A Taste for Positivity

Every living thing has a beginning and an end….some longer than others. We all follow a cycle that inevitably ends…for ourselves and those around us. Instead of living as today was the last, doing what we always dreamed of, we subscribe to a false belief that  invariably cripples our true essence of being. For the mere fact we attach to everything: material things, people, relationships.

Although we come into this world with nothing and leave with nothing, we horde everything and accumulate as much monetary value in our lives. Told to work our fingers to the bone and live the lives we dream of, falsely, we think it is with more stuff. While not our fault we still have an opportunity to change.

While attaching to things in fear of losing them, this belief extends out toward family members and relationships. Afraid of losing them we are crippled, once again, remaining in fear. We instinctively gather, hoarding as much as we can. With the false sense of being at the top of a food chain, we think we are responsible for governing the world, collecting everything we can as if there was no tomorrow. No guarantees for a tomorrow, we are too busy gathering ‘stuff!’ If we are too busy gathering, then how will we enjoy the things or company we have now?

So are we at the top of the food chain? Do not believe in food chains. See all things as equals with their own distinct job to do. Whether homeless or working, a rat living in the sewer, or a little mushroom that grows from the decay of another living organism, we all have a purpose.With our own  purpose, we have an equal investment in this thing called life.

I want to know God’s thoughts. The rest are just details.

~Albert Einstein

Instead of seeing ourselves as superior to anyone or anything, we see our selves as divinely apart of the greater whole. Equality for all persons becomes a normalcy whilst sharing space in harmony, all the while co-creating a new reality with new thoughts of positivity.

With thoughts of equality and positivity, we change the world as we know it. Giving replaces taking, Love replaces hate, darkness becomes Light and we see ourselves as all things. “We think, therefore we are” elevates universally and we see ourselves as one.

Give thanks for today, for it may be the last. Give thanks for this beautiful day, the daily lessons, humility, and service to others. The service we offer may differ from person to person, but guaranteed it is all service. The food we eat, the words we speak, the ear we lend, it is all apart of the greater whole. Be mindful of the daily actions and consumption. What we consume, we become a part of.

Do we continue consuming negativity or would we rather chew on a nice piece of positivity. Personally, I think positivity tastes better but whatever your choice I hope it comes out ok.

Stepping into the Canvas with a taste for positivity. While positivity makes everything taste better, negativity still lingers. Take a bite of positivity…it may just change the way you see things and the world around you….

Beyond the Mirror

If I am you and you are me…
Then why do I feel the need to change you?
If your thoughts are my thoughts and my thoughts are your thoughts…
Then why do I try to persuade you?

Is it because I gaze upon the mirror
Disturbed and in disgust?
Seeing my own faults,
Projecting them unto you?
My own negativity
Disgusted only by yours?

Look past the mirror…
Beneath the surface.
Look past the negativity…
Only beauty remains.
Seen within you,
It shall be seen within me.

If my thoughts are your thoughts
And your thoughts are my thoughts…
Once I see past the flesh,
You will too.
Seeing the divine being
That I am,
I now see you as the same.
If I am you and you are me,
Then we are one in the same.


Come in Tokyo

When I was a teen, a close friend and I would isolate ourselves on the playground and “tune in.” We could be heard making radio sounds and yelling “Come in Tokyo.” Not knowing what we were doing and thinking we were strange, the other kids left us alone. We were both a couple of kids going through our first set of life changes, with deepened voice and hairy armpits around the corner.

Still in our innocence, we pretended to tune into a higher plane of consciousness. Having no idea what this meant we would soon lose our innocence and our means of connecting with our higher selves. The next twenty years would prove up and down…until one day…a voice would speak. This voice spoke with much authority and I trembled at His tone. The voice told me to “Sell my cleverness and Purchase bewilderment (Rumi).” Suddenly a light went on as If I were in darkness for the past thirty-five years. This voice spoke once more…”You can choose to be happy or you can choose to remain in sadness. The choice is yours and yours alone. Whichever you choose, that is where you will remain.”

I surely do not want stay in darkness and no longer enjoy the up and down swing of this ride…yes…I choose Happy. How do I get there?

“Just choose happy: Be happy, surround yourself with happy people, do whatever makes you happy, and for goodness sakes let go of those self-defeating thoughts!”

How do I get rid of the negative thoughts?

“Simply replace them with positive thoughts. It really isn’t that difficult. Whatever you are thinking, ask yourself does this make me feel good? If not, then find a replacement thought that does.”

This sounds to easy.

“It is! It is that easy. Remember that book you read about Management Today? It mentioned it to you, but you missed the message…If you can’t make it…fake it until you can make it. All those self-help people talking about positive affirmations…why do you think they do it? They are retraining their brain to Make It!”

So, you are saying I will be retraining my brain? How will I do that?

“As you rewire thinking with positive thoughts, neurofibers make new connections emitting more positive thoughts. The neuroplasticity of your brain allows remapping to commence.”

So what do I do? Do I ignore this voice? No way. In the past, anytime I ignored this voice, pain was sure to follow. According to this voice it was my psycho-somatic response, to my self-defeating beliefs, which caused me pain. I choose Happiness…and I will fake it until I make it!

That was several years ago and can truthfully say that I have made it. Where am I? I am here…and the journey has just begun.

Are you stuck in between thoughts? Do you have a desire to make changes in your life? Then I double-dog dare you to make the change! Fake it until you make if need be, but take that first step towards happiness. IT ALL BEGINS WITH A SINGLE THOUGHT.

Knowing what I know, I invite you to tune into this frequency. This frequency will give you everything that you desire and will turn the simplest of music into a full orchestrated symphony. Tune in, listen to that voice and trust that all will be good…It will never let you down!

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project,

all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations,

your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great,

and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive,

and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far that you ever dreamed yourself to be.”


Stepping into the Canvas letting go of the extra baggage that has weighed me down. Lighter and more vibrant, able to run freely shouting at the highest of mountains…I Am Free and I am Here! Today is my day! Say this with me and repeat this as necessary as often…”This is the day, the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad (Psalm 118:24)!”

A Tale of Two Men

This is a short story about two men with varying viewpoints on life. While neither is wrong, only one of them finds happiness…


One day a man decided it was time to venture out into the world and see what else the universe had to offer. Not feeling content with his current residency, he hoped to find better accommodations.

Approaching a nearby village, he meets an elder of the village.

“Excuse me sir!”

“Yes.” The elder replies.

“My name is Julio and interested in potentially relocating to your town. Can you tell me a bit about your town?”

The elder asks,”what are you looking for?”

The man replies, “well, I am looking for a place that will bring me happiness and gives me a sense of purpose.”

Elder replies, “why don’t you tell me a bit about where you are from.”

Interrupting the elder, “what kind of people live here. I mean, are they happy?”

Elder replies, “what kind of people live in your village?”

“oh, they are the meanest, nastiest people who I have known and that is why I am looking to move somewhere more pleasant.”

The elder sadly, “I am sorry to report, but the people who live here sound just like wherever you came.”

To his dismay, the man left and never returned.


Oddly enough, another gentleman arrives at the village and greets the same elder.

“Good day to you sir.”

The elder replies, “It is a fine day in deed.”

“could you tell me what kind of people live in this town? I am considering relocating from my current place of residency.”

The elder smiles, as if it was very familiar in conversation, “why don’t you tell me about the people the live in your current village.”

“oh, well they are nicest people I have ever known. It will be sad to move, but I am looking for a change of scenery and looking to live somewhere similar to my home.”

The elder smiles brighter, “you are in luck, as it sounds like the same types of people we have here.”

The man wasted no time, packed up his things and moved to the nearby village.


While one man remained lost as a pilgrim, searching for something outside of his boundaries in hopes of finding happiness, the other was as sure as the Warrior…accepting happiness wherever he goes. One mans viewpoint was of misery, while the other found a silver-lining in every cloud. One man continues searching for peace and happiness, while the other merely chooses it.

Stepping into the Canvas with a new attitude…One of happiness, seeing all as good. Even in times of suffering it is possible to find good…we just have to look a little harder. Do you see people as irritating or judgmental? Or do you see them Friendly, caring human beings? Whichever you choose, it is merely reflecting the mirror you carry…


Original story told by Wayne Dyer, shortened for this blog.


Beyond The Canvas

You have made the first step into the canvas, taken the second, but left in wonder about what comes next. Stepping into the Canvas means taking an active participating role in our OWN lives, while  inspiring others along the way. Do we have to do anything? The truth is we need to do very little. Even in dissent, we indirectly take an active role In the Canvas of Life.

So if we need to do nothing, why do we struggle day-to-day trying to find our purpose? A conditioned response to think that we have to change the world and the only way to do so is through action. Action in the normal sense means to actively seek ways towards success. Myth: success is measured by how far we get in life and how much ‘stuff’ we accumulate. Truth:  success is not defined on how much stuff we accumulate, but how much acceptance to oneself and tolerance for those around us. The world is changing on a daily basis,  yet we remain stuck exactly where we were yesterday. How do we make the leap to changing how we see the rest of the world as it changes daily? With a mere thought…stop worrying about what happened yesterday and begin living for today.

If a man in the morning hear the right way, he may die in the evening without regret.  ~Confucius

To be active in the canvas means to seek purpose, but our only purpose is to live fully, and leaving the details to our painter. Nature is the canvas and we are apart of the Canvas. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While we have a hand in co-creating our own reality, our only goal is finding happiness. Happiness cannot be found on the outside, but within.

Once we submit to our inner calling, happiness is sure to follow. Once it is found, give it all away. It is not enough to just step into the canvas, but it is getting beyond the belief that we have to do anything in life other than just be happy. Getting beyond the Canvas is not worrying about the outcome, but enjoying all there is.

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.  ~Joseph Campbell

Life is too short…why would we spend it miserable, filled with judgmental thoughts, lacking acceptance and failing to hit the mark of happiness. The bulls-eye to happiness is at the center of our self. Being told to ‘do this’ or ‘do that,’ we still have the choice to do what we want. Is it monetary value that makes you tick, then go get it. Is it true love you seek, then find it. Whatever it is you are looking for, seek it out and make it true.

There are no extra pieces in the universe. 

Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill

and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle.~ Deepak Chopra

Step into the Canvas doing nothing but being authentic today. Worrying not the outcomes, worrying not about deadlines. Instead worrying about living to the fullest, leaving the details of life to the painter. We are the Canvas… meant to paint as we see fit. Why not paint a picture you could be proud of?

Just Be.~ Ben Merens

Taking the Next Steps


When we first identify necessity for change, the first step proves most difficult. Making the first step often with resistance. Resistance comes from not only outside influences, but mainly from the self. The self-sabotage is very common and it is imperative to stay focused on what it is we want. If we focus on what we don’t want, we attract more of what we don’t want.
Focusing on what we want, we attract more of what we are looking for. Mow what? Staying focused on what we want, an invisible force steps in to assist. The next steps are very crucial and requires a bit of effort.

“Just the mere observation by the scientist can change the whole outcome.”~Wayne Dyer

Tell nobody of your plan, as  interjection by another can alter the intended outcome. time to create a plan. It is a good idea to write out our goals and keep them nearby as to place them in our daily thought process. First or intentions, applied to paper and finally into our daily practice.
By writing down our goals and placing in plain sight, applying imagery, we apply an invisible technology used by many cultures before us. The Mayan and Egyptian societies introduced this to their people and has carried on through history.
Thoughts become actions, actions become things, things become our new reality. Staying on course with our intentions we instinctively change our daily patterns and continuously change our direction with occasional update to our vision board. The vision board holds our dreams in plain sight, allowing us to keep our course.
Stepping into the canvas with new direction, we instinctively change our course and collaborate with dormant forces supplied by not only self but universal forces. Take this opportunity to dream it, take this time to write it, take this time to align with what you most desire and be ready to let go of previous beliefs. This is your day…make your dreams come true….

On The Road

Stuck at a dead-end with nowhere to turn? Have no idea where you are going? Do any of us really no where we are going? Not really, but we think we are. We can choose to sit in misery or we can sit in contemplation, contemplating our next steps. While sitting quietly, allowing the answers to flow, something happens and you find yourself on the road once more.

It is in our quiet times we find the answers. During our quiet moments we find our thoughts pairing with source energy. Abraham Hicks speaks, “When we align ourselves with Source Energy, we cut all boundaries and apply our thoughts to action.”

“Watch you thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become your character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.~Frank Outlaw

Sometimes, when our thoughts seem to be absent, it is better to just hit the road and enjoy what life has to offer. Today I travel to Lambeau Field with my Father-In-Law. While I wish I could stay home to write, my gut says to go and have a good time…”forgive me for what I am about to do!” There will be a lot of drinking and other negativity around me, but I will stay at peace with myself and whom I have become. Not having to partake in the drinking, freedom is mine. Today I will merely see all there is…enjoying all the Canvas has to offer.

Stepping into the Canvas enjoying every aspect. While surrounded by lost pilgrims, the Warrior remains true to the cause. The world appears to fall to suffering, but the Warrior sees a different painting before him. With eyes of compassion,  aligned with his source…giving him eyes of truth.