realities may be different while remaining the same.

How can they be different or the same? Though we live in alternative realities, we remain on course for similar outcomes. The inevitable shall claim everyone of us, but we remain in turmoil as to how we are going to get there. No matter our paths, our paths are shared with those around us and so on…and so on…and so on. We are all having different experiences. But why do we see things so differently?

We see things differently because of fear of trying something new, thinking outside the box, believing in something other than what we were taught. The Universe laughs with me, as we enjoy varying beliefs which causes more suffering.

Life is too short to take so serious. Laugh more and lighten up…for goodness sakes! Someone has a different viewpoint? What do we do now? We are left with a choice once again.

Stepping into the Canvas creating my own reality, creating my own news. The world does not exist outside my periphery and the world continues to grow within these walls of my reality. My reality, my news…I am the editor and chief, re-writing my own…one step at a time…Ani Po


The Road To Self-Mastery

The road to self-mastery can be short or long depending on the psyche of the individual. In the Christian tradition it says we need only have Christ in our hearts to find everlasting life. Translating this…if we think it, know it, believe it to be true…Anything is possible. Whether Christ is the person or Christ is the level of consciousness, one has the ability to adopt Christ-consciousness.

Elevating our consciousness, the journey of life becomes free-flowing and effortless. As we paint the Canvas of Life to our liking, more opportunities of abundance emerge. It is at this level we find self-Love and self-gratitude, projecting into worldly Love and Worldly gratitude. It is through our self-love we become in Love with all Peoples. Similarly, through self-gratitude, we find gratitude for the greater whole. Through our willingness and experiences, we gain knowledge of truths…failure to openness with minimal experiences, we are left in uncertainty.

The longer journey…is uncertainty. When we doubt ourselves, or build walls of self sabotage, our journey to self-mastery becomes greater. Whether you master the piano, sports, or whatever, it is through these facets we find self-mastery.
It is not necessarily the games we play, food we cook, friends we have, it is merely self-realization. When we come to a realization we are all of the above…boundaries  dissolve.

Years ago, I was invited to join a masters program at a local martial arts studio. Politely I declined. As I have come to a place of knowing my arts not through the papers or certifications but my actions throughout my day. My training is no longer with physical brawn but with brains and spirit. Through my actions I can either raise someone up or kick them to the curb. Today I choose…to no longer push another down.

No matter what they throw at me, I declare peace. No matter what they offer me, I accept only Love in return. ~Ani Po

So where does one begin? Where does one find this road to self-mastery? This is the easy part…with a single step. With every step forward may it be in awareness of where we have traveled, where we are going and most importantly where we are at this given moment. It is through our past and our hopes for the future, we find ourselves caught in the moment. Caught in a moment of time, creating a life made only for the self. This is our time to shine…time to make that first step…

Stepping into the Canvas towards Self-mastery. With every step, we are freed. Free from the past and free to step in the direction of our most desired. It is our Canvas and we are responsible for filling it…why not paint the masterpiece you have always dreamed of?

Mushin No Shin: The Art Of Letting Go

Stepping into the Canvas with Mushin. Mushin is a Japanese term for without mind. Meaning that an individual’s practice of self-mastery allowed them to enter a state of no thought and no emotions. They merely allow the flow of life to guide them through their daily events or specific tasks, seeming effortlessly accomplishing their tasks. To reach a place of no mind, we must first let go of any pent-up emotions…letting go of any self-defeating thoughts. As we step out today, try to focus on letting go of what we think things should be and replace it with an attitude of awe. With no mind, we accept the day as a new beginning…everyday. Doing so…we enjoy the Canvas and all its beauty!

Step of the Day

Stepping into the Canvas reflecting on years past and years to come, while not dwelling. To truly live is to revel in the details of life, not dwell in them. In our own reflections we find our own path, leading us to happiness. Stay the course and this may be the best year yet!

Step of the Day

Stepping into the Canvas reconnecting with Source energy. With every step of the way, we have the potential of reconnecting every step to that of Source. Connected we arrive on time, allowing change with every new step. Letting go of the step behind us, we propel forward with each new step.

The Warrior and the Chopsticks

Often times we have varying ideas of reality. With differences in religious beliefs, political views, and plain day-to-day events, we all have different realities. Within this lifetime we have som any varying views, who’s to say it stops at the end of this world. Here is a story and reflection of  Warrior who witnesses first hand that our varying perceptions do not stop at death’s door.

There is a legend about a warrior in the East who died and went to heaven. “Before I enter,” he said to the gatekeeper, “I would like you to take me on a tour of hell.”

The gatekeeper found a guide to take the warrior to hell. When they got there, the warrior was astonished to see a great table piled high with every tasty food he could imagine – anything one could possibly want to eat or drink. The warrior then looked at the people. They were all starving.

“How could this be?” he asked the guide. “Are they not allowed to eat?”

“Oh yes, they can eat,” said the guide “but they must use the chopsticks they are given. They are five feet long and they must hold them at the end. Just look at them. They miss their mouths every time!”

“Enough,” said the warrior, “This is hell, indeed! Please take me back to heaven.” In heaven, to his surprise, he saw a similar room, with a similar table loaded with all the same food. But, the people were in radiant health, happy and well-nourished. The warrior turned to the guide and said, “I see – no chopsticks here.”

The guide replied that yes, the people were still issued chopsticks and yes, they were still five feet long and that they still must be held at the end – but, the difference was that in heaven the people learned to feed each other.

Just as the Warrior found in the afterlife, we are witnesses too. Often we see the negative side of thins when there is always a silver-lining to every darkened cloud. We can choose to see ourselves as helpless or we can choose to be self-sufficient, allowing a higher source to work within our lives.

Stepping into the Canvas with the view of a Warrior. Instead of seeming helpless and not being able to eat, we work collaboratively as one…never going hungry again. Lending a hand to another, I invariably help myself to eat.