Our Thoughts Make It

Our Life is what our thoughts make it.~Marcus Aurelius

This quote is very timely, as our reality is changing every day. With outside influences and internal guidance, the reality we live in continues to change daily. What reality do we live in? Whichever our heart desires.

From old paradigm to new, we continue to ebb and flow, learn and grow. Old ways gone, accepting new…we allow the natural creation to take form in our lives. The Canvas of Life is continually changing with influences of its surroundings, maintaining homeostasis…so why are we any different? We are not, but merely believe that our reality is that which has been fed to us.

It is time to feed upon something else, something more spiritually nutritious. It is time to dream our reality into existence. How does this happen? We believe it and know it to be true. No matter what the outside world claims, our internal world creates something more fulfilling, delightful…more everything.

Stepping into the Canvas as a new reality, creating life as we see fit. Our lives are a reflection of our reality and via our own contemplation our reality is that which we see. Through our own inner discovery we align with an infinite source of reality…making our reality as we see it to be. As it goes…so shall it be.

OUr thoughts make it