With My Own Two Hands

Stepping into the Canvas with my own two. When things don’t go as planned, we can choose to give up and/or allow someone else to solve our dilemma, we can choose to take pills to mask our pain or we can choose to take action. Through our actions, our reality is unveiled. Choosing to be passive or active, within the Canvas of Life, is merely our choice. What we choose has consequences…how do you want them to pan out?


When Service Becomes Disservice

With poverty climbing, more people falling under the national poverty level, programs and shelters closing their doors because they cannot meet the demands of the needy, what are we to do with our brothers and sisters who go hungry? Have you ever witnessed the reactions people have towards our homeless? Rude behavior towards them? Have you treated another human being, less fortunate, without respect? Chances are you can answer at least one of these.

The dilemma is not about feeding our homeless, but how we treat our fellow-man. Should we give free handouts? Or is it a greater disservice? While this topic can go round and round, they are still human beings who go hungry. This is definitely a controversial topic and many will turn away.

While the greatest gift we can offer is service, it can turn quickly into a disservice. By providing daily handouts, the homeless never learn to fend for themselves, giving them self-confidence of making it on their own. I am not suggesting we stop helping those in need. Instead we are to feed the hungry, while feeding their soul. It is a greater service to offer emergency nourishment, while giving courage to make it on their own.


Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.

Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.


Ani po finds herself in foreign land. Along the main strip, she observes a homeless person along her way. When the homeless person reached to Ani Po, asking for money, she replied, “what is the money for?”

Homeless: “Food.”

Ani Po: “I cannot give you money, but if you are truly hungry come with me. Will you dine with me?”

Homeless: “Sure but they will not let me in there.”

Ani Po: “What is your name? I am Ani Po.

Homeless: “The name is Matthew.”

Ani Po: “Well Matthew, I have money and if they want my money, they will let us both in.”

Ani Po and Matthew enter the fast food restaurant and they ordered food. Matthew was truly hungry, as he ordered a Big Mac super-sized and an extra Big Mac (ok, you can probably guess where we were). They both sat, enjoying each others company but mainly a hot meal.

Ani Po asked the young man why he was homeless, to which Matthew replied, “I just got out of prison and I am a felon.”

Ani Po: “A felon?! What did you do?”

Matthew: “When I was nineteen, I was busted for strong-armed robbery.”

Ani Po: “What the Hell were you thinking?

Matthew: “I was young and my buddies dared me to hold up a gas station. When I got caught, they were nowhere to be found.”

Ani Po: “So what are you going to do now? You going to live on the street forever?”

Matthew: “Well, I would get a job but who will hire a felon?”

Ani Po: “What do you want to do?”

Matthew: “I want to get into construction.”

Ani Po: “Avoid the commercial companies and the Unions…they will not hire you. Your only bet is to go private. Find someone looking for help and work your ass off, proving yourself to not only the boss but yourself. Learn as much as you can and when you are comfortable enough…get your own crew. I see great things in your future Matthew, but you have a rough road ahead of you.”

Matthew agreed to everything Ani Po stated and further added, “You are right about this path, but when I get my own crew I want to branch out into Architecture. I want to design handicap friendly homes. My Brother was shot when we were younger and he has a hard time in his current home.”

Ani Po: “That is a good plan. Check with your local university. Seeing you do not have any money to your name, there shouldn’t be any problems getting assistance.”

At this time a friend of Matthews enters and sits down next to them. Looking hungry Ani Po hands him his Super-Sized fries, “You hungry too? I shouldn’t eat these fries anyways.”

Ani po gets up and extends his hand to Matthew, “I wish you the very best Matthew and have enjoyed your company today. While today’s meal was free, you may have to work for tomorrow’s. You are at the crossroads of your future…do you stay on the streets or do get to work? I challenge you to follow your dream. Whatever obstacles lay before you, step over them and continue your journey towards your goal. You can have anything, but it may require a bit of work.”

Ani Po turns and walks away.

Matthew watches Ani Po leave. Withe a tear in his eye, whispering…”I will.”

Now that is service. Merely feeding Matthew would have been a great disservice. Not only did Ani Po share a life lesson with Matthew, but she showed Matthew that someone authentically cared about him and gave him hope. Had Ani Po not stopped to eat with Matthew, he would have remained on the street. Instead, Matthew has not just one crew but multiple. Not only does he have his own construction company, but also has an architecture firm.

If we, as a collective whole, repeatedly ignore the less fortunate, how will they ever learn a new reality? “Well I did it, why can’t they?” Maybe their reality was slightly different from yours and they need help seeing clearly. In order to change a broken wheel, it often requires an expert to show the way.

While the pilgrim prides himself filled with change in his pocket, the Warrior prides herself with change in Her heart. Enjoy this next clip on change…


Stepping into the Canvas with change of Heart. Pockets may not jingle jangle like they normally might, but fortune is sure to appear. When we give everything we have, we see how rich we truly are. Keep everything to ourselves, we continue seeking that which is missing. Through service to others, we are serving ourselves. How will you serve today?

Seeing Beyond the Canvas

Seeing beyond the canvas is about seeing Life as something far greater than our conditioned lives. We were taught  happiness comes from going to school, establishing a career and living the American Dream by purchasing our own home. While achieving all of this something still remains missing. What is this void we all yearn to fill? It is the void of Truth. The void of Truth is the empty feeling we have when we continually seek more of something that gives us a false sense of goodness.

We get a house, a couple of cars and maybe some nice little toys. We are happy for a moment, but continue to battle bouts of depression, anger, fear and sadness. Something is still missing.

Walking in the Flesh, the Orgasm lasts a mere Second.

Walking in Spirit…an Eternity!

The void is our lack of happiness or self-actualization of being ‘On Purpose.’ We must learn to accept happiness no matter the circumstance and see silver-linings in every cloud. Have you ever noticed some of the really successful people and their lives painting a perfect picture? At first glance they seem to be happy, whilst having it all. As we look deeper or time unveils, we hear of a terrible breakup or separation ,they were never really happy, or have addictions to prescription drugs. There is a small population that has it all, but more importantly have found Happiness and live on the level of the heart. At this level…All Things are Possible.

“Never look up to the people who have the painted-perfect lives,

because try as they might,

can never see beyond the canvas.”~Moira Hallsom

It is possible to have it all: the big house, loving family, more money than we know what to do with, but meaningless without finding happiness. People try to buy happiness, but as I stated earlier “As we walk in flesh, the Orgasm lasts for a mere second.” Walking in flesh focuses  on meeting the lower of Maslows Hierarchy of needs: Physical pleasures, while walking in Spirit focuses on higher needs of self-actualization. Find Happiness, enjoying all that life has to offer. Once established, we can co-create the life we want.

Stepping into the Canvas we admire the beauty God has painted, accepting it for what it is while co-creating a painting to our desires. Seeing Beyond the Canvas sheds light to painted pictures and their imperfections. When we see the canvas for what it truly is we accept them as imperfectly perfect as our own, but enjoying the beauty that life has to offer. Focus on our own Canvas, Painting that which we most desire.


SandFantasy by: Ilana Yahav

So where do we align ourselves? Do we align with the material gains and the Flesh? or do we align with the Higher Self of Spirit, obtaining all that we ever dreamed of? Dare to Step Into the Canvas today, living the life meant to…taking an active role in creation.


Much Love and Peace Profound.

Return to Innocence

It all begins with one person, one household, one town, one state, one nation and finally One World.

As peace is restored on the individual level, it spreads to the latter of these.

Listen to this song, watch the video and see  the possibility of returning back to the way it was before the beginning.


Bethany Hamilton and Nick Vujicic

Bethany Hamilton, whom lost her arm in a shark attack, continues to surf and in this video teaches Nick Vujicic how to surf. Two inspiring souls who continue to shed Light on so many…Thank you Both!


Stand By Me

In this life we only have each other in times of need. We have friends in this world and from the other-side.

We have human friends and heavenly friends. When friends are not near, we always have our Heavenly Father.

Whom ever you call on today, remember there is always someone in need and eventually you will be called to…Stand By Me.


Love is Real. Beauty is Truth.

Love is real (John Lennon), Beauty is Truth (John Keats). Real is Love, Truth Beauty – that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know…


If you believe…you’ll make it happen!