At the Center of the Universe

The other day I found myself at another crossroads to self-healing. Letting go of even more ‘stuff,’ finding myself at “now what.” Letting go of this as well, knowing it is not necessary to worry about will become of my days but instead how am I going to enjoy.

During meditation I was shown a huge galaxy extending on for eternity, as if looking through a giant Hubble space telescope and I was seeing beginning of time. Realizing I was at the center of this galaxy, I began to take note. I was sitting in the vast openness of this galaxy and it was all spinning around me.

Looking back to childhood, reflecting on how I got to my current location in time, there was always a self-guidance about the self. Knowing self-defeating thoughts or conditioned response to how or what I should become, I let go of this self-guidance system within. Accepting it once again…I wonder what is to come.

It is strange though, as my thoughts are no longer concerned for my own but for a higher purpose, asking what is to become of those around me. For I am at the center of the Universe and Creator has given me everything needed for this day…now I see…I see a future of peace and joy.

No longer worried about what will be of self but of humanity, asking yet again…How might I serve? For it is in servitude our gifts are presented to the world around us. Remaining in our space of happiness, no matter what happens around us, we are allowing others to see there is a possibility for a brighter day ahead. I stop for a moment, from this writing, reflecting on what someone recently told me…”We are not all given a choice to choose happiness.” Continuing…”so if someone chooses not to be happy, are they damned for all eternity?”

This caused great reflection with only one solution…we all have a choice. We can choose to remain in our own reality, never seeking something brighter or we can choose to seek…seek, and we shall find. Often times with the helpfulness of another or kindness of the same, we are given hope to those brighter days. I do not believe we are damned for all eternity, we merely do not know any other way. Anger and/or fear keep us bound to a belief that there is no hope for us.

We are at the center of our own universe. If we choose to remain there, filling it with death and despair…then that is all we shall see. However, change the perspective, change the lens to reality and a new reality is born. Just as witnessed in my visions of new realities being born, the cosmos exploded…giving birth to another galaxy.

Stepping into the Canvas hovering at the center of the Universe. For in this day we are given a choice…a choice to see only our short-comings or a higher perspective of Love in all things around us. For it is in the lens we use to view our galaxy that gives us a new perspective…Ani Po

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Walking in Memphis

In treating cancer patients, we witness various emotions: fear, anger, sadness and often broken spirit. The opposing: hope, acceptance, gratitude, and ultimately Love, Love being the most important of them all. My job as a Radiation Therapist is not only to cure a person of cancer and rid them of disease, but to empower them in reclaiming their lives.


We never know when our clock will stop ticking; therefore we must live today as if it were the last. With every breath or every word spoken we contemplate whether we are consciously making effort to being in the moment and extending gratitude in every given situation. In connecting with each person we identify if they our at-ease or dis-ease with their diagnosis, allowing us to facilitate their physical, emotional and spiritual needs, raising their healing vibration to that of hope and ultimately love. There is great pleasure when connecting on the level of the soul, but also when the patient begins their journey towards healing.


While many will survive, there are many who won’t. The important factor is not whether we cure them of cancer but cure them at levels of the soul, acceptance being the final product. We are to comfort them and put them at ease.


Today, a patient came in nervous and scared. She did not know what to expect or what might happen during or after her treatment. Earlier that day she prayed for a sign that everything will be okay. As she got on the table a song came on which proved not only familiar but that everything will be okay, releasing any fear or doubt of her outcome. Marc Cohn began to sing to her “Walking in Memphis” which immediately brought back to her hometown of Memphis. In tears she smiled and gave a soft thank you to the universe. This woman was from Memphis and her confirmation was in a song.


When her first treatment was over, upon her exit and being asked how she felt, she replied, “Thank you. Earlier today I asked God to give me a sign that everything will be okay. When Walking in Memphis came on, He told me so.” Giving us a hug and thanking us again, with confidence, she explained, “Everything is going to be okay.”


Was this coincidence or was this divine intervention? There are confirmations like this every day, but often times we are too busy to notice. Reflect on a time that this happened… What are the odds it would have happened? I offer a simple suggestion of slowing down and paying attention to our surroundings.


When we connect with the universe, the universe will speak more frequently to us. Coincidence, which I prefer synchronicity, will increase and soon will find ourselves and the Universe in collaboration.


What are your thoughts on coincidence? Was this situation an accident or was it right on time?