To Know Nothing

To Know nothing is Knowing Every Thing.~Ani Po

Oh to the dear hearts who yearn to make a difference. Through physical works or being present with another. Our desire so great we project our beliefs wherever we go. What if we pause? What if we no longer project beliefs but remain present without having all the answers?

In our desire to help we remain attached to a feeling of feeling important. What if we no longer attach to having all the answers? What if within our desire to have answers we miss the beauty of the day?

Seeing in linear fashion we miss the magnitude within the Canvas of life. Life is not linear, life is not finite…with multitudes of solutions, answers and/ or realities of existence. What if we step back to see the world as whole? As an ever-spinning possibility of truths? Where do we stand?

We stand in our present moment of reality, allowing unlimited realities to exist as within parallel universes simultaneously as one. Learning all we can…coming to a greater conclusion of knowing nothing at all. While the heart adapts to an ever-changing world, the headmind struggles to gain footing within the day. Get out of the mind…and into the heart.

Entering the heart, our headmind creates safety nets to our realities of truth. Afraid of being wrong or failing to gain footing upon a globe spinning at light speeds? No matter to the above, we remain in the heart…ever-changing, ever-adapting as the world spins into our daily existence. No longer having the answers, no longer having to solve anything…we remain in love.

Our shadows will exist within self, within our communities…but we remain in ‘no thing.’ Knowing nothing, aligning with everything. Non-attachment to all there is, transcending self, we align with all there is…allowing an ebb and flow of realities to co-exist in every moment. What we see fit, we engage or we may not…we remain knowing nothing, witnessing miracles of being present in every moment.