Spirit to Carry Me

Place discernment within my mind, strength and courage within my body, most importantly the Spirit to carry me through each new day.~Ani Po

I have often written about self empowerment, the power of the mind, but assuredly none of that matters without first invoking the power of Spirit into our lives. As we wander through the Canvas of Life, may our steps be that of Spirit and not of flesh.

A wise teacher once reminded me, that everything has already been written upon the hearts of man and nothing needs further writing. He is absolutely right in saying this, but it is the gentle daily reminders that we interpret into the times of ‘now.’ As man is stubborn to listen of the words of old, maybe, just maybe it is written into another voice…that of the modern man?!

Dare to walk in Spirit, free of judgment. Dare to walk in Spirit, with eyes anew. Dare to Step into the Canvas as if everyday was a miracle. For the yesterdays have passed and the future may never come, it is in this very moment we have to change our course within the Canvas.

Lord of the wind, too often we close ourselves to the spirit, missing the gifts are offered to us. We think we can confine the Spirit’s work to just ode day a year, overlooking all the opportunities to be transformed by you. We turn away from the Spirit of truth as we openly embrace the lies offered to us by so many in our world.

Open our ears so we may hear the cries of those around us. Give us tongues which are bold enough to proclaim hope and grace to all. Shape us into that Spirit-baptized community of followers of Christ…

Spirit to carry me

Believe Nothing

Believe nothing, No matter where you read it, Or who has said it, Not even if I have said it, Unless it agrees with your own reason, And your common sense. ~Buddha

We can read it, see it and we can hear about it…but is it true? That is left for us to decide. If it resonates with the self, then it resonates with the reality of how we see things. The key to our understanding of all things is merely accepting it to be true…but only if it agrees with our own reason…

believe nothing