Butterflies in the Stomach: Sharing excitement for another

Have you ever had butterflies in your stomach? Chances are you have. But have you ever experienced butterflies in your stomach for another? Can one share in the feeling of something that brings them joy?
Tuning into our days, we can easily feel doom and gloom of the day or a sense that everyone is happy: Heaviness in the air, chaotic thought all around and compounded disasters throughout the day; Joyous whistling, excitement in voice and synchronicity throughout the day.
Let’s take it one step forward.
We can stand beside someone who is going through a difficult time. Just being in their presence is enough and fixing their problem may not be the answer. Just be present. During a friend’s difficult breakup or a death of someone close, sometimes it is best to just remain silent. Be present.
Just as the pit in our stomach when another is going through difficult times, we can also share in butterfly feelings as another is ecstatically experiencing the Canvas of Life. Just Be Present. Recognize this feeling but refrain from trumping anothers’ experience, letting them have their moment. Be Present.
Last week I had the experience of walking into a feeling I had not felt in some time. It was a feeling of ‘going up north to the cabin.’ Every time I would be heading north to the cabin, I would get a child-like feeling of excitement for being up north in the woods. Does this happen to you? Is there another activity that brings this excitement? Just as the feeling of heading north brings excitement. there is a similar event when returning home. Something about looking forward to sleeping in ones own bed.
So this feeling I walked into…it was a familiar feeling but was uncertain where it was coming from. Until a friend began to speak. “Oh my gosh! Are you heading north?” He answered yes why?! “I feel such excitement around you, as if I were going myself.” My friend reminisced on stories of old, sharing some pretty hilarious moments bringing anyone great joy.
As stories unfolded, I could feel stories of my own triggering and wanting to be shared. With guarded lips I remained present, allowing him to gloat and enjoy the moment. Often times our sharing of stories triggers more stories of another, but when is it appropriate to share our own stories? Many explanations will come forward but my experience of trusting our intuitive self and discerning when it is appropriate. In this moment I chose to just listen.
Be in this Moment, share anothers’ Moment…fully Present we become, that is enough.~Ani Po
Photo Credit umaine.edu