What Is Stepping Into The Canvas?

Stepping into the Canvas came about one day, during meditation, while contemplating who I was and where I was going. It is said that Nature is God’s Canvas and we are the tools, creating the life we want.

We can choose to dwell in the details of life: sadness, hate, suffering, fear, evil or we can revel in the details of life: happiness, joy, hope, faith, Love. The choice is ours.

As we step into the canvas each day, we can decide to create as we see fit. Essentially we become the brush, the painter and finally an intricate part of the canvas. Beginning with gratitude starts us off on the right foot, stepping in Love keeps a steady flow of abundant living.

If your brushes are old and worn, maybe it is time for new ones. Changing perspectives, changing our reality…one stroke at a time. Life is meant to be enjoyed…why not see the beauty? Soon you will be seeing “All as Good.”

With each step it gets easier and easier to revel in the details of life, but without constant attention we may fall victim to old habits. Remain in the Canvas, Be the Canvas.