Garden of Compassion

Grief can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open through everything, your pain can become your greatest ally in you life’s search for love and wisdom.~Rumi

There is a sense of non-attachment here. When we attach to things, whether material or no-material, we open ourselves up for pain and suffering. Letting go of all expectations, we allow ourselves to move freely passed a said unfortunate moment. Instead of suffering, we learn and grow from the present circumstances.

Setting intentions for the day, week or even longer, our thoughts are set in motion for unlimited possibilities. Rejoice along the way whether as expected or not so much. Through the process of setting intentions we are painting a masterpiece upon the Canvas of Life.

Stepping into the Canvas painting with an open heart. We are here to create, observe, rejoice and repeat it all over. Sing and Dance, laugh and play, remaining in balance along the way.


Formless and Void

In the beginning, was the Word and the Word was complete and the Word was so. Even in “the beginning”it was with a word or thought. Divinely written upon the hearts of man, carried out by spirit. We think therefore we are, we step and our actions begin paving the Way.

A work in progress-with little practice we see we are at the center of the Universe, a spark of the divine Universe, and we are the Universe. Universal thought created in sacred space…becomes so and is one with Creator.

Our first thought shall be of change, contemplating how change may look like and setting forth these changes.

How does tomorrow look for you? Will you remain in the same situation? If you could change how tomorrow looks, what will it look like? How can we attain the change?

Let us take a look at what our day may look like…

If you unlimited funds and you could do anything you wanted, what would you do first?

If there is one thing that you could change, what would it be?

So many questions to ask oneself, but the biggest remains whether or not we can let go of that which we fear most-our past. It took a couple of years for me to come to this realization…everything, I mean everything leading up to this place in time has molded us in some fashion. Whether positively or negatively influenced, we are molded into the person we have become. Do we like what we see? Then congratulations, you have found true happiness! Raising an eyebrow at which we see, then what is it that we would like to see change? Time to make the changes.

For me, it was necessary to forgive myself and those around me who may have caused pain or suffering in some fashion. I say this lightly, true suffering remaining self-illusion, living within the confines of our mind. We suffer only by the mere thoughts of suffering. However, in our youth, it is difficult to comprehend the abuse we’ve endured. Growing older, letting go of the pain instilled within our thoughts-allowing freedom to ring out louder and louder each day. As the wisdom of the ages exists within our thoughts, we let go of the pains of yesteryear, allowing eternal peace to be born.

Through careful contemplation, we see through different eyes. Like a kaleidoscope of truth, we see reality unfold into a myriad of realities-never knowing which is real or dream, just allowing the feeling of being true to self to flow through. Taking necessary me time to ponder the daily routine, allowing change thought to come forth. Within sacred timing, sacred void, divine results witnessed.

It is within our thoughts void is filled, from formless to form, birthing new reality.

Stepping into the Canvas no boundaries once more. Names and labels have gone, understanding is fading away-we are merely enjoying the vast openness of reality. From formless to formed, void to being filled-in letting go we receive everything that we ever desired.