Live For Today, Be In The Now

Stepping into the Canvas as a new day. Yesterday has gone and tomorrow may never come. Today is the day to begin living they way you dreamed of. Yesterday’s lessons are today’s gifts and today’s actions pave a new tomorrow. Live for today, be in the now…live today to the fullest! Have a magical day! Love…Ani Po

Now What?

The Warrior, elevating to a new level of consciousness arrives at a place of ‘Now What?” From the time he received the first call to this élite status of warrior he is learning the lesson, elevating to new levels and wondering what next. He adapts to his new surroundings and quickly accepts the next challenge.


When he first took the call, as in the story of Samuel, the Warrior began dumping excess baggage from the past allowing more freedom to emerge within the self. It is in our ability to let go of past beliefs, past experiences we allow true nature to emerge. It is in this true nature we all find our true identity. In the case of the Warrior, he did not understand who or what he was to become until he first accepted the new reality as ancient Warrior for Peace. Now standing for peace, he chooses only to engage when needed.


Even still, the Warrior learns the lessons arriving at the place of ‘now what?’ But the time spent within these lessons gets much shorter, for he learns quickly and moves on to the next. Being able to flow like the river and change with every turn carved into the land, we learn to adapt quicker and quicker with each new lesson. Many battles lay ahead for the Warrior but he accepts whatever comes his way.


Stepping into the Canvas we accept many lessons that lay before us. The Canvas displays new scenery every time we step up to it, but how we see it is up to us. See the beauty or see the despair, whichever way you see it shall be so. Be open to the new beginnings and further embrace the many… ‘Now What?’

The Call of Samuel

The Pilgrim goes to sleep pondering all he has learnt thus far. With the perceived ‘bad’ quickly turning into ‘good’ and the obvious miracles that have taken place up to this point, the Pilgrim still cannot grasp how he had slept for his entire life. He is awakening for the first time…

In the night he is awaken by his dreams. A dream that if he were to have a son his name would be Samuel. Already having two children and unable to naturally have more, it truly would be a miracle and agreeably fitting to call him Samuel. The pilgrim arises to the dawn of a new day with a renewed outlook on the days before him.

Reflecting on his dream the pilgrim charges through his day with much vigor, when part-way through the day his dream comes to halt…he is not to have a child. He hears a story of a boy named Samuel and how a voice in the wind called out to him. Samuel did not know who was calling him and went to his father to see if it was him. His father, after the third time Samuel came to him, told him to return to his room. “When the voice returns answer, yes father what is it that you want?” Samuel’s father knew that the voice was that of spirit and a calling into a brotherhood of ancient warriors.

The pilgrim, after hearing this story, knew that he was not having a child but instead it was he who was being called. The pilgrim wondered, at first, why me? Quickly shifting to, why not me?The pilgrim had just received the call to a Brotherhood of Ancient Warriors.

The emotions that came next were emotions pent up his entire life. During this emotional letting, he was greeted by a brother who was familiar to him, but not a hundred percent positive where.

The brother speaks, “hello Pilgrim, it has been a long time since we saw each other.” Who are you and why do I feel I know you? “We are both members of an elite brotherhood that has gone back centuries…we are peace keepers. The last time we met we fought many battles together.” What do you mean we fought many battles together? Am I  to fight again? I do not want to fight!”

The brother smiles, “I am pleased to hear you say that, for the battles we are to fight are not with Braun or strength, but with Faith, Hope and Love. We are called to restore balance within this place of despair.”

In this lifetime we are not here to fight with one another, but come together in peace and love. Further, we are to realize oneness and lay down are weapons. Putting down our weapons we detach from hate and fear, re-attaching to the only truth… Love.

Stepping into the Canvas accept all there is, receiving the gift you have been given. When called to action rise to the challenge, painting a new scenery wherever we walk. Spreading Love and Peace with a mighty sword of truth.

Self-Mastery of a Warrior

Continuing the reflections of our warrior, we arrive at the tipping point. After receiving a call from The Great Spirit, our pilgrim accepts the path laid before him. It is a path that, he will soon find, leads to that of a warrior.
Not knowing where it leads…he hopes to find what he most desires.  His false reality being all he knows, he will soon learn many paths to choose. With only one as The Way of truth, this path will be the only path leading to a brighter place of truth.
This path is wider then most but the entrance very narrow. A great warrior once declared, “narrow is the gate.” This gate is one of acceptance for all life forms. While many will see this as too broad of a way, the Warrior knows this is ‘The Way.’
On this path our pilgrim slowly begins molting, shedding flesh which has attached  to worldly beliefs, until all that remains is Spirit…the Spirit of a Warrior. Arriving in the Spirit of Warrior he only goes where needed, speaks when necessary, eats only which serves him well and releases attachment to object referral. Object referral meaning attachment to what others believe to be true. The Warrior comes to a place of self referral and only believes in what has been given to him by Spirit. As a great Warrior also declared, “be in this world but not of this world.”
Never forgetting where he started, the Warrior extends a welcome to all pilgrims whom seek the final truth…”We Are One.”
Stepping into the canvas he embraces the Pilgrim within and equally the Warrior that existed all the while. In every one of us lay a pilgrim whom aimlessly wanders in search of truth; and a Warrior who is waiting to command what we seek…that which is peace. Embracing both the Pilgrim and Warrior within we master the wholeness of our being , allowing co-creator to emerge while showing other Pilgrims The Way.

Step into the Canvas…reclaim what is already yours.

Taking the First Steps

The Warrior living in a new reality, was not always in the extraordinary. He once lived the ordinary and called Pilgrim. His life was as everyone else and he ate what everyone told him to eat. His church was a product of what everybody believed to be the ‘one true’ church and his government was the natural enemy. As a Pilgrim he essentially lived in a sorrow filled reality, believing in what everyone around him instructed. This was unsettling to him and he needed to find a new reality.

Where does the Pilgrim turn to, when the mainstream tells you how to live, who to associate with and what words to speak.? How does the Pilgrim cut the strings to his reality as a marionette? It is with the first step which proves to be the most difficult. An old Chinese proverb states:

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Knowing this, the Pilgrim must take a chance on what is burning within. There is a natural burning of desire within each and every one of us, but we fail to embrace our highest desires of being free to do what we want and live the life that we were meant. Without that first step, the Pilgrim would have remained in the Reality of a Pilgrim and never come to know that reality of a Warrior. It is time to take that first step…

…Step Into the Canvas.

The Crow

Last night a messenger approached the Warrior, asking him to put down his sword. This messenger, while in the shape of a crow, whispered into his ear, “You will have to go into the darkness once more. For ye have not yet seen the Light.” Whilst darkness has plagued him of past, forgiveness has grown. The scars worn as marks of his enemies have all but one healed. This scar travels deep, deeper than any other. This scar travels deep within the soul. Whilst his tongue muted by the sword of another, he prepares to speak for the first time.

Afraid of the words that might come out, he looks within to find proper words. The pain burns from his head down his limbs, causing numbness and weakness. With a magic word the pain releases its spell, allowing him to step into the realm of co-creator. The simple words that are most difficult for many, he speaks…”I forgive you.” With the release of his pain through the mighty breath of the winds, his strength returns to whole once more.

While this battle is far from over, he is able to move further down the journey of life whilst Stepping into the Canvas as not just the Pilgrim, the Warrior, but now the Co-creator, he learns from this lesson that the truth while painful, will always set us free…


From Pilgrim to Warrior

In every human there are two sides. The Native Americans refer to this as two wolves. Once a little boy approached an elder  and asked about the two wolves. The elder explained, “inside everyone of us there are two wolves. One White and one black.” The little boy asks, “Which one wins?” The elder, “which ever one you feed.” Many consider the black and white wolf good versus evil, but in reality there is no good and there is no evil. Our reality is dictated by our own thoughts which have either learned, or engrained into our DNA. Often writing in duality, I do not necessarily believe in duality. In each and everyone of us there are two sides: The Pilgrim, which resembles the EGO; the Warrior resembling Spirit.Which ever path chosen, there’s…consequences…

The dictionary defines Pilgrim as the wanderer and seeker, while the Warrior is defined as one who educated in warfare. I like to see the Pilgrim  as the seeker of truth, but has not yet found it while the Warrior has found truth and is willing to pay the ultimate price to keep it. In this case Truth = Love and the Warrior spends his remaining days spreading Love and not war. They are often called Warriors of Peace.

When dealing with everyday events the Pilgrim wants to change but refuses necessary steps towards change, while the Warrior immediately evolves towards change for the perceived greater good. One simply wanders and one takes action. Have you ever noticed how many health clubs we have? People pay other people to help them stay fit, as opposed to changing their lifestyles, accommodating a healthier lifestyle and eliminating  necessity for gym memberships. The pilgrim remains in darkness while eating processed foods, while the Warrior mingles in the Light eating only raw/ natural foods. This concept of better living is usually sold on infomercials and we have to have it, but  fail to take the necessary steps to healthier living. When we take the path towards Warrior, we eliminate all that does not serve our bodies for the highest good.

Both sides have purpose: for without the Pilgrim we would not learn to wander and without the Warrior, we would not stand firmly in our beliefs. We must not shun one or the other, but we must embrace both sides of our existence for both have a purpose. Being on the path of Warrior does not mean you have lost your Pilgrim ways. It means you have chosen to no longer live in darkness. There is an actual third level to our existence and it is the Oneness. This is where creation collaborates with source. Whatever the path lay before you, are you a Pilgrim or are you a Warrior? or do you find yourself co-creating destiny with your maker?Will you remain in darkness unwilling to change your ways? or will you make necessary shifts towards being a warrior? Choose wisely…