Sucked Dry

An poetic encounter with energy vampires

Photo by Clément Falize on Unsplash

Lights inception
preparatory adjustments
packing morsels
mid-morning Fuel.
Catching morning tune
hearts intent
blackened truth serum
splash of nature’s kiss.

Breathe in
you got this.
Breathe out
ripened, qualified.

Chariots arrival
calming steed
tightened armor
pinch of leaf
tucked diurnal course.
Fortress gate
opens in delight
comestible man-meat
penetrating reluctantly.

Breathe in
you got this.
Breathe out
ripened, qualified.

Timer starts
heretofore predators bite
immediate intercourse
scratched foreplay routine
straight to climax
feeding frenzy.
Coming up for air
plastic bag
gasping for a puff
give me strength.

Breathe in
you got this.
Breathe out
it is done.

Vampirical and empirical
one after another
sucking last breath
feeding from the next
Quarantine amplified
hunting and gathering
feeding whatsoever
limited resources.

Breathe in
letting go.
Breathe out
returning home.

closing laceration
blood-lettings duration
hearts daily menstruation
Centering thought
sacred space
cosmic recharge
daily periodicity.

~Ani Po

Magical Shoes

Photo by Niels Kehl on Unsplash

Package arrives
Don’t recall purchase
Arriving from foreign lands
Like a child
Great anticipation
Shredding the packaging

What’s this?
Soft black comfy shoes
Try them on?
Perfect fit
Just my size

Carried to
Distant land
Rainbows and unicorns
Not quite
Pretty close
Heartfelt transmission
Clear Meaning of all there is
I have enough.

~Ani Po

We could spend our days wanting and wishing, opening ourselves to disappointment or we could appreciate what we have. Knowing we have enough, appreciating all that we have been gifted, finding ourselves in a place of receiving all that is needed.

This little reminder from the Universe, was when I received a pair of shoes that I had looked at online but never purchased them. Believe me I double checked all receipts and no purchases were made. I just accepted I guess I was supposed to have  these?!”

Has that ever happen to you? Have you ever found yourself in situation where it was exactly what you needed? or receive a gift and it was exactly what you were thinking about? Some believe the universe will provide all that is needed and some believe there is never enough, where do you find yours? Is it enough?