Walking a Broken Road

Steady and slow

Slow wins the race


Uneven is the road

Steady and slow

Taking the new sounds

Songs of the heart

Forward moving

Carrying us through

Steady and slow



Moving forward as body allows

Fast and furious

Slow and steady wins the race

No race

Just is

~Ani Po

At the Heart of It All

Our lives spin endlessly and effortlessly if allowed. Those open to seeing parallels find themselves flowing through life in awe and wonder. Not always pain free but more often than not finding joy in all situations.

For they see without clouded vision, without a kaleidoscopic view of things. Vision becomes clearer and clearer riding the roller coaster of life, turning twists and turns into joyous surprised amazement.

It is not up to another to see for them or explain how things should be. It is an understanding of self on multiple layers of reality. Reality altered with thought or a corrective lens discovered by self.

At the root of all creation lay emotion, overcoming said emotions we are left with All there Is. Beyond emotion and crux of it all…it just is.

Our physical bodies reflecting our spiritual bodies. Meaning what we see on the surface there is a deeper meaning to what may exist within ourselves. When we reject our spiritual body, our physical body rejects what is or is not and goes into a tailspin of reality. Creating a roadblock or protecting the ego of self, still a deeper meaning to our pain exists.

Whatever we are compensating for on the physical plain we assuredly are compensating on the spiritual level. What is it? What is the pain body trying to direct our attention to?

On the physical plain our lower back pain may exist because we over did it, twisted wrong or physical trauma exists. On the spiritual plain it may be that our pain is caused by fear of losing freedom as we are tugged into places or events where are spiritual body does not feel safe. Being twisted into this or that, over extending ourselves or hurt on a deeper level of our subconscious minds.

The physical is a brilliant eye opening experience for those aware of the doorway presenting itself. We could choose to remain in pain or choose to alter our footing into a deeper calling of self.

Sit with the pain body long enough and the answer will present itself. What may be an over-extension of self, self-compensating for other areas within the pain body we fall victim to a natural way of healing self. Without understanding of how we heal, we merely fall into a tailspin until we crash and burn without nothing else to do but wait it out.

Maybe the crash and burn is what is needed for the self to understand what is truly needed on the spiritual level of things. Just as in the physical our spiritual body must wait until answers present themselves on a deeper understanding of All there Is.

At the heart of it all we are within the Canvas of life, an extension of this Great Canvas, free to create or self implode until we find our true calling of self. In our own discoveries we mirror a discovery of this Canvas of All there Is, allowing our lives to mirror that which Is to remain It. It is, Is It.

Ani Po