Centering On Love

No matter the days or what they bring, we have the ability to remain centered in Love. If the world crashes around us, we hold onto Love, emitting more Love. It is trough our daily practice of Loving, we become Loved. It is through Loving another, we Love ourselves.

Stepping into the Canvas in Love. Holding onto Love, we remain centered on Love….

Self-Realization: Because I Said So

As we travel through life, following advice of others and doing whatever everyone asks of us, we lose ourselves. In losing ourselves, we lose our true identity. Our true identity is that voice within, leading us here or there.

Following this voice we find happiness, abandoning that voice we are left in misery. Some are lucky to find it early, some never find it. It is stated eventually we all come to place of decisiveness…hopefully before it is too late.  Through decisiveness we declare I Am Here. As we discussed before the theory of Ani Po, Hebrew for I am here, we stand firmly in the beliefs of our own.

We no longer follow the crowd, but carve our own path. We no longer believe what we’ve heard in the past, only looking to the future. In declaring I am here, our whole psyche and make up changes. As our thoughts change it is said our world changes, this is true. As our world changes, we make it So.

When declaring I am here we are challenged by others who follow the belief system of the masses, challenging us to return to the false-self or maintain course to our true nature. In challenging our thoughts, we are asked how we know things…Humbly we declare, “because I said so.” In these simple words we adopt a self-declaration of I am here.

Tonight I met a friend for tea. With conversations of who we are and responsibilities we have come to know. Each of us understand our roles as parents, but also a higher purpose of shedding Light on darkened areas. We laughed in agreement that we, as humanity, waste so much energy on things that have no meaning in our lives. Losing sight of what matters, we fall victim to the belief system of the expected norm of society. We agreed we could both stay on course with the rest of the crowd or we could carve our path in life, creating it as we see fit.

“Things are not always as they appear.” ~Sandy Popov Abbatiello


This quote sticks with me, living each day in ‘the Now.’ We could see it as everyone else sees it or we can add our own belief to it, knowing it to be true. Whether it is true or not, we all have the innate knowing of what we perceive to be true…declaring ‘because I said so.’ This is the final step to self-actualization, the step that defines our own reality. When everyone else thinks we are crazy, we smile, giving gratitude for their observations…no longer worrying about what any one person thinks except our own reality to be true.


Stepping into the canvas with purpose, self-realization is activated within our being. Living authentically, we see everything as it is intended…beautiful in its own right. Returning to the self, we return to the beginning as what was meant to be…creative and awe-inspiring…each and every day.

Don’t Give Up

At the start of each day there is a calming sense of peace. Before all chaos enters our thought process we take a breath, gaining peace for our day. As the moon rests in the West and the sun begins to rise, so shall our days be filled with peace and joy. Just as in that first morning breath of gratitude…we give thanks.

Before we turn in the towel on any given moment, we should stop and think what matters most. If our days bring chaos, we still give thanks, yielding valuable lessons. In gratitude, we find hope…hope for a brighter day. In gratitude we change our old thought process to that of love. So no matter what comes our way, we never give up.

Recently I was asked to enter a Water Wing Classic. The water wing classic is a group of  men who enjoy swimming, choosing to swim somewhat competitively for personal gratification. By no means are they Olympians, but compete for bragging rights. Entering the water wing classic, I could feel my ego stirring. Afraid of losing because I hadn’t swum competitively in over 25 years and everything on the line. Lol…what was on the line…merely my EGO playing head games with me.

My ego made more out of it then needed be. As the competition began, I was transferred  to the beginning of my day…that moment of peace.  As I kicked off the wall, entering silence just beneath the water, gliding, streamlining before I took my first stroke. I took my first Breath. I thought to myself in that very moment, just before I took my first stroke and first breath, I am at one. As soon as I emerged from underwater, I took a breath and the chaos began.

Taking 12 strokes before my next breath, I breathe, giving it another go… three more strokes to go and I flipped… I turned. On my way back to the other side, loneliness surfaced, it was silence. In this very moment of swimming I am reminded how the human mind can trick us into thinking we are alone. I say to you… We surely are never alone. Then I hear screaming, chanting, splashing and more chaos…returning to my reality. I was never alone, only thought it so. Only a few more strokes to go and I’m to the other side. Losing steam, slowing down waiting to take to the finish line, I touch. I breathe and look around. Nobody else has finished: three people behind and one person quit. The person who quit was the challenger to this event.

With my adrenaline running high, I could feel my EGO rising to the top. I could feel my ego ready to speak, but then I stopped. I waited to hear what had happened. “My goggles came off!” Hearing this again my ego wanted to speak, but I checked it at the door. I recall countless times how my goggles had come off during the race and kept swimming. I said nothing and just took another breath. They challenged me to another race, but had nothing left. I said I can’t go on. They pleaded for a rematch and demanded I go another round. I asked for a minute to catch my breath and we had another go.

Now with everybody watching once again, the race was about to begin. Three, two, one… Go! Off we went. Again I am in a peaceful moment of silence, just under the surface, only to emerge to chaos of the day. Remembering peace within, briefly at the beginning of the day, carrying through my lane, chaos is extinguished. Even though chaos may come my way, the world may flip upside down; I remain calm, focused on my strokes within my lane…within my day.

It is not important about how fast we get through the day, or how strong of a swimmer we may be, what matters is the enjoyment of each race. Enjoyment of our days can speak a thousand words.

The lesson of the day, complements of my challenger, Never Give Up. It was a friendly race and many lessons were learned, most significantly was the path taken my whole life. I’ve been through many challenges and many races, even giving up on one or two of those races myself. Learning from these lessons, I learned no matter how I finished the race I should never give up…always giving my all, accepting the results of my day.

Life can throw us many challenges, some big, some small, but in the face of adversity we rise to any occasion. No matter what comes our way, just breathe, stay calm and remain in peace. Remaining in peace we are peace, thinking with a clearer head, allowing for better resolutions.

Witnessing myself through another person’s eyes, I could see myself giving up. Until one decisive day, “no more… I will no longer give up. I will accept defeat and whatever comes my way. I will give my best and accept the results with pride.”

As a witness through another person’s eyes, I gained an understanding. Understanding for the other person, allowing myself to ease up just a little bit, I learned in that brief moment of swimming my job here is not to beat somebody, but to raise them up. If I continue to beat the tar out of my opponent, I will never allow them to grow. Now it’s not to say that they couldn’t grow from being defeated… chances are their dreams of growth will be squelched. Easing up just a little bit giving them hope, giving them a winning chance. In the breath of hope they see the light, bringing them to a higher vibration…that of hope and love. In this higher vibration…we can do all things.

This day has proven so many lessons thus far, but surely more to come. The universe speaks in mysterious ways and those willing to hear it shall understand the lesson at hand. Arriving at work, a coworker is anxious to tell about her dreams on not giving up. I smiled as we spontaneously began laughing…although she didn’t know why she was laughing. We laughed because the universe was speaking through us giving us the lesson of Don’t Give Up.

If at first we lose a race, we look to brighter days in hopes of winning the race. Just the same, if our days bring clouds…we look to brighter days to bring us sunshine. No matter what comes our way, we merely smile, focusing on our end results.

What we focus on, shall become our reality.~Ani Po

Stepping into the Canvas with a ‘Can Do’ attitude, never giving up. Moving forward, accepting what comes our way, we adjust our actions, change our course…or the like…to aid in the end result of our intentions. That which we give our attention, our reality is formed. If we merely focus on the negative aspects of life, we shall remain there. If we focus on the positive…so shall be the same.

The Judgment Of Man


A day does not pass where we witness the judgment of man. Whether ‘they’ are from the right or left, from this group or that, we continue to judge another by the clothes we wear, our skin color, our gender, and the words ‘they’ write. Note: They is a representation of anyone other than ourselves. We often point fingers at someone, saying they did this or they did that.

Instead of one’s judgment, may it turn towards growth…self-growth and growth for another human being. We are not here to judge one another, but here to raise one another up in learning of ourselves. Through the contemplation of self, we not only grow as individuals but as a greater whole.

The following story is based on true events…

A man walked in to an Islāmic cultural center with Bible in hand, in hopes of on Islam. Prior to the studies, the teacher spoke, “The Holy writings of that book, pointing at the Holy Bible, have been changed and misinterpreted for centuries. The Qur’an is the only book that has not been re-translated and misinterpreted. What was spoken at 683 A.D. is now spoken in this time… No changes. While the book is holy, the words have been skewed by man.”

The pupil smiles, “let’s try not to judge one another. Instead let’s learn from each other and grow. We are on the same path, seeking Light.”

Too often we judge another by the books we carry or the clothes we wear, instead we should judge one another by our actions…actions towards fellow human beings.

The same man now with the holy Qur’an under his arms walks into a Christian church for Bible study. You can probably see where this is going…

Noticing the Qur’an under his arms, placing it on the desk before him the pastor lashes out, “that book is not allowed in here. This is our holy writings!” He raises the Holy Bible declaring it as the only holy book.

Again the pupil speaks, “oh ye of little faith. I come here not to cast stones or be cast upon. I come here to be loved and to love one another. Our Holy writings are written in many places, and who are you to judge me by the book I carry?”

The judgment happens in all different planes all different sectors, and sadly continues in our days. The only way to stop judgment is to come together as one. We are one, we are brothers and sisters and we have the same father. Learn from one another, not judge one another. Ironically, both groups have Hippocrates. These Hippocrates, spoil the rest of the Believers.

So why do we judge? Is it a sign of weakness? It is my personal and humble opinion that judgment towards another is a sign of weakness. If an individual is strong in their faith they have no reason to judge another. Being strong in their faith, they recognize we are brothers and sisters as one. Those who choose not to break bread with another shall be prayed for and asked to leave. For it is on this day the Rainbow Warriors shall stand firmly in their belief of “All People as One”, accepting them as Brothers and Sisters are we. Those who stand against the Rainbow Warriors shall be known by their actions and the words they speak.

For it is on this day, we shalt not judge another, but they shall be judged themselves. The Rainbow Warriors shall return Love throughout the land and the ‘others’ shall perish on their own accord. The day has come to Say “No More, No Mas, gaawin geyaabi (Ojibwe for no more)…everything will be irie (Jamaican for everything is alright).”

Stepping into the Canvas with Love, seeing all as one beautiful imperfection…making it perfect! It is through our eyes of compassion we see a greater whole…a collective whole..eliminating judgment. We are one planet, one people…One Canvas…We Are One.

Spirit Calls Once Again

Have you ever had a gut feeling about something? Have you ever felt like you needed to do something? Or have you ever gotten the strange urge to call a friend to deliver some news? Chances are you are receiving a message from the field of possibilities.

I am still in awe every time this happens and so honored to have these messages flow through. My favorite moments are when connecting with someone, only to call on other people, who I later find out, are already connected with this person. The mystery and story unfolds as I carry a message to someone new.  Better yet, they accept the call into the field and travel with me into the great unknown…a place of infinite possibilities. I am not here to squelch anyone’s dreams…I am here to encourage them.

When we let go of our previous teachings or the previous upbringings of control, we open up to endless possibilities of new beginnings…creating a sea of potentiality. How does one get there? For most people, sadly, it takes a tragedy in life to get them to see the truth of ‘all things.’ However, these tragedies are merely disguises for great things to come. How many times have we heard of someone hitting rock bottom, only to climb to the highest mountains?

We do not have to wait for this time, but as humans we see no point in doing anything other than what we already know…remaining complacent in our days. Until one day we are forced to make a decision between the same up and down roller coaster ride or a new ride that screams endless excitement with a ‘no low’ guarantee. It is all possible…and it is possible now.

As I write this, I hear a voice, whispering into my ear…no name, no label…just a whisper. It begins to dictate, “we are all here to learn from one another and we are here to grow in our true-self, rising to the occasion of being a Warrior once more. There shall come a time in everyone’s life, they will need to make a choice. Stay on this side of the valley or travel the rocky path to nowhere, trusting that paradise awaits. Those willing to cross the valley of death, shall find paradise. Those afraid, stuck in the ordinary, shall never experience extraordinary. It is in our own death of flesh, that Spirit is born unto us.”

Out of the darkened night;


Spirit calls me into the Light.


Deep within the Words;


I begin to flow.



Within the lessons dare I go?


They present themselves only to me.


Choose to;


Or choose not.


Allowing myself the past;




Future…and what is to come.



Trusting, believing;


It is so.


Stepping, knowing;


Reality is true.



My darkened past…released.


My future…revealed.


Still only remaining…the Now.



Do what with needs to be;


With my day.


Go where the call takes me;


Still a mystery.



Wherever this may be;


Or whatever I am to do.


Know this…my Heart leads the way.


Whether you are stuck or have no idea where to go from here, stop and listen. Chances are Spirit is calling you by name. Those willing to hear the call, shall answer to the great I Am; those willing to answer the call, shall arrive Right on time.

Stepping into the Canvas with our Heart as our guide. Whatever the darkened past or lessons of life, we all have access to a powerful source of Light housed within. Follow this light and we will not be led astray…we shall find paradise. Listen to Spirit…and She will lead you there.

Remember Where You Started

I can still hear my father’s wisdom over the years and lucky to still have him around, sharing wisdom of his life experiences. He has shared so much wisdom through the years, but being young, I didn’t listen. Until now the words and wisdom ring true in my own life, passing them onto the next generation.

Things like: “everything in moderation”;” everything has a purpose”; “be kind”; “be prepared. But my favorite is this: “remember where you started.” The latter of these, remains layered. While at first glance it takes a meaning of socioeconomic status, but upon further discovery, becomes something far greater.

I reflect on this lesson often, but this morning brought it to the forefront of thoughts as I was given the ‘cheap seats.’ Something to be said about getting your favorite locker each and every morning, for the past five or six years at 5 AM. Not sure if it is the conformity and ritual of our days, or feeling special, that brings us the most joy.

Happiness begins at the end of one’s comfort zone.~Neale Donald Walsch

Given a locker on the other side of the locker room, it felt like I had been stripped from the ranks of the important people. This is ego-thinking. After further review of the situation, It brought gratitude. Gratitude for the fact that I even got a locker. Thanking the person at the front desk, they thought I was being facetious. I would too. But in all sincerity I looked to her, smiled and said, “no really, I am grateful for the locker and I am grateful of your cheerful smile everyday. Thank you. Thank you for brightening my day and bringing a lesson of my father back to the forefront.”

Returning the facetious gestures or what she thought was facetious, she said, knowing that I write about my days, please don’t write about me in your daily blog. Laughing now, I go on my day. Thank you Debbie…you are one in a million.

So where did we come from? Where are we going? We all seek this answer, but never really get the answers. Or do we?!

There are some who obviously have started with nothing, judging by their socioeconomic status. There are those who’ve been handed a golden spoon, never really knowing what it is to struggle. Either way both groups never really have a good understanding of reality. Unless the other is willing to learn from the other, person will never know what it’s like. This is true about all groups and all sectors. If we’re unwilling to learn from our neighbors, we will never know how they live. Remove the socioeconomic status, religious beliefs, and we all come from the same place. We have all come from the womb, entering this world with nothing….leaving with nothing. The illusion is we think we are this or that or the materials we accrue over the years. We associate our self-worth by the materials collected versus our happiness collected.

Truthfully I say to you, we are not the material “stuff,” we are not how high on the socioeconomic ladder we get…we Just are. We are in this together, whether we like it or not. We are here to get along…and need to start acting like it. Love thy neighbor as thyself.

Throughout our day, as we take in the beauty, we are given opportunities to say thank you. Thank you for the beautiful day painted before us; thank you for the backdrop of the sun and the blood red sky in the East; thank you for the clouds that cover us; thank you for everything around us; Thank you for the opportunities! As we go in gratitude…we become more accepting of the differences of our brothers and sisters, leading to more gratitude. Lend a hand, study with them, learn from them, grow from them…we are all here to learn from each other.

Then the dust shall return to the earth as it was; and the Spirit shall return to God who gave it. ~Ecclesiastes 12:7

Going back to the beginning, within it all, all thoughts are born. Our intentions are manifested out into the world…we have to feel it and believe it. As the ego dies, Spirit is born within each and everyone of us. Our own death, and resurrection of Christ within, is symbolic of: protection, life, unconditional love, new beginnings, connections, life ever-lasting. When humbled and able to extend our arms, vulnerable, in full submission, we are made strong.

We are the beginning and the end and need only travel the path of other warriors before us. The path less traveled, but the most important towards our own happiness. The path least traveled is the path inward. Inward we find nothing, yielding everything. In nothingness, we project outwards…everything!

From Source we came; To Source we return.~Ani Po

Peeling our own layers, we discover new meanings to life itself. Things that once made sense no longer do; things not apparent, shall be made so. The lessons of our own fathers, shall be made known by Our Father. Through the inward journey, we discover the child within…through this child, we discover the Father without.

Stepping into the Canvas in remembrance. Remembering where we started, peeling back even more layers, we arrive at a place of oneness. Accepting all as it is, more importantly accepting our true nature…that of Love. Walking in true nature…we plant seeds for brighter days…carrying the Light of the world…ending in pure Bliss.

The Rainbow Bridge: Bridging The Past And Present

It is this very moment that which is a pivotal point in history. Not a global sense, but on an individual sense. All the teachings of old and all the references of how “we” should be…all point to the self. Our actions can change our own history, thereby changing history of humanity. It is our actions that can change seven generations after us.

The ‘Seven Generations’ is a philosophy, or a teaching, that the indigenous people from all across the globe have taught their children for centuries. Their philosophy is: our actions in this very moment have the ability to change seven generations after our own. Think about it, we not only think about our own personal life, but the generations to come. This simple act raises our awareness to a higher vibration of awareness. This simple act can change future generations, but what about the seven generations before us?

It is this essential time that we must forgive and allow healing to begin, allowing the seven generations before us to be healed. With awareness of our actions, we change the course of history for seven generations, but through forgiveness of ourselves, and where we have traveled, we allow our ancestors to heal as well.

As we forgive, we heal our past. Not just our own, but the seven generation before us. As we forgive, releasing the shadows of the past, we step forward into brighter light…that of love. With every step from there forward, we change the seven generations of the future. Thereby in this very moment we have the ability to bridge the seven generations before and the seven generations after.
We are the Rainbow Bridge. Just as the rainbow reminds us of the beauty from the rain, it gives us further wisdom of our daily actions. Imagine the seven colors of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. The colors of the Rainbow are symbolic of the seven generations, with each color symbolic of each generation of the past.  Our past projects the colors forward, received at a pivotal point in history, that being us, and are projected outward in pure light. We are that pivotal point.

The Rainbow Bridge is often correlated with bridging the gap between the physical plane and the afterlife. It is much more than that. It is the bridge that carries us from different planes: before and afterlife, generations to generation. We are the Rainbow Bridge, we are the pivotal point in history, we are the change we seek.

If we take a crystal, putting it in the path of the sun, a rainbow emerges.  On one side pure light, while projecting the spectrum of a rainbow from the other. This is reflective of the self, as we focus on the source of light we are shown the rainbow of our past. Our knowledge of who we are, where we have traveled and how our DNA has been handed down to us, becomes that much clearer…We Just Know.

Focusing on the painted colors of our past, just for a moment, we allow ourselves to heal. Through our healing process, awareness, and intentions, our focus shifts to what we want most…more Light. Allowing the teachings of the seven generations before, we project forward, manifesting a life filled with more light.

As the pivotal point within self, we shift from the morning of our lives into the afternoon of our lives.

During our own lifetimes we make a shift in consciousness, no longer living vicariously, but purposefully. As Carl Jung often discussed, we shift from the ‘morning of our lives’ to the ‘afternoon of our lives’ changing our steps and our actions to that of being more purposeful. We are the pivotal point from past to future, in our lifetime and in past and future lifetimes. In this present moment, we have the ability to heal not only ourselves, but the seven generations before and after. We are the Rainbow Bridge receiving the seven generations of the past, while projecting forward pure light…pure bliss.

But how? How can we bridge the gap between past and present? How do we heal our ancestors of old? Through the forgiveness of self, we forgive them and the teachings that have brought darkness upon us. Through our own forgiveness we forgive the past generations, thereby healing them and releasing them of any guilt. Lifting this guilt our consciousness becomes that much lighter…allowing our steps to be such.

But what our future? How can we assure our future generations? Through Love. Love is the highest vibration on the spectrum of Light. As our darkened past enters, we forgive. Through our forgiveness, we transform our past into a Loving, brighter future.

After receiving this message and writing it down, I shared them with a co-worker. As we discussed the here and now, changing our own history, we began to see wholeness within the self, our ancestors of before and those who have not yet arrived. We saw the “red Thread” of humanity within the self. This red thread intertwines us all within the present, but also intertwines us with the past, present and future. This thread cannot be broken, but it can be threaded with Love. Love is the pivotal point, it is the Rainbow Bridge. When we forgive ourselves of our past, we are stepping forward In Love. In Love, we step gracefully and purposefully not only for the self, but for future generations.

Talking about the here and now, the seven generations are not about the seven generations of before-and-after, but about the self. In one hand we have our past, the other our future. As we bring them together in Love, we heal all the generations before and after, allowing Love and Light to prevail. Our past is also symbolic of the masculine, while the future symbolizes the feminine. Bringing the masculine and the feminine together, as one, we are made whole once again. In wholeness, we move forward effortlessly, shedding more light on our days.

My co-worker had an a-ha moment just then, as she discussed the book of Revelations. Revelations talks about an end of days, but too often we look to the future for this great battle of humanity…when we need only look within myself. This battle spoken in revelations is not of humanity but on individual level. Those willing to stand and fight against themselves shall find paradise. As we walk through our personal ‘Valley of Death,’ we emerge victorious over our self-mastery.

As one co-worker was explaining to another about the conversation we had, she expresses, “You thought all that this morning?” I replied yes. “And here all I thought was TGIF.”

Laughing now we both acknowledge that TGIF can sum up what had just been written. What I just thought of and what she just thought of…is just that. It’s that pivotal point in our lives that we just say, “TGIF.” My co-worker laughing now replies, “I’m on fire!”

Stepping into the Canvas as the Rainbow Bridge, bridging the gap between our past and future. As we step in forgiveness, the generations before shall be healed; Stepping in compassion our future just got a whole lot brighter.