With a New Mindset

Years ago, shortly after taking a step onto a brighter path, dormant forces came alive. Not to conspire with me, but challenge my strength as to how bad I wanted to know the Way. Everything, I mean everything, that could…did go wrong. I nearly lost my house, nearly said goodbye to everything and everyone. But something or someone, a little voice inside, said “keep going…you are almost there.”

But it hurts too much…I can’t! “What will hurt more…staying in your current state or getting passed this illusion of pain?” The answer was pretty clear, as I knew the past pain would far outweigh future pain of traveling down this road of faith. “Atta-boy…keep going.”

It was about this time we began purging our things. My wife, my greatest cheerleader (although there were times of great fear with her own self, not knowing if I was going to leave her in search of this said happiness), encouraged the great purge. We began simplifying our lifestyle, letting go of stuff weighing us down.

Feeling lighter, more joyous, more challenges came before me. Smiling, knowing that this time was different and nothing, I mean nothing was going to come between me and the open road to paradise. Was this me, ego or something else thinking inside my head? Wasn’t sure at the time, but it did sound good…so I stuck to the plan.

Something was different. Each challenge before me became a lesson of understanding. It was strange. I began to see two sides to every story, but this time choosing which path to take. Again, I didn’t always choose the correct path, but quickly shifted sails to catch the right winds.

It is now ten years later…Still learning and growing….there is a sense of knowing. Knowing that all things created in the constructs of my own mind. Misery and joy, both reside in my mind. It was all a bloody head game and I was a sore loser! Smiling…not this time. This time I choose peace and joy and all things leading to my desired destination of happiness.

They say the journey is the destination, I now understand. It is through pitfalls and peaks of life that can ultimately bring us down or build us up. Regardless of the climb or the fall, with ability to fall flat on our face or soar with the Eagles each and every time. But how does one soar with the Eagle every time? Get out of the mind and into the heart.

Entering this heart, a different tune plays. One with sweeter melody and harmonious pitch. What is this tune I hear? “It is my song, waiting to play my entire life.” Does everyone have this song? “Yes. They need do nothing to hear it, allowing it to come forward.” Wait a minute?! I thought we aught to do nothing?! Now you are telling me we must?! “There you go again, with the ego-mind trying to figure things out. Entering the heart, we come to a place of knowing and allowing.”

Ok, that was strange…now I am having a conversation with Spirit and writing about it. Let me simplify this…keep the course, clear your plate of anything upsetting the stomach…palatable or not…if it causes distress, it will cause pain. Let it all go, keep the course, seek the answers and trust the answers are on their way. Question the process and we inadvertently end back in the monkey-mind rat-race of our daily life. Trust the process and we shall ultimately arrive.

The time is now to let go of everything we have been told. The time is now to trust our inner guidance as to where we are going. Truth is…we have no clue as to where we are going…but at least the journey will be more enjoyable. I bid you peace, I bid you strength…for we shall walk together…finding our way home.

Stepping into the Canvas with a new mindset, one that lives within the heart. With our heart leading the way, we shall forevermore remain in Peace, Love and Happiness. Allowing Peace and Love to shine forth, the path before us shall assuredly Lead us home.

With a new mindset