The Great Lesson of Life

The great lesson of Life is about acknowledging and accepting things for what they are.~Ani Po

It is not about good or bad, right or wrong, increased knowledge or unlearning everything we have been taught. Instead it is a constant observing of such and taking what works or does not work for our personal journey. We learn, we adapt, we learn and we grow.

Adjusting our lives, our movements, our thoughts…aligning to that which we choose to.

Friendships may be longterm or short-lived, just as a season or reason. We acknowledge the divine in others and accept all…for they are walking their own path home. Whether joyous or uncomfortable, our encounters may bring answers to our unanswered questions.

Guard lips or freely speak, both have a power yet to be understood. Judge or be judged, it matters not.

Stepping into the Canvas acknowledging and accepting things for what they are. We ebb and flow, adapt and unknow…remaining in awe at the great mysteries this Canvas of Life has to offer.