We are Healed

Afflicted by the daily pains and sufferings of the world, we come to a familiar place of knowing. Knowing we have a choice to stay in our own created misery or transcend to higher places within our self.

As we learn to heal ourselves, we share these gifts through song, a holding hand or attentive ear. Through our sharing of sorts, we allow others to heal. Through their healing we are healed and as a whole are healed.

We are healed,

We are whole,

We are holy,

We are one.

I am you,

You are me,

We are thee,

Three in One.

Deeply humbled as this wisdom is shared with me and allowed to share with others. Inwardly we return, outwardly we share in a Great Dance of Mystery and Awe.

Ani Po

The Missing Piece

Searching for days,


and repeated such.

Magical cure,

Abundantly happy.

From depths

Of Mother Earth

To most distant galaxy.


Grey squirrel.

Mirrored self

Projected within every footprint.

What was missing,

Hidden in depths of souls.

Not visible ‘out there’

Inwardly seeking it presents.

Philosophers stone,

Transmutation of thought.

Philosopher’s stone,

Missing Piece.

~Ani Po