Attachment to Canvas

We arise each day with many choices in our being. Do I have morning coffee? What to have for breakfast? In the interest of time, we create habits or rituals to allow us to be more efficient throughout our day.

We have the same breakfast and one or two cups of coffee to start the day, because that is what we think will start our day in the right direction. While brief, it may, but can we sustain this feeling throughout our day?

We perceive if we act in a certain way or do certain acts we will have a more positive experience. While it may be so, what if the day does not go as expected? Can one sustain positivity during times of difficulty? Our attachment to how the day should be, how we should act or what our appearance should be, unfortunately will only lead to suffering.

Our attachment as to how the Canvas of Life ‘should be’ leads only to suffering. Allowing the Canvas of Life to be as it may, whilst exchanging a dance with inspiration or harmonizing to a magical tune, we find ourselves unattached, untethered to what the world around us says we ought to be doing.

Attached to outcome we find only pain and misery. Attached to experiencing All There Is, we lead an awe-inspiring life. Deep within the Canvas is a Heartbeat. Those willing to listen shall here, shall feel a deeper connection to All There Is. No attachment just awe-inspired.

It is…as It may…

~Ani Po