Single Snowflake

Looking upward to gaze upon the varying peoples falling from the sky.

So unique, no two the same.

From a distance the similarities, closer disfiguring nuances of the next.

So unique, no two the same.

Catching on the tongue, eyelashes fluttering as they melt.

So unique, no two the same.

Seeking, looking deep within the heavens, finding no differences in the flakes.

Light and fluffy, heavy and wet…no two the same.

Regardless the conditions similarities remain, Looking deeper unique in their own.

Are they really unique or are they really the same?

Pending perceptual interpretation to attain answers to the question.

No different never the same.

See the beauty of individuality, See greater of the whole.

From a single view or a cluster of views,

Individual or greater whole.

We are whole and we are holy. So different…merely the same…Ani Po