Pruning our Tree of Life

Constant pruning of our own tree of life.~Ani Po

Deep within our souls there is a yearning for peace. We seek and we find. On the material level we fall short of true peace within, for it lasts merely a second or so. Going deeper, needing less and less of the material world, plucking and pruning that which is no longer useful in our quest for happiness.

Grab some shears, yard waste bag…maybe it is time for clearing of our space. Is it a friendship that has come to an end, a situation revealing untruths, or merely our own fear challenged to move forward?

Stepping into the Canvas with shears and pruning gloves in hand. As we pluck and prune the tree of life, we begin appreciating not only the tree, but the ground it rests upon, the others whom come to sit with it and the breath of fresh new air.

Eating The Forbidden Fruit, What Adam Failed To Tell Us

Growing up with religious ed classes and strict rules of the Church, we were taught that our short-comings all stem back to that moment of time when Adam and Eve were tempted to eat of the forbidden fruit.

The tree of knowledge is described as forbidden from consumption but yet humans continue to crave the forbidden fruits. When it is written that God forbade them from eating and the penalty for such a crime would surely be death. Would they be punished to death or would something else happen within the constructs of their being? i.e.psychological break-down.

In the Buddhist traditions, we are taught to find peace and tranquility in silence of the day while focusing on our breath. When a practitioner enters silence, entering a great void of nothingness…they enter an area of great fear, as the human psyche cannot handle anything intangible. In the nothingness comes everything, but the human psyche cannot easily process nothingness and hence risks going crazy…just as Alice spun down the Rabbit hole. Is it possible that this nothingness is the cause of Adams death?

Through meditation, prayer or visualization, we can access the quietude of nothingness. When we enter this great void of nothingness, we find answers to all things. Often referred to as the Akashic records, this is the place of “knowing.” This emptiness will also, most certainly, show us that we are nothing in ourselves. We are merely energy and when we look deep within our being…even our physical nature dissolves. This is where our death comes in…when we are born into a set pattern of beliefs, but then rapidly discover that our whole life was wrong…we either go crazy or find ourselves in pure bliss…or both. When we realize we come from nothing…but a mere thought…able to create anything from a mere thought…we lose faith in how things are supposed to be. Those who understand this concept know the power of co-creating their life the way it was intended…happily ever after!

In nothingness, we find everything.~Ani Po

Stepping into the Canvas Dissolving past beliefs. What we see this day forward, will decide our life eternal. Careful with our thoughts, careful with our actions…for everything paves the way to our new reality. Everything is energy and everything is thought…choose your thoughts wisely. Have a magical Day!