Becoming All There Is

Oneness and what it means

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash


Broken razors’ edge,
rat race hamsters’ wheel,
bus coming to complete stop.
Gazing stars, milkyway,
snickers shaking head,
disbelief inconsiderable.
Meeting of the mystics,
shared secrets, rituals,
moving mountains snapping fingers.

Labels ripped off clothing, sheets,
popping tags extinction,
prosecution notwithstanding.
Mirrors’ glance fading memories,
disfigured, broken,
gold filling cracks.
Narrow is The Way, wide is the road,
thin red line, warrior’s way,
arms spreading across Mother Earth.

Singularity, dualistic dying past,
akashic , collective,
galaxy giving birth, brighter future.
Ancient history thoughts,
hidden in the shadows,
limpia comes forward.
Processed projection screens,
life story unfolds director’s cut,
re-write, playwright, no longer Right or Wrong.

We Just Are.

~ Ani Po

Many spiritual traditions discuss oneness or becoming One with the Universe, but what does this mean? Oneness is a feeling a person gets when they see themselves as a Divine Creation part of the collective whole. They see themselves as everything or everyone around them, contemplating their every action as cause and effect. Their actions are carefully planned, as they may affect the next seven generations.

Judgment becomes a thing of the past with self-actualized people, as they see themselves as part of the collective body of the Universe. When they admire a quality in a person, they are admiring a part of themselves they like…or hope to emanate. In opposition, they show anger towards negative behavior mirroring negative parts of themselves. Referred to as the Shadow effect, Debbie Ford brought much awareness to this field of study. While the majority look in the mirror to see themselves, the self-actualized looks in the mirror and sees everyone else.

Looking beyond the mirror, we look beyond the flaws of the flesh. It is during the identifying process of our imperfections, that we gain perfection. The path of the enlightened is first seeing that we are not perfect. Next is seeing all imperfections as perfectly imperfect. When we see the collective whole as imperfectly perfect or vice versa, then we have found Oneness. Lao Tzu discussed The Way, Jesus discussed the Way, Buddha Discussed the Way, Zoroaster Discussed The Way, even Homer Simpson discussed The Way (ok, maybe not Homer Simpson but his distant cousin Homer, author of Iliad and the Odyssey). The result of The Way is…Oneness. We become One.

Finding oneness we essentially come to a place where “All Is Good.” No bitterness and only Unconditional Love. Co-creating the life we always dreamed of, descending down the river singing, “Row, Row, Row your boat. GENTLY down the stream. MERRILY (with much emphasis on merrily), MERRILY, MERRILY…Life is but a dream.”

Stepping into the Canvas singing this childhood song, paddling only when needed. Drifting effortlessly down the stream of Life, no longer worrying about reaching our destination or how we will get there. Instead, we Let Go and We Let God. Faith is our navigator, hope is our first mate, and Love is the name on the back of our boat.

We can try to define or describe oneness but ultimately fall short. Just as the Tao, once labeled, is no longer the Tao. For one to fully understand ‘oneness’ it must be felt. It just Is, We Just Are.