Taking a Break

When one runs out of options, often it is doing nothing that has greatest value.~Ani Po

Too often we get ourselves in a tizzy as to whether or not we should do this or that. We feel we have to continuously be doing something, failing to just sit quietly…allowing for a recharge or creative juices to percolate.

I sit once again with nothing to write, nothing to add…but there remains a voice “take a break.” What? Take a break? Are you kidding me? Who will monitor this website or the Facebook page? Fear stirs…but it is released. Yep…I think it is time to let go of this as well….

Stepping into the Canvas with nothing in hand. Letting go of all there is, only to connect with all there is. Realizing we have nothing, but everything around us to be enjoyed. Wishing you a blissful day filled with Love, Peace and Joy…may your day be Syncrosensational!

taking a break