Through Eyes of Spirit: Vast and Infinite

eye light

About seven years ago, when my life turned upside down…not knowing what was real or who I was, I began searching for answers. Answers of who I am, where I am going and what is to become of my reality. My reality was not all that bleak, but filled with anger, fear and blindness.
When I first heard the words of Dr. Wayne Dyer, I ignored them. Hearing them again, I could not ignore the message infusing into my reality, in which would change the course of my life forever. “When you change the way you look at things, things you look at change.”
If it were not for a friend in need, and my desire to help another, I may not have unlocked the door to the self. A funny characteristic of humans is that we cannot see beyond the tip of our nose. When we are given suggestions of change, we boldly state “I’m good.” For me…this was so true.
I was working as a Manager of a Cancer Program at the time, managing rental properties and trying to maintain a happy household. With children on the way, less sleep…anger and fear began to become an intricate part of my day. Then one day, hearing Wayne’s words once again…something happened. I realized that life is too short to work our knuckles to the bone and too short to lose sight of having happiness as our reality.
“Sell you cleverness, purchase bewilderment.”~Rumi
Sell everything I did!
Caution: selling everything does not mean living in poverty, but means we have defined what is necessary to sustain a fruitful life…this is the beginning to self-actualization.
Self-actualized do not subscribe to messages of obtaining more, for more is less in many cases. Identifying the self, self-actualized begin redefining their reality as they see fit. Having money is not poisonous unless it becomes an obsession…the self-actualized are no longer willing to drink of this poison.
It was through the shadows of my past, that Light was brought to the forefront of my being. Through my own shadows and restless nights of sleep, I was guided into the brightness of my days. My life, filled with anger and fear, yielded nightmares, insomnia and thoughts of more hate towards the self and fellow-man.
It is often stated that if we live in fear, or in the flesh, we confine ourselves into that reality before us. Changing our direction and gaze to the unknown, we expand our consciousness and our boundaries within our reality. Religion is a great tool for obtaining the keys to the unknown, but misused it traps us in a Hell which most see as paradise. Hell is not paradise…unless you like it hot…I would prefer somewhere else…like Florida or South America.
Before my shift in consciousness, the nightmares and insomnia prevailed with peace taking a back seat. Bringing Peace and Love into my days, the nights began to mirror-image my days. Studying my dreams, if I slept, I began seeing a common theme changing within my days. Our dream world will direct us in our true path of the day. In following the path of my shadows, unearthing more fear and hate, I unearthed something greater…Love. Through personal Darkness, I found Light. Letting go of what I thought as real, I opened my eyes to an abyss of the unknown…opening the eyes of spirit.
“To see through the eyes of flesh, our view is short and narrow; through the eyes of spirit, vast and infinite.”~Ani Po

Vast and infinite
Is there someone in your life that has wronged you? Someone you have wronged? Ask for forgiveness. Not of them, but of yourself. Even though we are the victim, not guilty of any crime against another, we are guilty against ourselves for bringing shame or disgrace within our train of thoughts. Let it all go.


I know, I know…many will say “it is easy for you to say, but you were not the victim.” Maybe true, but I have been the victim of many things…things that no longer take control of who I am. These events in my life, whether good or bad, have increased my awareness of the human psyche…the way the universe works. Through my awareness of self, I found awareness in ‘All there Is.’
What is it that you want? All things, all realities, begin with a single thought. If there are thoughts of negativity (of flesh), then change them to that of positivity (spirit). There is a spiritual solution to all realities…why not give it a try?! I dare you now…to seek the good in any given situation…guaranteed it exists.
“Goodness is result of seeing that which is good; Opposing, the answer is the same.”~Joseph

seeing that which is good
If you cannot sleep at night, try scanning your emotional well-being. Are you happy? Have you forgiven those who do not bring perceived goodness into the world? Have you forgiven yourself? Chances are you have fallen into a trap of false reality, clinging to thoughts of despair or anger towards another. Maybe it is time to let go? Perceived goodness is a human trait and a perception of how the world should be. It is difficult to understand that there are bad people in this world to maintain homeostasis within the universe, but how can we have north without south? Merely directional guides. The laws of nature do not see good or bad, just an entire whole. What we perceive as good and bad, the universe sees only one. Our job is to find this place of oneness within ourselves…then live as one, sharing joy wherever we go.
Stepping into the Canvas with the shadows at our back. With our shadows behind us, we are facing the source of light. Facing the source of light, we are heading into brighter days. Soon our daytime will mirror our nighttime and vice verse. Turn now towards the source of Light, letting go of the shadows…enjoying the Canvas as a whole. Not as good or bad, but…in pure bewilderment…returning restlessness to restfulness.