Thoughts That Matter

All action results from thought, so it is thoughts that matter.~Sai Baba

Ever since I was a child I knew this, but somewhere along the way it was lost. Until now. Revisiting the past, I am re-acclimated with this ornate technology of the mind. Our thoughts become things and our reality altered by our thoughts.Our thoughts can easily be influenced by our days and altered by our nights.

With a bit of practice, we can focus with laser precision as to altering our own path into the future. Looking back, I have always known where I would be, but fell into a trap of feeling lost. Blamed others for current situations, accused the like for my failures…then a switch is thrown…and it was all changed.

Our thoughts become things, so why do we fail at getting what we want? Somewhere along the way we forget, falling into a trap of our day to day events. Say “no more!” From this day forward focus on what we want and surely it will be so. Our actions will align with our thoughts and reality will never be the same…

Sai baba