Right or Wrong: Knowing what is True

To be right and wrong

Singular breath

Yes it’s true

That we are

Thousands of years

Maybe more


Ways of another

To be right or wrong

Single step

Who’s to know what is true?

Inward gaze

All is spoken

Outwardly propelled

It Is So

To be right or wrong

Second look

Answer remains the same

~Ani Po

Photo Credit Unknown

Sharing in Chorus: Aviator Mastery Chimes In

Oh the pain

Misery at front-hold

Given thought

Consumed as it was


Forthright transmission

Understood fully

Not at all

Vibratory transmission

Cosmic understanding


Give breath

Life creative mastery

Once there was nothing

Limitless unfolding realities

Singing a new song

Written before

Sharing in chorus

Aviator mastery chimes in

Dying breath

New life given

Fearing song

Joyous harmony as such

Pain consumed

Melodies release anew

Sing a New Song

Universally themed.

~Ani Po