Our Thoughts Make It

Our Life is what our thoughts make it.~Marcus Aurelius

This quote is very timely, as our reality is changing every day. With outside influences and internal guidance, the reality we live in continues to change daily. What reality do we live in? Whichever our heart desires.

From old paradigm to new, we continue to ebb and flow, learn and grow. Old ways gone, accepting new…we allow the natural creation to take form in our lives. The Canvas of Life is continually changing with influences of its surroundings, maintaining homeostasis…so why are we any different? We are not, but merely believe that our reality is that which has been fed to us.

It is time to feed upon something else, something more spiritually nutritious. It is time to dream our reality into existence. How does this happen? We believe it and know it to be true. No matter what the outside world claims, our internal world creates something more fulfilling, delightful…more everything.

Stepping into the Canvas as a new reality, creating life as we see fit. Our lives are a reflection of our reality and via our own contemplation our reality is that which we see. Through our own inner discovery we align with an infinite source of reality…making our reality as we see it to be. As it goes…so shall it be.

OUr thoughts make it


When Nothing Goes Our Way

There are times in our lives where it seems almost hopeless. The Light does not seem to go on in our darkened state. What to do? What do we do when nothing seems to work in our favor? I may not have been in your situation but can count numerous times where I had no other choice but to fall to my knees and weep.

I know, sounds rather weak of me to just kneel down and cry my eyes out, but is it? Is it better to lash out in anger, screaming at those around us…blaming them for our misfortunes? or is it better to humble ourselves before the Universe, asking for help?

Smiling, as this answer is pretty clear to me. It is now, but was not always clear.

Recently a friend called to unload a mountain of hardships, feeling trapped and nothing could be done about the current situation. As I listened, I am reminded of a time when all I could do is let go, crying out to the Heavens “Please help me!”

I have always been the adventurous sort and usually the one person who enters an impossible situation with hopes of turning out miraculous. While it doesn’t seem miraculous in the beginning, it assuredly turns out that way as soon as I let go of expected outcomes…rejoicing in the many amazing turns before my destination.

One time in particular, I was driving in the backwoods of Northern Wisconsin, deciding to take a leisurely ride with my son. Ten miles into the woods may not necessarily be a leisurely stroll for most, but for me that was normal…only this time it was a first for my son.

I could feel his excitement quickly turning into fear, as he had never been that far back into the woods. With no other tracks in sight, it did not help the cause as He quickly began voicing his fears.

Assuring him all will be ok…it quickly went south.

We came to an instant halt after trucking through a mud trail, as the trail began kissing the bottom of my truck. From kissing to clinging, it was now as high as the floorboards of our Chevy Silverado. Like a rock it sank deeper into the mud. Maybe I should have changed the tires to off-roads?

Now stuck, I began rocking the truck back forth to no avail. Hmmm…what to do? I could try putting rocks under the tires, logs in the path of the tires…to which nothing produced results. Maybe now would have been a good time for a winch? Yep!

Now, at this time, the anger within me began to surface. Getting short with my son, when his inquisitive mind began asking “how the heck are we going to get out?!”

I collapsed. Right then and there, I fell to me knees crying out “Please Help us.” With no other options, I let go and called out to higher powers to assist in our recovery. This was that moment. That moment when impossible turned quickly into miraculous.

Not more than three minutes crying out, we both heard a loud crashing noise. A noise as if the trees were being parted and thunder was rolling straight down the path we came. Well it wasn’t necessarily thunder, but a Ford F-150 with off-road tires.

Glad to see someone, knowing that we would not have to walk out of the woods (would not be the first time I had to walk out of the woods). Sharing cordial greetings and harassment from a Ford driver. There is an unwritten rival between Chevy and Ford drivers, one that I could never understand. Nevertheless, I had to listen to this kind soul harass me about driving the wrong vehicle “if you were driving a Ford, you wouldn’t be in this mess!”

Grateful for the angels that heard my cry, sending me into laughter as an earth angel driving a rival vehicle shows up to assist.

Looking back at this moment, I realize that there was a common thread to my getting unstuck in a sticky situation. When nothing else worked to my advantage, I let go…crying out for assistance from the highest power.

Have you ever been in a sticky situation, where nothing seemed it would turn out for the better? Have you ever felt stuck? Maybe it is time to get on your knees and ask for help…I shared this with my friend. Maybe this is where he will go or maybe he will choose to “fight on.” Whatever the course…he will find his way in this magical place within the Canvas of Life.

Stepping into the Canvas when nothing goes our way…we let go, let it pass…we allow a miracle to unfold. It is in letting go of specific outcomes they appear in the strangest of circumstances. Humbling, it may be…but victorious it shall be…let go, cry out…ask and it shall be given unto thee…

everything arrives right on time