Singing our Life Song

It is a new day and time for the heart to sing…Fear…Stops us in our tracks…
With a stronghold on our thoughts and feelings, we remain in fear. Afraid to sing when we want to sing, dance when we want to dance or just being happy for no apparent reason. Remaining in fear, our thoughts switch to more fear and potentially other harmful emotions. Time to change this, time to sing a new song…
So we sing…starting with a subtle tune, only for the self to hear. We gain confidence…singing for others to hear…only to be put to the test. With negative forces forming against us, we have a choice to continue singing or shutdown…falling to the other persons misery.
Makes no difference unless we have to work with them and their unhappiness. Their unhappiness makes our happiness difficult to find as we are submerged in their negativity. There may be compromise needed or something to shake things up. How about a hug for the other person?! Saying nothing but “I notice it is tense in here, I want to offer you a hug. With this hug may our days be brighter, letting go of whatever has brought us into tension.”
Singing to life we are giving life. Giving up this voice we are giving up a choice to singing our life song! ~Ani Po
Singing to Life

No More No Mas Noogise

With cycles in our lives, it is pretty certain we question the days or events as such. We learn and we grow, coming to a place of “Now what?” hearing ancient wisdom…chop wood, carry water.

But what about when things do not go as planned or the world around us is falling apart. Whether those around us acting in accordance to their own trained beliefs or harboring negativity and spreading it wherever they go, we have the ability to stop it dead in its tracks.

A few years back, while meditating, I came up with a song about letting go. I cannot find that song anywhere, therefore I know it is not time for it to be shared. However the message was this…when we walk in spirit…no more, no mas noogise (no geese). Meaning we no longer have to listen to the nay sayers around, we simply choose to follow our path. Accepting our path, we are surely on our way.

This cycle returns to me as well. Not as often as once before but still surfaces from time to time. A place of knowing and tolerance for others, but no longer listening to the negativity that comes forth. It is my choice to paint a positive day and the colors are mine to choose as well.

Stepping into the Canvas stating no more, no mas, noogise. It is my choice to move forward, my choice to allow, my choice to just be. For on this day it is my intent to move forward in joy and laughter, brushing away heavy burdens of the past or mending open wounds…it is my choice….Ani Po


Deeper into the Canvas

Was recently at a ceremony where they invited me to go deeper within. Not knowing what I would find, but certain something still remained in my subconscious…triggers still for me to confront…or shall I say accept.

Acceptance brings a sense of forgiveness or allowing of sorts for thoughts to come and go, while confrontation brings more anger…increasing triggers within us…remaining stuck in the confines of our own psyche.

Thinking I was “good” and there wasn’t anything left for me to uncover…pop…something surfaces, bringing laughter to my being. I laugh now, for I know that all the triggers buried within were created by the self. For me to let them go, I needed to allow them to surface…letting them pass.

In letting them pass, I am healing the wounds left behind. Healed, I am able to accept a new possibility of thought…that of peace within, Joy without and Love all around me. Bliss is a reality and longevity of such depends on my willingness to let go of all that brings me down.

I let go.

Knowing that I am not perfect, those around me are not, I am free to be me and they are free to be he or she. In knowing of this, I am free to accept all for who they are…interacting as needed, allowing whenever possible.

We are reading this today for a reason. There is something missing maybe or there is something we seek…what is it? We have come to a place of accepting the self, whilst still reflecting back on the have-beens in our lives…shaking our heads, wondering “How did I get here?”

In awe at self and the journey to present day, we are left wondering “what next?” The bigger question that I hear is “If you could go back to the way you were, would you return?” I am pretty sure we all can answer this question with ease, but pain still remains…

Time for a big dose of laughter. Time to laugh at oneself. The moment we realize we have been living a dream and we have the ability to change this perception of such…we laugh in hysteria…wondering “why haven’t I acted upon my thoughts before?”

Simple…it wasn’t time.

It is now. If you are reading this…it is time. Time to reclaim your life, thoughts and ambition to meaning. We are here to experience, create and prosper…so why wait? Fear no longer has power over you…you are freed. Go now…

Stepping into the Canvas laughing at oneself. With laughter as our greatest of joys and acceptance for self, we know we are not perfect nor any others…but we remain accepting of all. Diving deeper within we surface to a brighter without. That which we uncover within the self, we re-discover in those around us. Wishing you a Syncrosensational day…Ani Po

laughing at oneself


Eightfold Path


With each new day we have a choice to live as authentically as we can, ignoring the beliefs of old or accept the conditioned consciousness, remaining forever lost. Stepping into the new, creating the life we were meant to…accepting beliefs of a new era.

The first step towards happiness often proves most difficult, for we cannot let go of our old beliefs. Let go now…witness the shift towards happiness. Once the first step is taken the taste of freedom shall be your, never returning to what once was. The next step towards happiness is easier, the next even easier…and so on.

With a new outlook on life, everything will taste sweeter, smell better and we will feel freer than ever before. Listen to the voice within, for it is saying, “Now is the Time.” Take the step towards happiness with one day declaring “Ani Po.”

(*Ani Po is Hebrew for “I Am Here”)

Stepping into the Canvas is about taking the first steps into the Canvas of Life.  It is said that God is the Creator and nature is His Canvas.  In a world of technologies, distractions and light-speed evolution, we are left to remain in darkness or ‘Shine On’ forevermore.  Truth is laid before us, falsely, by our collective whole. It is a new day and those beliefs no longer serve us…

This is an invitation to step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary: Free to Love unconditionally; creating the life we were meant to enjoy; coming together as one. With every step towards our ending goal of happiness, we find ourselves having more sensational moments that can only be explained through synchronicity…or Syncrosensational.

The willingness to change will be the first step and is the driving force behind our journey. Our intent is what sets things in motion, with checks and balances along the way, we stay on course. Depending on our thoughts and actions, will determine if we meet our end goal or miss our mark. Giving a little wiggle room to make mistakes, making necessary adjustments, we find our way back to the intentions set forth. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes…learn from them…aligning our actions as closely to our intended goal, will assure our success in attaining this goal.

When our dreams and reality collide, it is said that we have found The Way to happiness. We may trip or stumble and, as stated before, that is ok.  We must accept ourselves for being imperfectly perfect in all our encounters.  In doing so, we inadvertently findacceptance for the imperfections within other people. Without acceptance the continuous judgment of self and others continues.

If we are too busy judging others, we have no time for creating our destiny. Fill our day with what we want in life…capture this moment! ~Joseph


If and when we do stumble, remain in gratitude.  With gratitude in our hearts, we view challenging moments as stepping-stones towards syncrosensational moments we so clearly desire. Every day is a good time for sharing gratitude with a loved one, a friend or Creator of all existence. Whether the day is picture perfect or everything but, learn to see the silver-lining in every cloud…guaranteed it exists!

With gratitude in our hearts, we master our emotions…checking them at the door before entering the canvas of life.  This awareness is the single most important guidance system that we will continue to call upon along our journey. Thich Nhat Hahn often refers to this as being in the present moment. We are here, in a given moment, experiencing this emotion or that emotion. These emotions arise, but do not have to control us. Instead use them to our advantage only, if this is not possible…kindly ask emotions to take a back seat.

With awareness comes a desire of remaining in balance. ~Ani Po

There comes a time in our journey things just don’t feel right,  almost as if we were off-balance. Finding balance becomes our number one priority. Through various techniques which can be found throughout our traditions or even modern-day self-help texts, we find techniques for cleansing mind, body and spirit…returning back to balance. Returning to balance, we find ease in checking our emotions at the door of the Canvas. Note: if we are not in harmony within ourselves, how can we support harmony within our families? get in balance so that you can better serve the loved ones around you.

Practicing these steps, for the first time or daily practice, chances are they have created positive habits within the Canvas of Life. With positive shifts, we find ourselves at a place of unconditional Love. While the majority of society will declare unconditional Love is not possible, challenge them and say yes it is. Following this path, and other paths for that matter, with our whole heart and soul, and intention of finding peace within, we shall find unconditional Love. While the majority follows the path of majority, dare to cut a new path into the Canvas of Life…see what happens!

We have just followed a modern-day Eightfold path.  Twenty-five hundred years ago, Siddhartha Gautama dared to challenge authorities, showing others how to attain enlightenment. Nothing has changed from then to now and is open for exploration at any time…are you willing to take the necessary steps towards enlightenment? Why not?

Traveling the eightfold path we will find ourselves at our ending goal…pure happiness.  Our every encounter will be more enjoyable and our days will just seem to be syncrosensational…all the time. We shall be in awe by the mighty Canvas calling our name. Go now…live a life that was intended…live a syncrosensational life.

the way to zen

Willingness and Intent

When I first identified the necessity for change it was like a large two by four smacked me in the head. I was working my knuckles to the bone, walking over people and making decisions that were definitely not of the creative source. Through awareness, I identified it was time for change. Upon my awareness I began taking personal retreats, reflecting and plotting my course. This next story is a personal ‘true story’ event, when God began speaking to me directly. Please click on the link…


Our actions and thoughts will dictate whether we stay on course or get derailed from our intended journey. The basic Law of Attraction states “our thoughts become things.” Be careful with the words we speak. If there is any doubt or contradictory words, the Law of Attraction will give us exactly what we speak.

i.e. if our original intent is to find increase our financial worth but our contradicting thoughts are we do not deserve this, then the Universe will give us exactly more to doubt our reality of having an increase in financial worth.

Also, our thoughts and actions need to be specific. We need to drill-down, like a laser guided missile hits its target, to the exact intentions we seek. If we are vague with goals, then the Universe may only give us partly what we want.

i.e. We ask for love in our lives, but are faced with challenging times or person bringing us much anger in our lives. If we are not specific, the Universe may present events to teach us Love. Be specific and spell our exactly what it is we want.


Through acceptance, we magnify the force behind our intentions. As we begin to accept all things and all people as they are, releasing the attached emotions, the Universe returns more to be accepting of.

Further, and most importantly, as we accept ourselves for the imperfectly perfect being that we are, we begin to live as authentically as we were intended. Through self-acceptance we freely love ourselves, emitting this love out into the world around us.


Whether perceived good or bad, any given situation is an opportunity to express our gratitude. Gratitude for the lesson, life and all there is. As we step out into the Canvas of Life, we are given a choice to either live in gratitude or forever live in misery. We have so much to be grateful for, why focus on anything but the gifts before us. Everything is a gift…everything!


No matter the size, big or small, guaranteed there are opportunities of growth in which present themselves on a daily basis. Everything has a message and signs may appear at the most obscure times. Be open to them, be open to the process of change.

My son and I were in a bookstore and he was unsure of what book he should get. He asked my opinion, but I told him to put them down for a minute and ask for guidance. The simple act of asking for guidance opens up more possibilities of Universe coming to our aid. As he walked back to the bookshelf, one of them fell to his feet. At that very moment…he knew the answer.


Whether it is simple purging of material things or a deeper sense of cleansing the soul, we all must learn to cleanse our thoughts, purifying the pathway set before us. Through a daily practice and the awareness of, we have the ability to cleanse our soul on a moment by moment basis or grandeur level.

Taking a retreat can be beneficial to the soul. Similarly a daily journal allows us to keep track of our actions and progress with our set intentions.

Clean House. Whether literal or metaphorically speaking, it is important to take the time to Clean House.~Joseph

Checking Emotions at the Door

Our emotions will trip us each and every time. Remove the emotion, applying awareness and making effortless decisions along the way. Simply be aware of our surroundings, our actions and how people interact in the Canvas of Life…it is meant to be effortless.


If we skipped the other seven steps and come to a place of Love, we will have enough in our lives to live harmoniously for all eternity. For those who find this immediately, congratulations! For those who only know what they know…it may be necessary to travel this path.

Releasing the past, looking to the future, we are left giving more of ourselves in the present moment. Giving freely, we receive more to give away. In gratitude it is amplified exponentially.

Stepping into the Canvas with Love.  In Love we intertwine our steps, potentially skipping the eightfold path. In Love all other things become details, details that have lessened meaning. In Love all things are important and carry equal value or lessons. Make the steps…but do so wholeheartedly. Step in Love and assuredly each step will be Syncrosensational.


Divine Intervention


Have you ever had an experience of coincidence? Or something happened within your life, you were convinced there was Divine Intervention? If we all learn to look closely, we can all recall these special moments of Syncrosensational.

Before coming out, I used to think life was filled with coincidences and could not really grasp how things happen. I say coming out, not for typical reasons but for my spiritual rebirth. Not that I was a bad person, but I was merely awaken to the truth of all there is. Now awake, I see through the eyes of creation…allowing a more interactive approach with the creative process of life.

One example that always comes, is the coincidence of conceiving our first child. Was it a coincidence or was it meant to be? My wife and I were living in Florida at the time and we had tried to get pregnant for close to three years. Both being born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin, we questioned if the timing was right for having children in another state. After trying for three years, with no success, we thought it be better to return to our birth place.

No sooner we got home to Wisconsin, we were pregnant. I swear to this day, the moment my wife crossed the Wisconsin border, she was impregnated. Joking about the ease of conception we agreed Divine intervention was at play, accepting our decision to return home as it was meant to be. Had we stayed in Florida, we may have never conceived our first child. Coincidence? Did we create the difficulty of pregnancy with our thoughts of hesitation? Regardless, we were home.

Whether it was coincidence or Divine Intervention, we knew that everything was right on time. Now blessed with two beautiful children, we see the world from different eyes…eyes of creation.

Through the eyes of creation we see life is meant to be enjoyed, worrying not about what we could have done or what we did not accomplish…merely accepting things as they are and as they come into our lives. Moment to moment we enjoy all there is within the Canvas of Life. If there is a cause we feel drawn to we help; if we cannot we send Love. Whatever the involvement, it is accomplished through eyes of compassion.

They say that everything happens for a reason, this I know for a fact as we have two beautiful children to remind the possibilities of getting out of the way. Getting out of the way of creation, life is that much more of ease…not of disease.

Stepping into the Canvas as co-creators. As we accept the path laid before us, taking each moment as Divine Intervention, life itself becomes a fairy tale. Focusing, not on lack but that of abundance. Focusing on abundance, or the ‘active side of infinity,’ more of our desires present themselves in our daily lives.

heart in hand

Connected By Spirit

Have you ever had a serendipitous moment, when things just went right…or as I like to call it…a Syncrosensational moment? At this level, it seems even animals are speaking? When we are aligned with source energy, the Universe speaks through various channels…nature being one of them. Nature has a way of functioning with or without us, but more importantly aiding us along The Way. Those willing to listen will be guided by nature when necessary.

Ani Po was driving north on a local freeway, when a Hawk demanded her attention. As if speaking to her, the Hawk informed her of a coming lesson. With the Hawk perched high in the sky and her back towards Ani Po…she thinks “it is a message from above (via Spirit).” Just as this thought approaches her, another Hawk greets her from a lower stance. Perched below eye-level, she knows a message is coming from below (the flesh). Can it be another example of…as above, so below?

Completing her day as normal, she is leaving work awhile replaying message left by a friend. Her friend Mamani, left her message with a music composition and requested her review. As she reviewed the song, seven turkeys stopped her in her tracks. Bringing her truck to a complete stop, to let the turkeys pass, she hears a message, “connecting through spirit. As in the flesh, so shall the spirit be.”

Ani Po understood this message very clearly, as she knew it meant we are all connected. We are all connected, but there are often times many special connections we make. Those who walk inspired or in spirit, often times connect at the level of spirit…allowing to enter and exit as needed in each others lives. When one is down, another instinctively calls to cheer them, without real knowledge of anything being wrong. They call precisely as needed. Just as she received this lesson…Mamani calls her on the phone.

They were indeed connected in Spirit. They laughed at the connection through turkeys,  music,  and the Love they share. It gets better…

As Ani Po and Mamani share the lesson of life, Ani Po is greeted by another Hawk. This time facing her at eye-level, as if stating “well done, well done.” A Hawk perched facing away from Ani Po, usually means a lesson is coming. When the Hawk faces Ani Po, it means Her lesson was received. As the lesson closes, she considers “there is another lesson on the way.” Assuredly…a Hawk is perched with back to her…

Whether it is possible to connect at levels of Spirit or not, Ani Po knows the truth. For her, it is possible to connect at levels of spirit, allowing people to walk harmoniously on this Earthly plane. For her, messages from Spirit often come via the Hawk or other winged-friends. Walking in Spirit, she is connected to Mamani. Walking in Spirit, she connects with the Universal Life Force.

While Ani Po finds her way within the Canvas of Life, we too must learn from the many lessons laid before us. As one lesson is completed, another appears. Walking in flesh, connect by Spirit.

As we continue through our days, we walk in flesh whilst remaining connected in spirit. Connected in Spirit we move effortlessly throughout the Canvas, receiving messages along the way.

Stepping into the Canvas in Spirit. Walking in flesh, connected by Spirit, we collaborate with the Universal Life Force, allowing dormant forces to come alive…aiding in our journey of life. We coexist in this thing called life, living harmoniously at all plains…discovering life to be Syncrosensational.


Calling In Awesome

When was the last time you were sick? Did you call into work and ask for a ‘sick’ day? Chances are you did and remained in bed for recovery. As most people do, we work hard until our body gives out and calls a time out. Is it possible to minimize illness? Is it possible to never have to call in sick again? What do we do with our sick days?

When we take steps towards Syncrosensational Living, we automatically drop negative thoughts, negative actions, negative people, etc. In doing so we declare the path before us…and we pave it as we see fit. Cleaning house becomes a regular routine: removing any clutter within our lives, removing any negativity.

In doing so, we take an active role towards our own happiness. Happiness not purchased or found, but merely accepted in whatever the situation. During our self-discovery we find our limits, redefine them and then create new roles about how our day is filled. No matter what comes our way, we find good in all things and we find awesomeness in everything we touch. We can choose to destroy or we can choose to create…again…merely a choice. For me…I choose creativity…creating the life as it was meant to be…happy!

Defining our days, we find that our immune system is stronger and our health increases with our new-found awesomeness. We can choose to subscribe to the institutions and the pharmaceuticals or we can listen to that voice within, allowing our bodies to return to its natural state of homeostasis…a natural state of healing.

Nature is the canvas, we are the Painter…

How the Canvas is perceived defines it.


Returning back to our natural state, we no longer have to call in sick or worry about germs. I know, there will be those skeptics who believe that I am dreamer…”but I’m not the only one (John Lennon).” There are those who live in fear and anger and there are those who live by faith and Love…I know where I reside…how about you?

Stepping into the Canvas with a sense of awesomeness. Whether you are fully committed or on the way, may it begin to grow within your life and may it become your new reality. Instead of calling in Sick…you will be calling in Awesome!