True Pleasures

To deny oneself true pleasures of life is to deny oneself life.~Ani Po

For years we made sacrifices. Each year, we said “just one more year of sacrifice.” With each new passing year, we created another what if situation, halting what we really wanted in life and sacrificing to get further along to somewhere. But where?

Sacrifice is beneficial, but to what extent does it become detrimental to our well-being? We could spend hours discussing this topic of well-being, but we will not. What we will challenge is taking time out of our busy schedules to feed those souls. Fail to feed our soul and spirit begins to decay.

Stepping into the Canvas accepting true pleasures of life. Balancing the busy and beauty of the day, we find time to feed our souls with true pleasures of life. Whatever that pleasure is, take time to feed those desires. For now we shall not go hungry, whilst eventually made whole…

true pleasures