Where our Thoughts Collide

At a ‘zero point,’ the point where our thoughts collide, we have a choice to make…continue a path of destruction as before or choose a peaceful path of knowing…I am all there is.~Ani Po

We all have options, whether we know it currently or yet to understand. Like an hourglass, either at a singular level or a greater plain…there is point in time where we sit with a greater intention of something more to come.

Whether it be at our lowest points, saddest of times or the darkest of moments…there comes a time where the hourglass turns over. The pivotal point between expiring sands of time and the new beginnings is the moment between both parts of the hourglass…the point of endless possibilities. How do we turn our fate…we need to trust and turn the hourglass over.

Stepping into the Canvas embracing all there is. As we see darkness and light of our days, we are given choices. As we choose, we detach from the emotions we once shared. As we move forward from this zero point, we merely choose the our own fate…

zero point

Attempting to Understand

Just as we cannot truly understand nature and her residents, we cannot truly understand humans and varying behaviors or beliefs.

In attempting to understand one another, we inadvertently pass judgment on them. Our understanding of another, we must make a choice to how or what they are doing…further making a choice of acceptance or ignorance. Observe and allow, that is all we need to know.

attempting to understand another