Loving Me, Loving You

Oh the flutter of the day,

Destination unknown.

Expanding heart,

Giving all away.

Emptying our cup,

With a drop on reserve.

Sipping on love-filled nectar,

Our soul filled once more.

Giving freely,


Direction unclear,

Love leads the way.

Taking us hear or there,

Trusting its sweet symphony.

Looking out,

Looking in.

Taking time for else,

Taking time for self.

Looking in,

Loving me.

Expanding self,

Embracing Universe.

Loving me,

Loving you.

Ani Po

Forgiving Me, Forgiving You

It is my observation…there are those who see unconditional beauty in the day, those who attach conditions to said beauty and those who find it very difficult to see the same. Same day…different views.

Observing…did I just point a finger at another? Did I just make a derogatory remark? Do I paint the world in sarcasm? Am I taking stock in my words or thoughts? What am I painting within my own canvas?

I sit with these thoughts while loosening the traps set before me. Sucked in by another’s storm. Caught in a sea of fear and anger…my vision clouded by the day. I sit…letting it all settle.

Forgiving me, forgiving you. Loving me, Loving You.

Is what we see in the world a mirror reflection of who we are? Seeing beauty in the day, seeing beauty of self? Setting conditions upon our day, having conditions of our own beauty? Seeing only despair in our outer world…projecting our own outwardly?

If we cannot paint the world with kindness, then why not begin with self. As we tend to self, we tend to outer worlds. See beauty within, see without. Love oneself, Love Universally.

It is all a trap! Which trap do we get caught in?!

There is really nothing to be done…just observe with loving eyes: for self, family, community, world, universe. We are not perfect but we are imperfectly perfect in every way. See that which you choose. What we see is what we paint within our days.