Merely My Thoughts

These are merely my thoughts

Shared upon a page

Hopes of stirring


Transmuted thought for another

Read the words

Feel them

Embody them

Do nothing more if so choose

Darkened days

Hardened hearts

Awaken the Spirit

Light emitting thought

Turn away

Embrace All There Is.

~Ani Po

Artist Unknown

Sitting with the Broken Pieces

What’s this scattered across the floor

Thousand piece puzzle

Broken glass

Million pieces all the same



Into space

Lost in thoughts of present moment

Struggle to pair or piece


Adhered by other means



For all have a purpose

Assembling not required

Where does the joy come from?

Putting together of scattered pieces?

Merely in the presence of all there is?

Sitting with broken pieces

Joy was always present.

~Ani Po