Divinely Orchestrated

With every breath, every new day…it is divinely orchestrated for us to enjoy.~Ani Po

Some days there are no words to describe, just a feeling we get. These are the moments we just sit and smile, filling ourselves with gratitude. If we pay attention to the details of our days, we will begin to understand there is a higher power at work. Every detail, every interaction…there is a moment of pure synchronization. With every breath, every new day…the Canvas of Life does not disappoint.

with every breath




The True Work of Art

The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.~Michelangelo

We capture as best we can, divine beauty of all there is, but yet something still remains amiss. As perfect as perfect can be, it still remains only a speck of something greater. We are merely paintings, individual photographs compiled to a grander picture.

Stepping into the Canvas radiating Divine Beauty. Whether it is mirrored, shadowed or emanated…we are a speck of the divine. That which seen within us can be seen universally in all things. We are collectively the Divine…we are All there Is.

true work of art